2014 Finishes...

Click on the links below to see what I finished in 2014!

Zipper Pouch Coin Purse for Kim

Vintage Happy Doll Quilt

Kleenex Cozies for Joyce

Cloth Napkins for Mom

Bread Bags for Kim

Chocolate Brown Linen Napkins for Kim

Yellow Linen Hand Towel and Washcloth for Kim

Boxy Bags

Zipper Coin Purses for Mom and Bev

Red and Purple Pillow Cover for Rachel

Authentic Pillow Cover for Paul

Linen Napkins for Matthew and Tiffany

Library Book Bag for me

Fiona and clothes

Linen Napkin - wide hem

Christmas Kleenex Cozies for Joyce

Pillowcases for me

Pillowcases for Kaylynn

Doll Quilt

Library Book Bag for Joyce

Doll Dresses

Doll Coats

Saltbox Harvest Quilt for Mum

Orange Heart Pillow Cover

Sister Gifts and Christmas/Birthday gifts 2014

More Zippered Pouches

Serger Sue Cover-Up

Doll Dress  Blue w/Linen Pants

Zippered Pouches

Linen-look Hooded Coat for doll

Gray Wool Coat for doll

Kleenex Tissue Cozies for Toots

Pretty Drawstring Pouch

Tote for Kim

Dog Bed Cover for Kim #1

Doll Dresses

Kleenex Cozies for Joyce

Mini Wonky Charms Doll Quilt

Strawberry Thread Catcher for Me

Strawberry Pincushion for Me

Kleenex Cozies for Kelley

Sunkissed Blanket for Tag

Skinny Pincushion

Lotta Jansdotter Pillow Cover for Me

Sunkissed Pillow Cover for Me

Kleenex Cozies for Joyce

Pretty Little Tote, Kleenex Cozy, and Zippered Pouch for Alyssa

Sofa Pillow Covers for Mum and Julie

Me Mum's Bed Ensemble

Pirate Pajama Bottoms for Riley

Jingles Flannel Doll Quilt

Skirt for Ashley

Skirt for Kaylynn

Pillow Covers for me

Monopoly Pincushion for Jill

Normandy Court Pillow Cover 

Hope Valley Pincushion

Swing Jacket for doll

Creamy Yellow Dotted Hooded Coat for doll

Gray Wool Hooded Coat for doll

Knitted Football Hat for Riley from Great-Gram

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