Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This & That...

I have the day off...am supposed to be at Jill's house in Wausau visiting with our sister, Joyce. If you remember from a previous post, Joyce lives in Alaska and with all of the volcanic activity, hasn't been able to leave for her vacation. Until today. whew. But, because she left 4 days later than planned, we had to cancel our visit. I am very disappointed, but am happy that she made it out of Alaska. Now, here's hoping she'll be able to get home when she wants.

So, what am I doing on my day off? At this moment, I am eating a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera Bread...ohhhhhh, so yummy! And, I am reading blogs!

Later(after a bit of cleaning), I'll be working on my quilt. I have the quilt top, backing and binding all ready to go. Now, to just put it all together. I'll be quilting it, which is something I have never done. Which you could probably figure out, since this is my very first quilt. Well, except for the blanket I made for Kaylynn (two pieces of flannel with batting between the layers...tied that one) and the lap quilt I made for Kimmer (tied that one, too...but, remember, did the whole binding thing and everything!).

Anyway, I'm thinking just straight line stuff...okay, let's use proper quilting techno-terms...straight line quilting to make it easier on myself. However, I love the stipple/free-motion quilting look. I'd have to do a lot of practicing on scraps, first, if I decided to do that. Depends on how anxious I am to get it done, I guess. We shall see, hey?

Here's the most recent photo of Kaylynn...her mom sent it to me yesterday.

OH...and I can finally show you! Here are 2 pieces of awesome fabric...
And, here's what I made with them...a grab bag for Brenis! I got the free pattern here.
And, of course, my post would not be complete without a photo of Tag E. Butt. See that yellow blanket? It's supposed to be between Tag and the sofa. What is he thinking when he does that?

Depending on what I get done with my quilt...I may be back...ya never know!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday's Sundries

If you've been reading my blog at all in the past month, you'll know that I have been sorting through a huge mess! Mostly rug hooking stuff...patterns, books, woolens, hooks, etc.

I have decided to keep what I absolutely must have, but that the rest of it must go. This is all stuff that:

#1.I don't use
#2.I haven't looked at in a year or two and
#3.I more than likely will never get at in this lifetime.

Therefore...each Sunday, I will try (TRY) to list a few things that will be available for sale. This is on a 'First Come, First Served' basis. All prices will include postage (either USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise noted).

Click on the photo to email me. Although I prefer PayPal, I will accept personal checks or cash.

Today's offerings are as follows:

"Flying Cat", ~15 1/2 x 17 inches on natural linen. $20.00 ppd.

"Blessing the Labrador Retriever", ~ 10 x 12 inches on Monk's Cloth. $11.00 ppd.

"Antique Floral Pennyrug" by SewUnique Creations. $5.00 ppd. SOLD.

All sale proceeds will go to a very good cause...my quilting fabric stash! ~grin~

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


The BOM club met this morning...what a nice group of ladies. All very serious about their quilting...and really, all levels of experience.

Here's the second block...a signature block...I think I did pretty well matching seams...

Procrastinator that I am...the last meeting was 4 weeks ago and we have a 4 week period to sew our block. So, guess when I did mine? Last night. LOL...really.

Next month's BOM is a log cabin design. I'm hoping I get to that sooner rather than later.

After that, I think most of the blocks involve triangles...(gulp).


I'm sure you've heard about the eruptions of Mt. Redoubt, Alaska.
My sister, Joyce, was to fly out of Anchorage yesterday.
Coming to WI for a visit.
Her flight was cancelled due to the volcanic activity.
Her flight was rescheduled for today,
but that was cancelled, also.
Read all about Mt. Reboubt HERE.
Very disappointing.
I am so hoping that she'll be able to get here...

This photo of the ash cloud was taken yesterday...
photo courtesy of Dennis Anderson

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol!

Another night of awesome performances!
Gotta tell you, I love most of the boys!
Kris...what a sweetheart.
Matt...really soulful.
Danny and Adam grabbed the night, though.
Adam reminded me of Darren Hayes (Savage Garden) tonight...
& looked a bit like Kurt Russell with his hair slicked back.
Danny had a fun time with his song...
and he even had it choreographed!
He's so good...I'm thinking I
need to go to his church sometime when he's there.
Who is your fave?

I See!

No, really...I can see!
I picked up my new glasses today!
I am amazed at the difference 8 years makes...LOL.
But, hey...the important thing is
that I am able to see what I need to see!
Already, I have noticed a huge difference.
The tiny printing in my NIV Bible...I can see it!
The contact list on my cell phone...I can see it!
It's kinda like going to high definition.
I could see, but now I can...well, you know...SEE!

ohyeah...and see the green bows?

I love green...so HAD to get this pair!

Quilt Top...

Winds were blowing and rain was coming down hard last night, so couldn't get internet access to post this. Sometimes, satellite speed internet is not fun.

So yeah...all done with the quilt top. I would do a few things differently, were I to do it again. But, overall, I am pleased.

This is the top left corner...those strips of color are in the top outer border. Ya know, measure twice, cut once? I didn't follow that rule...came up a bit short, so threw those in there to make up for the shortage. The border was only 1" short, but I didn't want it to look as if I had measured wrong and had to piece...so put all the strips from the blocks up there...~grin~.

And, look...each strip is a different width, but somehow, together they came out to be exactly the size of the middle block and sashings. Only a very lucky person...or a genius...

I have interesting plans for the backing...I think. It'd be great to get this completely sewn and quilted before next Tuesday. We shall see.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blue Monday...

Hey, I'm happy to be seeing blue today! Yeah, and I'm not talkin' about the sky, either! Cloudy and rainy and dreary here. HOWEVER! I received my box of goodies from the 'simple blue swap' over on my eBay group. The idea was to send 'blue' things...embroidery floss, cheery card, something blue, flower seeds and blue wool...to 'chase the blues away'!

Well, I gotta tell ya...Joanne sent to me and she definitely spoiled me! Here's the photo..
There's the beautiful fat quarter of blue wool I used as the backdrop, then the rusty star (almost 12" across) that will look perfect in my living room of rust...with the quilt Brenis made and the big a** star rug I am hooking! That egg with the flower buttons...did you make that, Joanne? Too dang cute! A light blue soy hand softener...smells yummy, light blue embroidery floss that I neglected to put in the photo, that piece of moda fabric (over 1/2 yard), the Christmas, um...spring (haha) card, & the flower seeds! What a thoughtful and generous woman Joanne is. She's the one who sent the wonderful box 2 Christmases ago...with the moose and fox toys for the dogs, the red flannel doggie bone pajamas for me, etc. See it HERE (you'll need to scroll about halfway down the page)!

Thank you, Joanne! I love everything...and I think I'll keep you!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Some of you may remember Reba.
Reba was once my dog. She is an AKC champion...and my all-time favorite blue merle smooth (collie) girl. There's a long story here that I'll spare you. The important part of the story, though, is that I ended up selling her in the fall of 2003 to Suzi, who is a friend of Claire's (neighbor, vet, friend, landlady)! Suzi absolutely adores Reba (but still calls me Reeb's mom). I hadn't seen Reba...or Suzi, for that matter, for about 5 years. Until tonight, when Claire, Curt and I were invited to her house in Milwaukee (over an hour from here) for dinner. What a lovely time we had! Reba remembered me, which was pretty cool. I almost cried when I saw her. She's looking good...about 7 pounds heavier than when I had her, but for an almost 11 year old dog, she is in great shape. Her birthday is March 31.

Here she is at 5 years of age...

And, here she is now. Her face is much lighter...

Here's our hostess, Suzi...that's Curt in the background making a face....

Suzi has the most charming little house! It was built in 1941 and has the most interesting little nooks and built-ins, etc.! I should have taken more photos. Just a cute, cute house. We had a great time! I am so happy that I was invited! Suzi served before dinner treats of crackers/cheese and chips with gaucamole and salsa. For dinner, we had Boston Butt (pork shoulder roast), the most delicious potatoes (I really need to get the recipe!), green beans, salad, bread and ice cream with chocolate syrup for dessert. YUMMY!!!

A great ending to a good weekend.

Beginning to Look Like...

I'm making progress! FINALLY!!!

Go HERE to see what all there was before...

Here's the table now...
That stack of wool...I think some of it is for my big a** star rug (remember that?), but I'm not sure, so didn't want to stick it into a bin somewhere and lose track of it.

And, this is all there is left to go through of my mess...

I'm done for today. Have a restful Sunday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Up To My Eyeballs In Wool!

Been working on my mess. Getting there. Almost all sewing/craft things sorted through. Once that's done, the bins of wool need to be sorted. I will never, in all my days, use up the wool I have. Perhaps I'll put some of it up and see if any of you want it. One of these days. I also have bunches of books that should go. That I do. not. need!

I have visions of quilt designs dancing in my head. YIKES! What was I thinking...giving in to this desire to learn quilting??? Doesn't that mean that I soon will be up to my eyeballs in cotton??? Oh. My. I just don't know what to say about that. Course, there's always the 'buy only what you need for a specific project' plan of attack. Well, yeah...but there are always leftovers, so what happens to them? I tell you...a STASH will build up!

I have been looking at many blogs of quilting women...and have been reading and learning...now to apply it all. I did figure one thing out about myself, though. I love the look of the old quilt patterns...split rail, around the world, drunkard's path, etc., etc....but what is pulling at me are the ones that aren't like that. Quilt patterns (like those I'm designing in my head) that are different. I cannot really explain it, so I guess you'll just have to surmise what you will and wait to see what I come up with. Not that my quilts will be the best and the most unique that ever came along, but they will be so 'me'.

Today has been a great day...been getting other things done. Temperature was 60...and the sun was shining! I even went to Walmart! AND, I got 3 packages mailed out today...to JoJo, Debbie and me Mum. On Monday, 2 more packages will go...to Sharon & Brenis. Whew. Only 2 more to get ready and then I'll be completely caught up!

Joyce - my sister from Alaska - will be in WI next Friday! I won't see her until the 31st, though. We'll meet up at Jill's (baby sister in Wausau) and spend part of a day together. Wish it could be more, but that's just the way things work out. Only 10 more days...YAY!

Okay, must get back at the mess.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol!

Have you been watching American Idol? Who do you like?

I like, no...I love Danny Gokey. For 3 reasons.

#1. He is from Wisconsin.
#2. He is a Christian.
#3. He is a great singer!

My other faves this season are Matt Giraud - definitely a Justin Timberlake look to him - and Kris Allen (what a cutie), and Adam Lambert. Oh, I know what you're going to say. Adam is strange. He wears black nail polish. He did weird things to Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' song. But, know what? Close your eyes...and open your mind. Hear his vocals. Oh. My. Who else could have hit those notes last night? No one. No. One.

If you missed it, here he is...

Makes me think of 'Phantom of the Opera', ya know?

And, here is Danny singing 'Jesus, Take the Wheel'...(sorry, no video due to copyright infringement sited on YouTube).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rug Hooking Tools...

Kelley asked how many hooks I have for my rug hooking. Here's what I have...7 hooks and a proddy tool. BUT, the only hook I use is my Nancy Miller hook with the coco bolo handle...that's the one with the dark brown handle in the lower right corner. OH! I have another hook somewhere...it's also a Nancy Miller, but the stainless steel one with the plastic gripper. huh...wonder where that is? Apparently, since I got the coco bolo handled one, I don't use the other one! I LOVE my Miller hook.

You'll notice there's a Richie hook in my collection (3rd from left). The Richie hook is sold...thank you for your response! If anyone feels the need to have this hook (it's great for pulling fat strips through your backing), make me an offer and it could be on its way to you! Actually, if you've just gotta have any of these hooks, just let me know. Except for my Miller hook...that one is not leaving this house. Under any circumstances. Not even if you make me an offer I cannot refuse!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Did you know...St. Patrick's Day is celebrated much more here in the
United States than it is in Ireland?
Even some of the traditions followed were first done here!
Go HERE to check out facts on this holiday.

I'm 1/8 Irish.
My Grandpa Kelley was 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Scottish.
(when I was a young girl, I always said 'scotch'. ha!)

How Irish are you?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pens, Pencils & Markers...

With all the straightening up of my 'mess', I've come across a few pens, pencils and markers. See? Okay, a lot of them were already in cups, but I kept finding more! How does one accumulate all of these? Holy Schmoly!!!

(see the little puppy with bunny ears? it's from Kelley...a long time ago.)

Okay, now. The markers are all legitimate...I had a business of selling patterns. I drew the patterns on the linen with markers. But look, I have blue markers and green markers and extra fine point markers...none of which I used in drawing patterns. And, I'm thinking, all those black markers...didn't I throw out the ones that were drying up? Yes, I did. Well, then where did all of these come from?

And, what's with the pencils? I rarely use a pencil...and usually just the one that has a magnet on it that I have on the refrigerator next to a notepad so that I can jot down grocery items as I notice they're needed.

Pens. And, more pens! I have Allegra pens...yes, I do! You know, the allergy medicine? For which my little girl was NOT named?
All of the pens write...so why throw them out? But, again...where'd they all come from? I'm thinking years of going to trade shows (vet-related) and picking up pens everywhere is how this happened. Kinda cracks me up!

Know what else cracks me up? The fact that I felt the need to write about all of my pens, pencils, & markers. But, hey! Even more than that? The fact that you are reading this!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Done...& Tag E. Butt!

Tell me...does this even look comfortable? Silly boy. But, hey! He was close to me! I was busy moving back and forth from the kitchen to the sunroom...and there he is...on the sofa - next to the upside down table - in the sunroom. And, just an FYI...I dropped my scissors and Tag picked them up and brought them to me...what a good service dog I have! ~grin~

I sewed 2 borders on today. That's all I'll be doing, though. Working on my mess is taking precedence right now. When I was cutting the borders this a.m., I mistakenly cut the brown border (the one on the photo below) at 3 1/2 inches instead of 2 1/2, so now my outside (brown) border will be 4 inches instead of 5. That's okay.

The backing is going to be kinda funky...just you wait and see! Course, you won't be able to see what I'm talking about until it is completely finished - when both the quilting and the binding are done. You may have to wait a bit, I guess. Just think 'brown'.

I have a pork roast in the slow cooker (aka crockpot). Smells soooo yummy! Mashed potatoes to be made.

Hopefully, I'll be getting some hooking done this week and next weekend...my challenge rug is due in 2 weeks and I have about 1/3 to do, yet.

Have a great week!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Done For the Day!

Okay, here's where I am. Quilt top is done. Just need to add borders. What I'm thinking is to add a small border of 2", then a narrow strip of the backing (1" of green w/brown scrolly thingies) and then 5" of the brown again. Right now it measures 28x38. If I do that, it'll measure 44x54. That'd be good, don't you think?

When I first cut the squares, I made 2 piles of 9 blocks. I cut them somewhat the same, but didn't rotate them the same...but I should have. At the time, I was going to make this much larger, so I wanted one set of blocks to be completely different than the other set. Well, then I decided on a smaller quilt...and then I used 2 blocks for the pincushion (without paying any attention to which 2 I took). When I started placing the blocks, I was aiming for some kind of order...with each color being on either side and in the middle...but then, well, I was not completely successful. But, hey! Know what? I don't really care...at one point was going to throw them in there randomly. ohwell. It is what it is and I am very happy with it thus far.

I did a pretty good job matching seams, too. YAY!!!

It's 4:00...time to put on my jammies, make popcorn and read a book.


Well, I've had an interesting time of it. And, yes, before you say anything, I must admit...I succumbed to the temptation of working on a project BEFORE I had my mess all sorted out and put away. I am ashamed of myself. Well, I'm not really. Sounded good, though...hey?

So. YES! I started working on my Crazy Nine Patch quilt. Remind me later to show you where I got the pattern from. I started with 9 colors...complements and neutrals. Blue/orange, red/green, purple/gold, a poison green and a batik and then the tan/white neutral. I put the blocks all together...here's one for you to see. (Remember the pincushion? It was made with 2 leftover blocks)

Not real thrilled with how the middle row looks, but not gonna worry about it. I'm making this (remember?) for the practice and relaxation and just for me. Probably the dogs will lay on it on the sofa. Because of the way they're put together, no two blocks are alike. That made it challenging to place them, for sure. And, also, because of the way they're made up, matching seams was not gonna happen.

I had intended on using white for the sashing and inner border...saw some white with gray and thought that might work. So, I sewed columns of blocks/sashing and added one long sash between two columns. I stood back and looked at it and said, "huh." Didn't do anything for me.

How about you?

I couldn't figure out why it didn't look good to me...my mind said it should. Remember...I really am not good with colors. But, something was not making me smile. I left it overnight and when I looked at it in the morning...I thought..."hmmmm. It looks cold."

After work yesterday, I covered up the white with the brown I had originally planned to use (yes, I know. The design is not all right side up...I was just going for the color...will sew it all on correctly).

And then...I SMILED!

I ripped out all the seams last night. I am ready to sew the brown sashing on...will show photos later today. It's all a learning process for me. I'm hoping that I'll develop a color sense as I go along.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lookie here! I made a pincushion.
It's somewhat large - about 6" square. (I'm just hoping that Tag doesn't think it's a toy.) I don't think I've had a pincushion for about a gazillion years (or since I moved to Madison, almost 19 years ago). So, it's definitely time I had one, don't you think? I made this out of some leftovers from something else I'm working on. I covered a button for one side (easy peasy) and used a purple star button for the bottom.

Yeah, I know, it doesn't take much to make me a happy girl.

(pssssssst....pay attention, cuz that fabric will be appearing again, soon.)

I'm feeling really blecky today. Is that even a word? If not, why not? It should be cuz it so accurately describes how I feel! Sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, body aching!

Hope your day is going well for you.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Quilting Fabric & FINALLY...DWTS!!!

ohman...ya shoulda seen me. Talk about doing something I should never do alone! I struggle with color...did you know that? Ya know, like when I'm hooking a rug. And, now, it will be when choosing fabrics for quilting. HELP! I cannot go with my gut instinct...cuz I have none. Well, I have a gut...hahaha...but I guess I'm not good at trusting my instincts. Too worried that it'll be 'wrong' or something, I guess.

It's a whole different world...the quilting world is...than when I sewed so many outfits and other stuff. When you're sewing a dress, you find a fabric that you like...and maybe ONE other piece to go with it...but that's it! Or, at least, that's all it used to be back when I sewed for myself and the boys. (I'll have to get photos out sometime and show you some of what I've done.) But, when you quilt...holy schmoly...there are a bazillion colors and prints and fabric you can add in...and ohmygosh...it's all too much to think about. ~grin~

So, yeah...here I was at the fabric store...for 90 minutes, mind you! Here's what I ended up with.

These 10 orange fat quarters are for a secret project...and there will be other fabric involved.

This, though...is for ME!!! I decided to make a quilt for me. Something that I can do from beginning to end and not have to worry about mistakes. No pressure of anything like what is involved when making quilts for others...ya know? I decided to go for complements and then threw a few others in just for good measure. The poison green across the top is a piece from Jane...I showed you what she sent in a previous post. It is perfect, don't you think??? The brown is for sashing and borders and will be pieced with the green for the backing. It's a nine-patch, done differently than anything I've seen and just the cutest thing! Easy, too! What more could I ask for? And, there will be at least one special addition that will make it very special. More on that some other time...well, when I share the links with you, I'll tell you the rest of it. I am chomping at the bit to get started, but I have my mess to finish cleaning up. This will keep me moving on that, though, cuz I really, really want to start on this!

The colors are actually much richer looking than they look here...especially the blue, green and purple.
OH! I got my walking foot and darning foot on Saturday, as I was hoping. Have been playing and practicing. It is sooo much fun! I really would like to do my own quilting (by machine...have no interest in hand-quilting) on the baby & lap quilts...maybe even on twin size...we shall see.


DWTS starts tonight...

and you know what that means!

Papa Murphy's PIZZA!


More Bit by Bit...

Workin' on it. Time for photos so you can see the progress! I know...like you don't have enough to worry about in your own world, now I think you need to worry about how I'm getting this done? haha. Sorry.

I worked - on & off - on this all weekend. I did do other things...finished a book, talked on the phone a bunch, went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and did laundry and washed dishes. Yaknow.

Remind me to show you the fabric (well, of course, I bought fabric!) some other time.

As you can see, the wire cube unit is filling up. Those 3 bins on this end have stuff taking up room...it just needs to be looked at. On top of the unit is my large basket for scrap cotton pieces, my basket of finished rugs that I don't know what to do with, and then just stuff that won't be there for long. All little plastic containers are organized, and some are even labelled! On the wooden shelf unit, except for getting the magazines into binders using those holders I showed you before, this is pretty much the way I will leave it.

See, the sofa now has only 2 things on it..the cardboard box is FULL of fabric and the plastic container is full of wool scraps and strips. Full.
This is all I have left to do. Mostly wool and rug hooking projects.

See...the dining room is cleared out. Please note the cute puppy butts.

Off to get ready for work. Have a good day!

OHYEAH...Dancing With the Stars is on tonight...first night of the new season. It's going to be very interesting, but I don't have time to tell you all about it right now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bit by bit...

I am making progress into getting my big mess organized. I moved the file cabinet out of the corner over to the opposite corner and put my computer on it. Yup, that's a vintage tablecloth (me Mum's) on the other file cabinet. Doesn't really go with anything, but does add a bit of brightness to that corner, don't you think?

I got the wire cube unit moved into my office/workroom...the wooden shelf unit next to it is cleaned off and I'm almost done with it. Those wooden baskets will be moved as soon as I know what I want on that shelf.

Do you have these? I LOVE them! They are perfect for organizing my magazines and craft books. I think I started out with 5 or 6 dozen...still have a bunch more that I need to put to use.

I am amazed at how many craft books I have! Books on punch needle, stitchery/embroidery, cross stitch, quilting, rug hooking, etc. Holy Schmoly! I really don't need them all...and rarely (if ever) do I look at some of them, but I like having them. One day, I might have a question that 'that' book has the answer to. Ya know? For now, to keep them dust-free, I have them in plastic bins on the wire cube unit.

It's raining...and will rain all weekend, methinks. A perfect time to concentrate on making some serious headway into this mess. Besides, I am chomping at the bit to work on a project or two, so I really am motivated to get this mess all cleaned up!!! AND, if my walking foot and darning foot arrive today, you know I won't be able to resist stopping everything to play with them! Good thing the mail goes later in the day!

Okay, time to feed the pups and get the laundry going.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh. My. Gosh...

I am so blessed to have the friends I have! And, the family!

I'm expecting a package in the mail...something I ordered. When I got home from work today, there was a package waiting for me. Too big to be my order...and too soon to be here. hmmmm. OH! It's from Jane of Ohio! I wonder...

Well. Oh. My. Gosh. (and actually, that's all I kept saying as I dug into the box.)

I know Jane from Wool Snippets...a rug hooking forum we both belong to. We started talking on the phone...she made that Amish-type doll for my Kaylynn...and made a gorgeous pillow for me Mum. I send her a lot of my leftover wool strips and small pieces of wool and linen, cuz she makes little hooked mats (4x6 and the like). She is so wonderful...and I am sooo pleased with everything she sent! Totally unexpected, which somehow, makes it seem even better, hey?

Okay, here is the photo..3 quilt books, 3 templates, 18 different fabrics...a few small, but mostly larger pieces, & the Rainbow Bridge poster to frame. Thank you so very much, Jane! I am blessed to know you.

And, in the mail, I also received a sympathy card from my sister, Joyce. Thank you so much, dear sister!

Still working on my mess...and you know how things get messier as you work along? YIKES! ~sigh~ it'll be better once I'm done. And, I am forbidding myself from working on any project until I get this all organized. ohdear...ha!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


If you read my blog post on January 1...you know that I accepted the challenge, ‘one little word 2009'...to give me focus & to help guide me through this year. (If you didn’t read about it, click HERE.) The word I chose is...

I thought it might be interesting...and it certainly will help to keep my focus...if I wrote specifically about TRUTH on a once-a-month basis. This is - first & foremost - for myself. If you garner anything from it, YAY! Just saying that these will truly be ‘doodlings from my mind’.

The first Tuesday of every month this year is designated as ‘Tuesday’s Truth’. Some of the ideas for these future blog posts immediately came to mind...now I just need to put some thought into my writing. And, what follows is the third in the series.

Mark Twain (read all about him here) is credited with saying: "If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." Lying is a tough business...remembering what you said to whom...that's hard work! If you tell the truth, you will not ever need to pay the consequences. That's enough of an incentive for me.

Do you tell the truth? All of the time? Sometimes we feel that a lie will sound better than the truth. Or, more convincing. Whatever. Sometimes we tell others what we think they want to hear...instead of what is true. Do you do that?

Do you say, "well, to tell the truth..."? But wait...didn't you just say that you always tell the truth? So....if you preface a statement with that, what do you mean? If you didn't say that, would the person you're talking to think you were not telling the truth? Is it said to emphasize the seriousness of what you're saying? Or, what?

We teach our children that telling the truth is the best thing to do, don't we? Yet, we continually do not tell the truth. How do we explain this? Would you classify that as 'do as I say and not as I do'? I hope not. We lead by example.

Let us be leaders in 'TRUTH'.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Marching Right Along...

Here it is, Sunday morning...I've been up for several hours already as I start writing this. Haven't done much...tried to get caught up on my blog reading...still need to make comments on about 3 dozen blogs...fed the dogs, took the following photos...read a bit...got dressed.

I miss Tango very much, but we're doing okay. And, again...thank you so much to everyone for your support and caring.

I haven't had much to say this week, but today...I DO!

Here's a picture of the fenced-in backyard...not quite daylight when I took this. My poor pups, having to go out into this frozen wasteland. I was going to say 'tundra', as that word just kinda follows 'frozen', but #1 - I do not live in the arctic & #2 - wasteland (get it...'waste'!) is just such a more fitting word. When the shoe fits and all that, hey?

Jill and Tim were here yesterday. They were in Madison Friday night to see George Thorogood at the Barrymore Theater. Sounds like it was a great concert. While they were here, Tim changed the oil & oil filter in my car and carried about a bazillion things up from the basement (more on that to follow).
And, they brought me some birthday gifts! YAY! Thank you so much!
"The Rifleman" dvd with 3 episodes...young as I was at the time of that series (1958-1963), I loved that show...and the beginning always thrilled me. Here it is...

They also gave me a Yankee jar candle - BUTTERCREAM scent...ohhhhhhhhhhhh YUMMY!!! 2 hangie-thingies for my car windows...one is I LOVE MY COLLIE and the other is (of course), I LOVE MY CHOCOLATE LAB! I will hang them proudly! And, my godchild (as in, "My. God! Child."), Michelle, sent along 2 pair of slipper sockies with non-skid dohickies on the bottoms. Thank you so much!

We had a great visit & ate pizza from Papa Murphy's for lunch - steak fajita - it was delicious! And, I gotta say, it's always great fun to be with my baby sister. Who is now 50, by the way! Now, all the 4 J's are in their 50's. ohwow...time really does get by you, hey?

As most of you know, I've been putting in some serious time working on sewing projects and hooking projects. Then, I made that flannel blanket (thanks, Kelley!) for Kaylynn, and that lap quilt for Kim. Which led to me getting all interested in quilting. Fabric started speaking to me, calling my name, in fact!!!! Then, I joined the BOM club at the quilt shop in Stoughton. I found the cutest counted cross stitch patterns...ohmygosh. I cannot show you, as I don't want to spoil the surprise for those of you who may be receiving them as gifts at some point off in the future. Then, there's the online course that I am teaching this semester. Just a lot of different things going on...all of them with 'stuff', which is getting out of control! I have tried to keep organized, but I just cannot do it! Too many things to do...too many ideas going through my head. I have been trying to put things away as I use them...but we all know how that goes. And, if I brought something upstairs from the basement, I didn't take it back down. Well, I was planning to, but just haven't done it. Then, a coworker gave me some vintage fabric...and has more to come. And I've picked up a bit more fabric on my own.

Speaking of BOM...yesterday was the first meeting for me. There was a meeting in January, but I didn't join until just after that...so I missed it. Apparently, that was when they explained things in great detail and gave a few tips. Just an example of a small but very important tip they gave...make a practice block first. Who'da thought? I mean...I started sewing over 40 years ago...but I sewed clothes, never quilts...and no one made a practice dress before they made the actual dress! Why would I think of doing that now? (well, okay, the bigshot designers do, but that's cuz they're following what's in their head, not a paper pattern!) ha! Well, now I know! And, apparently, you get credit for how many blocks you made (whether they're practice blocks or the start of another quilt with that new block design or whatever)! Even though the BOM quilt only has one block with that design. Know what I mean? I'm not quite sure what the credit gets you...but it's interesting. All new to me!
LOOK at this...isn't it adorable??? Was thinking to make girlie summer clothes...now I'm not sure. It'd be adorable in a quilt...but I really don't know anyone to make it for...so that'd be a waste. Doncha think?

I don't know what I want to do first. But, I do know one thing. I'm going to try really hard to buy fabric ONLY if I have a specific need/project for it. Otherwise, I will surely end up with a cotton stash to rivel my wool stash! YIKES! Cannot have that.

So. I decided that what I need to do first, is to get everything organized. With my cluttered mind and my cluttered dining room and sunroom, I really cannot settle on doing any. thing. at. all! Plus, I really need to get rid of stuff that I don't need and/or won't use. So. While I had a strong manly man here yesterday, I had Tim carry up my tubs of wool and 90% of my project containers, as well as a wire cube unit. Here's what my dining room and sunroom look like now. (Yes, the pups are in their crates...I had just fed them breakfast when I took these photos.)

Even though this looks AWFUL - please don't come to visit me in the very near future unless you plan to help! - I am actually looking forward to going through everything and getting it all in some sort of order.

Here's my office...desparately needing to be straightened/cleaned. My desk is full...couldn't find anything on here if I had to! But, there's my trusty can of Pepsi! I didn't turn off my monitor before taking the pic...I think that's Kelley's blog showing. Look at that table...there is wool from 2 or 3 different rugs all over it. I started working on filing my taxes, so that paperwork is on top of that mess. Since I closed my website, & don't do any of that anymore, my closet could get a good going through. My bookcase needs to be organized...more books & patterns in the other room.

So. Office first. I plan to put the wire cube storage thing in here. Then, some of the mess in the dining room/sunroom, can move into this room once it's organized. THEN, I will have easier access to the things I need/use the most. That will save me many trips up and down the stairs...which is really awfully hard on my bad knee.
AND. Once I get everything organized, I am going to move my sewing chit-chat and in-progress photos and what I'm going through as I learn to quilt over to a new blog. It's all ready to go...just waiting.
So. That's what I've been up to and what I will be doing. How about you?