2016 Finishes

Click on the links below to see what I finished in 2016!

Book Bag for Terri 

Book Bag for Tiffany
Pillow Insert and Cover for Michelle 

Purple Pillow Cover with Pin Tucks for Joyce

Miscellaneous Napkins

Horse/Horseshoe Pillow Cover and Fabric Basket for Julie

Pillow Cover with Pin Tucks for Mom

Pixelated Present Quilt Block/Mini Mat for Jill

Mini Quilted Zipper Pouch for Me

Grocery Bag for Me

Christmas Tree Pillow Cover for Jill

Grocery Bag for Joyce

Grocery Bag for Michelle

Grocery Bag for Jill

Grocery Bag for Jill

Lotta Jansdotter Patchwork Quilt for me

Baby Girl Granny Squares Quilt

Kashmir Quilt for me

Get Cozy Table Runner

Knitted Wool Scarf for Kaylynn

Pink/Gray Elephant Baby Quilt

Crate Pad for Jaxen

Dresser Topper (yellow/gray)

Kleenex Cozies

Snow Days Quilt Top

HST String Quilt

Pretty Potent Quilt 

Pineapple Quilt Block for Jill

Girl with Butterfly CCS for Barbie

Pencil Case for Princess Kaylynn

Race Day T-shirt Quilt for Jody

Earbud Case with Pocket for Paula (MD)

Kleenex Cozies for Joyce

Pillow Cover #2 for Julie

Pillow Cover #1 for Julie

Project Sweetwater Volume II Pincushion 

Heart Blocks for Orlando Pulse Charity Drive


Linen Napkins w/Decorative Stitched Hems

Linen Bistro-style Apron

Simple Zipper Bag w/Vintage Happy 

Tote for Julie

Dessert Cloth Napkin Trio

Yellow/Gray HST String Pillow Cover 

Cloth Napkins for Mum w/Nature's Basket

Table Topper for Mum w/Nature's Basket 

Envelope Pillow w/Doglandia


Sewing Organizer

Napkins for Itty Bitty Bakery

Square Earbud Cases (3)

Lanyard for Mom's Zippy Pouch

Zippy Pouch w/Lanyard for Kaylynn

Chocolate Linen Napkins (2) 

Envelope Mini Quilt for me

Square Earbud Case for Tiffany

Square Earbud Cases (2)

Linen Pillow Cover w/ties

Large Granny Squares Quilt for Kaylynn

Fabric Tray for Brenis

Text 18" Pillow for Me

Curio Mini Quilt for Lindy

Valentine 2Hearts for Lindy

Still More Kleenex Cozies for Joyce

Cloth Napkins for Jill

Pastel Flowers Bunting for Bev

Black Linen and Cotton Pillow Cover for Me

Heart Pillow for Jill

Log Cabin Puppy Counted Cross Stitch Pillow Cover for Jill

Sisters Love to Go Shopping Together Counted Cross Stitch Messenger Bag for Joyce

Primitive 9 Patch Pillow Cover for Me

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Concerned said...

I just found this blog. I love reading your stuff. Thanks so much for sharing . Happy Mothers Day.