Tuesday, August 28, 2007


UGH! I will be happy when I wake up tomorrow to much cooler weather. This heat and humidity just sucks the energy right out of me! Luckily, my basement is very cool, so working on a few orders down there tonight was a bit refreshing. Here is a bright spot in my yard...

And, my hosta plants are blooming...

I will be going to Wausau on Sunday to see my nephew, Tony. He's on leave from the Air Force...here is a photo of him when he graduated basic training.

He'll be stationed in Anchorage, Alaska! The Air Force Base is about a mile from my sister Joyce's house. How nice it'll be for Tony to have his Aunt Joyce so close!

On Monday (Labor Day), I will come home...and bring my Mom back with me to visit for a few days! YAY! I took some time off from work...though I'm not sure what we'll do. I will be sure to take photos, though!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

This Week had a lot of 'happenings'...

I guess I should have posted this last weekend. Then, you would have known about the things that were to come, instead of learning about things that have already happened.

Monday, August 20...Robert Plant celebrated his 59th birthday. Happy Birthday, Percy!

He just completed a new album with Alison Krauss! Entitled, "Raising Sand', this album will be out on October 23...cannot wait! Here's the album art...

Tuesday, August 21...this day would have been Cruiser's 11th birthday. I've been without him for almost 6 months...I miss him still...very much.

Friday, August 24...a double whammy day. This day was Manley's 6th birthday...WOOF! (Manley is my sister's dog.)


Also, this day was Robyn's last day at work! It sure was great working with her these past 5+ months! She's my son's age...but she totally 'got' me (as not everyone does)! She will be missed by all.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Something new to play with here...

YAY...you can now upload videos! Here's a photoshow I made of Tag about a year ago. It's about 30 seconds long and is set to Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You". ENJOY!

It's pretty funny to me that the photos are all of him sleeping, as he is the most active dog I know! He may sleep for awhile, but the instant I am up and moving around, he's right there with me! haha!


Here's Allegra's photoshow. Her registered name is 'A Heartbeat Away' and if you recognize this song, you'll know how and why I came up with that.

These photoshows are just little diddies I made with a free program. I have more videos that are much better made now, with a much better program, but these will suffice for here.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nice Matters Award

I've been remiss...my friend, Brenis, bestowed this 'nice matters' award on me the other day. Bren and I share a love for all things related to rug hooking. We sell on eBay, we have internet businesses...and we are working on a dye book together. She lives in Colorado, so this is no easy task! It's actually very exciting...a new concept...just wait 'til you see!! Bren is also helping me in my walk with Christ...while I am taking my baby steps, she is being a great Christian friend. Thank you so much, Brenis!

Now, I am to pass this award on to someone else, and I choose...Kim! She is a super friend...we met while working at a vet clinic several years ago. She has been one of my major support people! AND, I gotta tell ya...without her, moving out to my country home would not have happened! She is a great listener, has a terrific sense of humor...thinks I am anal (huh???) and gives me a bad time about it! She is one of the nicest women in the world and I love her dearly.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rain, rain, go away...

Man oh man...I am tired of it raining! Not sure how well you can see the rain in this photo, but you can see the wet driveway! This is straight out my garage door. The grass really is that green, too.

One of two things happen when it rains...either lethargy sets in and I want to do nothing more than sit around in my pajamas and watch movies or read...OR, I get busy working. Today, I am getting some orders ready to go...I got way behind. Only because everyone who has placed an order this summer has wanted something special...not that I'm complaining, mind you. It just takes longer.

Now that the hot spell seems to have broken, perhaps when I get caught up, I can hook again! That'd be great!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Out with the OLD...

...in with the new. Sounds kinda cruel to me. I LOVED my Bravada! But, I am travelling many more miles each day now that I live in the country and my Brave Bravada was slowly falling apart. So, this is what I have now! It's pretty cool...and looks soooo good, especially for a '96! What a nice ride this is!

As much as I like this, I will miss my Bravada. I live at where I board my dogs now, though. And, I don't haul them around like I used to...so there really is no good reason to have an SUV any longer...more important to be able to afford gas!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust...

I finished the Stretch Golden rug that I showed a while back. I dyed natural wool yarn to match the browns of the background/border and whipped the edges...it turned out better than I expected! YAY!!! I gave it to Kim, as a small token of my appreciation for all the help she gave me in moving. Yes, it was planned for her all along. She really liked it...and I heard that Brett does, too! It was fun to hook in other than 'real' colors! Here it is...

I chose browns and red to match their new leather sofa. Kim said she will put it on the table that shows in the photo below.

Still working on my 2sheep rug...