Monday, September 29, 2008

Just the Dogs...

golden girl...

do you hear what I hear?...

No Smiling Allowed...

You just try to not smile as you look at this.
It's contagious...
you're smiling, right?
Kaylynn is obviously having a great time on her bike
...pure bliss!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Light On

For all of you David Cook sure to check out the video at the top of the sidebar. DC's first single, "Light On"...from his new album, which will be released on November 18.

Monday, September 22, 2008


So happy I am standing on my head!

(does that make sense?)
Doesn't matter, that's not me standing on my head...
that's Allegra's sheepie that Tag took outside.
He set it down just like that...cracked me up!
HAD to snap a photo!!

But, hey...want to know why I am happy???

Dancing With the Stars Season 7 has finally started!
I'm calling it right now...
Lance Bass & Brooke Burke
will be the two finalists.

Mark my words.

If I am wrong, I will stand on my head!

Well, no...I really will not.

Hey...can you tell me who is in this photo?

Friday, September 19, 2008


I have a split-personality. At work, I am neat, detail-oriented, continuously busy, and a "I want it done this way" type of person. At home...HA! Quite the opposite. I take things out and don't put them away. My dishes do not get done everyday. I can sit for hours thinking about what I need to do...and not do anything. I waste so much time...I procrastinate something awful. I spend too much time on the computer. And, just so you know, I hate to clean.

BUT, I love a clean house! Having 3 dogs, I need to vacuum often. And, I do...I have a good vacuum cleaner (Riccar), so the floors usually look good. But, man...I really don't like to dust. This kinda falls into the "I want it done this way" area, though. When I get around to dusting...I DUST! Everything gets wiped off/dusted/washed and everything is moved. takes a bit of time. Ya know? And, because it takes so long, I put it off...making the job take more and more time the more time is between dustings. Ya know?

I've been trying to organize my life here at home. Trying to make a plan for how to get done what I need to get done...and still have time to do the things I want to do. yeah, I only work part-time. But, by the time I get home, it's 2:00...I need to potty the dogs, talk on the phone, check my email, and then eat lunch. Usually, it's almost 4:00 when I sit down to eat something. I usually eat my big meal then, so it takes time to put it all together...and to eat. But, surely, I have 15 minutes a day. Even 30-60 minutes that I can spare? Yes, I do!

At any rate. I was reading someone's blog (wish I could remember whose it was!) and the FLYLady was mentioned. AH-HA! I remember her! Back in the late 90's/early 2000's, she was quite the phenomenon. Apparently, she still is! She is all about decluttering, conquering CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome), spending a little time each day decluttering...having a your kitchen sink every night...etc., etc. If you're not familiar with her way of doing things, be sure to click on her picture!

I'm going to follow her plan and see how it works for me. Babysteps. That's all...just one step at a time. The first step was cleaning my kitchen sink. Gosh, it sure does shine!!! The second thing I did was to begin working on my 'control journal'. Tomorrow is another babystep.

I'll keep you posted on these babysteps...and how I feel about the Flylady's way of doing things.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, How I Love Them...

See the X? That's where I usually sit, but I had to stand behind the chair to get this photo. Night after night, when I sit in my big easy chair, this is where my pups are. Course, if Tag is laying in the easy chair with me, as he is wont to do, Allegra is then usually on the ottoman...Tango is always close by. I tell you...I am surrounded by love! What a comforting feeling...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grammy Time!!!

I had a chance to spend some time with my baby girl
(sorry, I know she's not a baby girl...)
granddaughter today. She is a bit shy,
but was excited that I was there, I think.
I miss her already. She is simply beautiful.

Check out the eyelashes on the little princess...

She loves having her picture taken...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pet you have any?

I do!

I have a few pet peeves....okay, quit laughing...really, quit laughing! I'll 'fess up...I have a LOT of pet peeves. But, I'll do you all a favor and limit the list to my top 10.

1. I work at the University of WI Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. You would not believe how many people mispronounce the word 'veterinary' (as well as the word veterinarian). There is an 'e' between the 't' and 'r'...which makes it vet-er-i-nar-y, etc. NOT vet-ri-nar-y. It probably is about my #1 pet peeve...I feel that you should really know how to speak the language of the career you're in. Ya know what I'm saying? Which leads me to my second pet peeve.

2. Having a conversation with someone who continually asks, "do you know what I'm saying?" or "do you know what I mean?" after every other sentence. Makes me want to scream, "Gosh, no, I don't..."

3. I drive several miles each day on country roads. What is it about some people...I'll be driving along (always at or above the speed limit) and a car will pull out in front of me...and I'll slow down and patiently drive slower while they are getting up to speed...I'll look behind me and there is NO ONE behind me! Couldn't the person have waited another few seconds and then pulled out...I don't get that at all.

4. People who talk on their cell phones NO MATTER where they are...for instance, at the grocery store! I understand if you call someone because you need to know something about what you're buying, but do you need to have an entire conversation while doing your grocery shopping? Can't you call them back? I don't take my cell phone with me every place I go...who needs to talk with me so urgently that it cannot wait??? What did all of these people do before cell phones?

5. Why do people buy cars without blinkers? I thought cars automatically came with them, but apparently not! Isn't that considered a safety feature? To use your blinker to signal the person behind you that you are going to turn? Thus, avoiding the possibility of a rear-end collision?

6. Ending every sentence with a question mark. "Hi, my name is Jacque?" "I'm going to the store?" "I'll be going to bed soon?" Especially when they drag out that last word and the voice goes up an octave at the very end. LOL...seriously irritates me. Got that?

7. The phone ringing during the last 10 (or less) minutes of my favorite show.

8. Answering the phone with, "Hi, what's up?"...can't I be calling just to I need to have something 'up' to call?

9. using all lowercase letters when typing. because, why? is it difficult to hit the shift key? i type so much that it's an automatic thing for's difficult for me to not hit the shift key.

10. Improper use of apostrophes. For is can be it's. That's the only time...when you are meaning, it is. NOT for when you mean its owner. There is no apostrophe. And, speaking of apostrophes...not every word needs an apostrophe when you make it plural. 'all of our car's are blue'...huh? You know what I'm saying?

I'd like to know what some of your pet peeves to share them with me?

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Deal Steal!

I went to Hobby Lobby on the way home from work today. Hobby Lobby is my all-time favorite craft store. Not to be confused with my other favorite store, Gordman's...which is not a craft but everything else store. I needed some thread. Boy, thread is expensive! Is there a thread outlet somewhere? If there is, I need to visit it. Not that I do that much machine sewing, but I do need to have thread for when I do! Anyway. I had to walk around the entire store before I got to the thread. Well, I didn't have to, but how else would I get to see all the fun stuff...the 'on sale' stuff...if I didn't??? I ask you??? If I walked straight to the thread from the front door, I would surely have missed the deal steal!!!

What, you're asking, is the 'deal steal'. Another term often used is 'deal of the century' or 'got it for a song' or something similar to that. I made 'deal steal' up, after considering calling it the 'steal deal'. haha. Thinkin' it sounds better to say 'deal steal', but enough of that.

So. I'm working my way around to the thread, when I see a sign that reads, "60something...maybe 66? % off". I quickly made my way to that aisle and saw a bunch of stuff. Yup, just stuff. Meaningless 'why would you want that' stuff. But, I spied this great piece of something...metal and other materials, but mostly metal. I immediately grabbed it up, thinking that it would be the perfect 'other side of my hearth' piece! It was $34.99...well, that was the original was marked down to $7.00. WOW, you say! But wait, it gets better! After I found and selected my thread (yup, just one spool...for $3.99...good thing Hobby Lobby is on my way home, hey?), I found the 90% off aisle. Just by chance...actually, I had been looking for it and finally found it. And...there was another of these pieces!!! Holy Schmoly! Could I be that lucky? Well, it turns out I was even luckier than I thought, because when I looked at the second one, the one that was originally priced at $34.99 and was in the 90% off was marked...can you figure it out? YUP...$3.50! WOW! I considered buying both of them. After all, $69.98 worth of merchandise for $10.50 is still quite the deal. But, you know, my practical voice told me that I really only needed one...cuz I have something already on the other 'other side of the hearth'. I carefully looked over the $3.50 piece and there was nothing wrong with it, so that's the one that came home with me. I was quite excited!

Here it is...
What do you think???

I'm one of those who doesn't buy something until it's absolutely essential, so then I don't usually get whatever it is on sale. Therefore, finding this 'deal steal' is especially exciting!

I'm thinking I might become famous for coining the phrase 'deal steal'...what do you think?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Girl Kaylynn...

is not such a baby anymore, hey???

She's my granddaughter...don't see her very often,

but that might be changing...YAY!

Just got these photos tonight and had to post them right away.

Kaylynn Marie is 3 years old already!

I think she's beautiful!

Gotta love the shades!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

What You All Have Been Waiting For...

Yup, I am finally sitting down and writing about Julie's visit. Sorry, it's just been a busy week.

So...let's see. Julie's plane landed about 6:40 p.m. on Thursday (that's last week, August 28). I called my sister, Jill, and said, "the eagle has landed". Then, when Julie & I were in the car together, I called Jill and said, "I have the package". She was hoping that one of those alphabet agencies was not listening in on our call. hahahahaha!!!

We went to Pedro's where Julie's friend, Danielle, met us for supper. Actually, appetizers. A great time was had by all. Here's Julie (on the left) with Danielle.

Got home very late...the dogs were sooo excited to see their Aunt Julie! Remember, she lived right next door (our apartments were back to back) to the pups and I for 6 years. Allegra barked and her all kinds of heck for leaving us, I'm sure. Tag had his wart hog (that she gave him) in his mouth and kept walking back & forth in front of her. You could see him thinking..." Auntie Julie...ohho". Tango is so laid back...he was happy to see her, I'm sure. Sorry, no photos of their reunion.

Friday was our day for going to Wausau. My Mom & Ray & Aunt Bev met us at Jill's house. We spent the day with them...had a wonderful lunch and a nice visit with everyone. Here is my Mom with my Aunt Bev...standing out on Jill's deck chatting.

They do some silly things, those two. Like this photo..."let's pose like we did when we were know, all stiff & straight." So, they did!

Here's my sister, Jill.

This is Tim, Jill's boyfriend. He looks really tough, doesn't he? Course, he's not...he's a nice guy. And, FUNNY!!! AND, he can keep up with me and my smart mouth! Not many who can do that! Usually, my sisters pay the price. Anyway. Tim. I call him, "Timothy, Timothy, where on earth did you go?" I have his phone number in my cell programmed with that instead of his name...hahaha. Do you know where that comes from? Take a look here if you don't. Here's the video on YouTube if you want to listen to it. See the barbed wire on his arm? (well, am sure you couldn't miss it...ha) It's very cool...goes all the way down his arm, intertwined around and around. About the coolest tat I've ever seen!
We watched 2 movies that weekend, "The Bucket List" & "Lions for Lambs". Both good...both worth watching.

Shopping was on the schedule for Saturday. But first, Tag needed a bath. He has allergies, so bathing him with hypoallergenic shampoo every 6-8 weeks is what I do. Helps his skin stay calm. We went to Gordman's...never been there before. Do you have a Gordman's by you? Everything on clearance...really a fun place to's my new favorite store! Here's what I bought... Can you see it? It's 'Fruit of the Spirit'...'Live by the Spirit...Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.' It's perfect for me (remember, I have the 'fruit of the spirit' rug to hook?)!!

On to Wal-Mart where Julie bought several things. Here's the manager guy who helped her make the best choice in a 32" flat-panel tv.

Julie is trying to choose a gift card for one of the people who will help her move her furniture out of a storage locker into a U-Haul truck. She chose a Subway card...good choice!
We met another of her friends, Rhonda, at the Red Lobster. Rhonda and Julie have Golden Retrievers in common...she's a very good friend to Julie.

Sunday was the big moving day. Julie stored her belongings in a storage unit when she moved to Durango last year. She is now in her own she needed her stuff!!! Rhonda helped...she really packed it in!
I told Chris that I wouldn't give out his phone number...he's afraid that others will call on him to help move things. If ya don't know how to get in touch with him, you cannot ask for his help, right? HA! Actually, he's a board-certified veterinary at the vet school. He's a really nice guy. When he helped Julie move out of her apartment, he told her that if she needed help moving her furniture out of the storage unit into a truck, to call him. Now really, what kind of foolishness is that??? He knew how much stuff she had, cuz he helped move it all in there! He probably thought she would forget his offer. LOL...apparently not, hey??? He did a really great job...this moving thing could be his second career!

Almost done! WOW...I cannot believe how much stuff they crammed into that truck. The guy in the red shirt (Tim) is married to the blonde (Jody) who has her back to the camera. She is a pharmacist and worked with Julie at the vet school.So, here's the motley crew...all done. YAY!!!

Later that day, Kim came out for a short visit...and Julie trimmed collie feet.

We spent a quiet afternoon and evening. Julie was up and out the door early on Labor Day! (This photo...Julie's actually driving...the truck is actually moving...just the wrong angle, I guess.)

BYE! Be safe!

I miss her already.

PS She made it back to Durango safe and sound and is (mostly) all settled in her own apartment with Manley and the 2 K's (Kisa and Kalista, her 2 pixiebob cats).