Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quiet Day

I've worked on 'the mess''s almost done!
What will I call it, then?

I sewed this summer dress for Kaylynn...

I spent time outside with the pups.
Look at that poor warthog...
someone (Tag) has been chewing on the ears...
poor thing.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I started this blog 2 years ago...amazing, hey???

So. I'm doing a giveaway...
or a series of giveaways.
Just cuz.
I want to.

I'll post a different giveaway every other day for the next several days.
Until I get tired of it.
You may enter one or all, but you may only win once.
No international shipping...sorry.

Today's giveaway is a Need'l Love book, "Snowdrift".
11 projects include wool applique, hooked rug, quilt, ornament.
Something for everyone.

You're wondering how to be the winner, right?
Well, all you need to do is leave a comment...
tell me about the most recent thing you made and gave as a gift.

Cutting Strips...

is all done! YAY!!! Here they are...all 84 strips...2 1/2 inch wide. These are for the quiltalong quilt (see my sidebar). So far, that's all I know to do. We will receive more instructions on Monday.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


These homespuns arrived at my door today...
they are for a special project.
Cannot tell you anything more.
~clicking on this photo actually does make it larger!~

(I'm not real sure if I like that middle red/green piece)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Morning! I wanted to post this last night, but my camera batteries needed charging, so had to wait to get the photo taken. Hate when that happens.

Here it is, the little table runner (finished size ~10 1/2 x 20) I put together the other day. Washed how it looks. Dare I say I am very pleased that I am able to do perfect corners? Yeah. I do. And, am! All fabric used is from the Iced Mocha collection. Love it!

Have a good day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Glorious Day!!!

I have so much to say (type) and my mind is going about a gazillion miles an hour!!!

Here we go...

I think I posted about this a long time ago. I was given two quilt tops by my (then) MIL. This was back in the mid-70's. Both are very large...a log cabin that is not pretty and this crazy quilt top, which measures ~78" square...

It was made in the 1940's. I've never done anything with it...just dragged it around with me all these years...sometimes it's been packed away, and sometimes it's been sitting around on a bench. Never used it. While at my LQS one day, I asked the owner about who to talk with about my crazy quilt. She offered to call a woman for me. Next thing I knew, I was signed up for a 'learn how to crazy quilt' class.

That class was this morning. So, I hauled my little sewing machine, (the worthless piece of junk) and the crazy quilt to the LQS this a.m. I think the teacher was disappointed in me, as I didn't have a specific crazy quilt project in mind...I just wanted to learn how to do it in case I ever wanted to do it. AND, that I was really only there to find out how to repair and finish my crazy quilt. ohwell.

And, by the way, the crazy quilt teacher thought that the fabrics were much older than when they were used...closer to the turn of the century. WOOHOO! The silk pieces are shredded. Did you know that silk used to be spun with metal in it...cuz it was sold by the pound? Now, there's something that you'll rest better tonight knowing. ~grin~
I think I turned out quite a nice little (8x10) block, don't you? I hated to disappoint her further, so I made a plan to make a pillow with it. Bought some fabric (twigs & berries) and I'm set. Isn't it interesting...I just dug into her big box and these were the colors that I grabbed...they are the ones that grabbed me. My colors. Mary (who works at the LQS) laughed at me, cuz I always whine talk about how I struggle with color. The only thing is...and that's why I chose a green for the border/back of the pillow...that there is only one piece of green in the block. I love green.

I need to do the hand-stitching on the seamlines and, perhaps, some embellishing. Will show you when it's completed.
While selecting my fabric, Mary asked me if I knew about their 'bag' deal. See the bag below? Purchase it for $7.00 (it's big, too...~13x16" and expands 4" or more) and you have a very nice heavy plastic tote with zipper closure for all your stuff. Any stuff. BUT! If you come in to shop on Monday (any Monday) and bring the bag, you'll receive 25% off one item. COOL!!!! Gosh, you'd make up that $7.00 really quickly! So. I bought one. Easy sale. My quiltalong quilt batting will definitely be purchased on a Monday. My Mama didn't raise no dummy!

Stopped at Joann Fabrics to buy some bias tape and brightly colored buttons for the clothes I'll be sewing for Kaylynn. Pillow forms were 40% off! YAY! Got me some perle cotton, I'm all set to finish my crazy quilt block pillow.

AND. A lady at work ran across this puffy (sorry, not sure what the real name is) quilt and thought I might like it. All that needs to be done is to finish sewing the cording/bias fabric around the outside...looks to be about 1/4 done. It currently resides in the trunk of my car, cuz ya just never know where it has been. It may end up in Colorado...the colors are those my sister, Julie, likes.

AND, when I got home I read an email that has me positively jumping with excitement! Cannot share it with you, yet. Sorry.
I mailed out Bren's birthday box, Jo's swap box and Kathleen's pattern.
oh! oh!! oh!!! I used the coolest (okay, the hottest!) iron today!! You leave it laying in a horizontal position (rather than upright, ya know?) and these little things come out to lift it off the ironing board. I don't remember the brand name...but how cool was that!!! You just touch the handle and the little thingies retract. I giggled every time I used it! I own a little $7.00 iron from Wal-Mart. haha!

edited at 10 add: found the iron...
Auto-lift Technology
Touch the Iron, and it instantly lowers.
Let go, and it automatically lifts safely above the fabric.
Iron can remain in a safe, stable, horizontal position
on the ironing board at all times.

cool, hey???

There you have it. My Glorious Day!

PS My 2 year blogoversary is in 4 days (see it over on my sidebar)!!! Watch for giveaways! Yes, I said in more than one. Plural. At least two. Maybe more. Probably three. Something for everyone. No, not something for everyone who enters...but something for hookers, and something for quilters, and something for that.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Done for the night...

I put this table runner top together this afternoon...
another 'disappearing nine-patch'
using the scraps from Kimmer's apron.
It's about 10 1/2 x 21 inches...not big at all.

Here's a better photo of the fabrics I used...
part of the Iced Mocha.
Need to put it together with batting/backing
and quilt it...then finish it with the binding.

I am done for tonight, though.

Time to put my jams back on
(yes, I actually took a shower and got dressed this afternoon!)
and do more reading.

How's your weekend going?

Slow but Steady.

I'm still in my jams, but have been keeping busy!

The laundry is done.

2 packages are ready to go to the Post Office.
The quilt block is done. It's the one I was asked to do for SCAVMA - a student club at the vet school. I think there will be 20 blocks total (12" each) and, if I remember correctly, the finished quilt will be raffled off and the money given to the club. I posted a photo of the fabric here. Because I have no idea what the other fabrics are or if there will be sashing, I chose to border my fussy cut head studies with black. Did you notice...I made sure to get the chocolate labrador...ha! hmmm...The paw print fabric looks much more red here than it does in person.

Must keep on keepin' on...more to do.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blogger Blues and Other News.

I'm not sure it's fixed completely, yet...
but there have been problems on some of the blogger blogs.

Operation aborted.

ohman, that is scarey to me.
I haven't been able to get on here to post for 2 days.
Can you say 'withdrawal'????
But, have ye faith.

The computer geeks at Blogger are
aware of it and are working on it.
Seems to be working okay now.

Hopefully, it will continue that way.


It's the end of my week...YAY!
I have 4 days off!
And, do I have plans!!!
Yes, indeedy.
We shall see, though, how much I actually get accomplished.
Not gonna make a list this time,
but most of it has to do with sewing and
I will definitely post photos for you all to see.

I belong to a very special group, An American Primitive Gathering. About 4 times a year, we do a swap...and for May, we did a Green Swap...all things green (the color). Green wool (for rug hooking), green embroidery floss, a card of 4 buttons, a cheery card and one other item that does not have to be green.
Here's what was in the package I received...a rooster 'cheery' card, a notepad (never have enough of these), 3 skeins of floss, the cutest little fabric-covered round box with an old key and antique buttons. The top...that blue with the word 'buttons' is punch needle...she did such an awesome job! It's all sitting on a piece of primitive green hand-dyed wool. Thank you so very much, Ginger!
I haven't sent my package out, yet.
I am very late.
I promise.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Okay, I am no longer on the brink of becoming addicted to cotton fabric/quilting. I have taken that final step that has me plummeting down the slide...

See this fabric?

See the button to the my sidebar...that says something about SEW-ALONG? Click on that if you want the full details...but if you want the quick version, here it is. 6 easy lessons - one per week - on making a quilt from beginning to end. Yup...6 weeks.
Am I crazy? I'm thinkin' that's a big fat YES! But, am I happy? Indeed!!! ~grin~
As for the fabric...I might change out one or two, but this is what I've come up with. Will keep you posted.
Hop on over to Bren's blog...she'll be posting photos of the fabric she's excited about working with. Click here.
I may give this as a gift...but then, again, I may just keep it. Am loving these bright, bright colors...and they are totally outside of my comfort zone.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Another project completed.
This is a reversible apron that Joyce (sister)
asked me to make for her DIL, Minerva.
Am loving those brightly colored peppers.
Kaylynn went to sleep on the sofa last night...Tag was laying at her feet. I took advantage of the quiet and sewed on the apron I'm making (it's all done, now!) and an hour later when I walked past the living room, this is what I saw.
Now, I do know that Tag didn't push her off the sofa, but he certainly did take advantage of her pillow being available!
For Kaylynn's 4th birthday - May 4th - I wanted to give her something special. I had a necklace that I thought would be the perfect gift!! Years ago (1984, perhaps), I was given an add-a-pearl necklace. Know what that is? Just what it sounds can add pearls to it. So, the one I received had 4 pearls, and it was going to be added to each year until it matched the number of years we were married. Well. Then, I was no longer married and the necklace lost all special meaning to me. It has been sitting in its box in my jewelry chest for all these years. (Holy Schmoly...25 years!) Anyway. I thought that it would be the perfect gift for Kaylynn...4 years old...4 pearls. I may or may not add to it. will always be special because of when it was given to her. I explained to her mother the significance of it...she will be the holder of it until Kaylynn is much older. Here's Kaylynn with the necklace...cannot see the pearls very well, but it's the best photo I got.
It has been an extremely special weekend!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Paul came this afternoon with Devin...did some odd jobs for me. Paul moved totes to the basement (my mess is almost all cleaned up!), brought a table up from the basement, raked the fenced area and carried some stuff to the garbage for me.

Devin and I swept the basement, and then he wiped up the kitchen floor. I must say that he did fairly well for a 10 year old. Here's Devin with the dogs...

Thank you so much, guys!!!

Dandelions are a nuisance weed.
That is,until your grandchildren pick some for you.
Then they become a beautiful bouquet. Like these...

Crackin' Me Up!!

I was busy in the kitchen
(cleaning up after breakfast & cutting out an apron pattern).
I could hear Kaylynn...
she was talking to the dogs.
I came out to see what they were doing.
The 3 of them were marching up and down the hall.

Kaylynn was chanting:
"Taggie Taggie Taggie
Hush, Arregera
(cuz Allegra barks when Kaylynn moves faster than a walk)
Taggie Taggie Taggie
Taggie Taggie Taggie
Come on Taggie
Arregera, be quiet
Taggie Taggie Taggie"

And variations of that.
Without stopping.
With. Out. Stopping.
Over and Over.
30 minutes.
Not kidding.

As I'm uploading this video,
Tag is stretched out on the floor beside my chair.
He is tired.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kaylynn is going to be here until Sunday afternoon
...a full 24 hours longer than originally planned!

(Kaylynn liked this photo a lot...mostly cuz it showed Tag's butt...she's into that right now...butts.)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday Night Sleepover!

Kaylynn will be spending tomorrow night here with me. I am soooo excited. Not only because I'll get to spend some time with her, but also because I get to give her the special birthday gift I have for her! I'll take photos!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For Claire...

Remember the hooked rug I made for Claire...the log cabin table runner (measures about 13 x 43 inches) for the dining room table in her new house? Here it is...

A month ago, I told her she needed something different for the summer on her's what I came up with.

What do you think of this gorgeous fabric?

I would never have chosen it on my own, but when Amy (of the quilt shop) laid it out with the top and binding fabric, I fell in love with it!!!


I give my final exam for the online course I teach tomorrow night. Once grades are in, that'll be it until next year!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iced Mocha!

I am loving this fabric collection...I've been thinking of it a bit almost constantly & at odd times of the day. So obsessed with this fabric! Some of you know what I'm talking about. The others of you...well, I guess it doesn't matter, hey?

If you'll recall, I used 2 fabrics from this collection for Kimmer's apron (still needing photos, girlfriend!).

Such gorgeous and soft cottons...had to...and I mean HAD! to figure out something else to make with it. And, I did!

Figure out something else to make with it, that is. Off I went to the LQS and got me some select Iced Mocha. Not all fabrics in the collection. Just 9. ha.

But. I think I need to go back and get at least 2 more of the blues. We shall see.

I don't think I told you...Joyce asked me to make a reversible apron for her DIL. Here is the fabric we decided on.

Just so ya know, this Iced Mocha is the last of my major fabric purchases for a long time. My fabric budget is about gone. But, with all this fabric I've been showing you lately, I'll be busy for a long time! And, most of my gift-giving is taken care of for the rest of the year. woohoo!!!

I finished a project tonight...need to take photos.

For those hookers out there...I have not given up on rughooking! In fact, my big a** star rug is calling my name! LOUDLY!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Family Day...

Spent a good part of the day with my family.
(Everyone except Kaylynn.)
We grilled bratwursts and hamburgers,
had a pasta salad, my famous fruit salad,
chips, pickles and such. Yummy.
A very lovely day.

It was so nice to spend time

with my boys and their families...

something that doesn't happen

near as often as I would like it to.

Matt's family has GUITAR HERO...
I so want to play that!
Didn't get the chance,
but here are all of my 'guitar heroes'...


Jasmine and Devin.
Sons Paul and Matthew.

Here's a lovely pink rose bush I received from Matt, et al.

And, this is Matt's family dog, Tucker...crazy for frisbees.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I stayed up way too late last night putting this together.
Not that it took that long...sewing went fast.
Just deciding where I wanted all the
blocks is what hung me up.

I am liking this...

quilting/binding/backing still to come.

I have a horrible headache today...
took the day off .
Must go rest some more.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


This first one isn't really a work in progress, as all I have here to show you is the fabric. But! I was asked today to make a block for a quilt (wow, word gets around fast!) that is being made for the student organization at work. For those of you who don't know, I work at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, attached to the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

I must use at least some of this fabric...

but can add any of my own to make a 12 1/2 inch block. Due date is June 30. I think I have enough time.

And, here is a table runner, of sorts. It'll measure about 20 x 26 inches when finished...something like that, anyway. I had a charm pack of 27 5" squares. Made them into the disappearing nine-patch blocks and, after they were all cut apart, mixed them all up. I am not sure that this is the finished layout...I'll leave it for awhile, then go back to look. Inevitably, I'll see something I want to sure this is about the 67th attempt. If you have any suggestions...please, feel free!

huh...I just thought...if I used only 9 of the 12 blocks, it'd be square...wonder if that would make it easier/better?
Okay, here it is with square. I think I like this better.
That's it for now.

Gifts for Mother's Day

Me Mum received her gift for Mother's Day today, so I can show you all! Two table mats ~13" square. One for her and one for her husband, Ray.

Front of Mom's...the disappearing nine-patch pattern...just doodles for quilting...

Front of Ray's...the quilting is better on Mom's mat...

Back of Mom's - she LOVES potatoes! When I saw this fabric, I just had to get some!

Back of Ray's - those are campers.

My Aunt Bev is also my Godmother...she calls me Jon...get it? Jackie, Jack, John. This is a weighted pincushion about 3x9 inches, has a flap w/pockets for her scissors, etc. Lovin' this the pattern HERE (thank you, Elizabeth!). I chose not to make the little bag for snippets of thread.

They're all quite pleased with their gifts. whew. That makes me very happy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kaylynn Marie!!!!

Kaylynn is 4 years old today...on the 4th! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

I didn't see her...will very soon. I have something very special to give her for her 'golden' birthday. You'll see it when I give it to her.

Here are a few photos her Mom sent to me...lookie, she got her hair cut! How cute!

Love you more!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I know you're all waiting for today's countdown.
Okay, so how many days until the
Newsboys' newest cd is in the stores?
THREE!!! onetwothree! 3!

Oh. But wait.
No, that's right.
Everyone will be able to go to their favorite music store on
Tuesday, May 5, and get their cd.
That is 3 days from now, right?
huh...I think I forgot to mention...

I pre-ordered my copy.
So, guess what came in the mail today????
My autographed "In the Hands of God" cd!!!

Oh. My. Gosh.
I just put the cd in to play and I gotta tell ya...
my little rock & roll Christian heart is very happy.
The first song begins with some rockin' guitar
and heavyfooted bass! I am in heaven!

Hope your day is going well for you!
Must go now and listen to my new, autographed cd.