Thursday, July 31, 2008

Star & Fans Rug...& Tag

Here's the big a** star rug that I'm working on! I have it laying across the back of my sofa...see how big that hummer is???? I hadn't worked on it for a few weeks, cuz I had been waiting for more rust woolens from Bren. But, I got my woolens the other day! Here's a photo of how great that oxblood red (a brown red) looks in the very center of the star! I actually did some hooking tonight after I took that photo. Since it's getting dark outside, I'll wait until I have more done before I post another photo.


For those of you who have been wondering...

Tag is fine. The pieces are coming out. YAY!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Was He Thinking????

I mean, really! What do you suppose was going through his head??? Yup, I'm talking about good ole Tag. Last night when I was outside talking with Claire, Tag got into trouble. Yes, Tag. Tag E. Butt. Mr. Trouble. Brown Boy. Naughty-boy Tag. Hard to believe, I know.

When I came inside, he so obviously had something in his mouth...sticking out about 2 inches. I called him to 'bring it here' and being the good boy (??) that he is ('lookit what I got, Mama!'), he brought it over - wagging his tail the entire time. Well, I about lost it when I pulled this out of his mouth...

From the highest point, there's about 1/2" to the top of the glass that is missing...from the very lowest part, there's about 2" missing...YIKES! This is a glass that is made of hard hard plastic...actually, it's Tupperware and I've had the set for over 20 years. It must have shattered when he crunched down on it. Now, tell me, what on earth was he thinking??? I mean, there was a bit of milk in the bottom, but surely he could have figured out that all he needed to do was tip the glass...not eat his way down to it! Ohman.

So. I gave him a bunch of bread (straight out of the freezer, mind you, but I'm sure it didn't matter to him whether it was frozen or was a TREAT!). Giving bread will help the glass move through his system more safely...give it some cushioning/padding. I have no idea how large the pieces were that he swallowed, but here's a few that I found. That big one measures about 1.5 inches. YIKES!

He actually tried to gobble up a piece when I was checking around for more...the doofus. (I said, 'SPIT!' and he did...he's actually very good with that command).

I took today off. Need to make sure that he's okay. Don't want a dog with internal bleeding here all alone. (don't get too excited...I am relatively sure that it'll all come out more ways than one, hey?)


Well, WOW! I just received this kool award from both
Cyndi of She Seeketh Wool AND Trudy of Bits of Wool.

Thank you so very much ladies...I am truly honored! Totally made my day
(well, perhaps my week...oh heck, it made my entire month!).

Of course, there are rules to accepting this award. Here they are:

1.The winner may put this logo on her blog!
2.Post a link to the person who gave you the award!
3.Nominate 5 of your favorite blogs and post their links!
4.Leave a message for them on their blog!

The links to Cyndi's blog and Trudy's blog are above.

Here are my nominations...

Tammy Burks of
Skip to My Ewe...she so inspires me! Not only her creativeness with rug hooking, but with her blog, too! In my opinion, she is one of the more creative bloggers out there.

Lindy of
The Gingerbread House...we have the same birthday month and we're almost the same age! She has some great adventures and gorgeous rugs!

Kimmer of of my bestest friends, she is not crafty at all, but she takes some of the neatest photos!! Great subjects...her dogs.

Sunnie of
Folk Art at Old Crow Farm in Vermont (gosh, Sunnie, you should get an award just for having the longest blog name!) this woman is one of the most adventurous hookers (of rugs) I know. Never afraid to try something...she does not shy away from huge projects.

Jane of My World in Pictures...she is a good friend who is not only talented at hooking rugs, but also at taking photos! LOVE her horse, Gilly...who has now become world famous (I'm sure of it!) through these photos she shares.

Of course, there are many more than these 5 blogs that are
so very creative and deserve this award.
I tried, though, to choose some who hadn't already been chosen...
thank you again, Cyndi and Trudy!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Church Lady!

I went to church...the one I had the meeting at (that I spoke of a few days ago). And, I think I found my church! YAY!!! I feel so much better. The pastor is on vacation, so one of the church elders spoke. I can only imagine that it will be even better when the pastor gives the message. Great rock band playing Christian music...did I ever mention the story regarding that? hahaha...

Well, as you know, I am a HUGE fan of classic particular, Led Zeppelin. I almost always have music on...whether it be the classic rock music station (the one that has Alice Cooper on at night) or music I have on this computer. OR...I am plugged into my mp3 player (which right now has only Led Zeppelin music on it). Anyway, you get the picture, right? So, sometime within this past year, Brenis asked me if I ever listened to Christian music. I said that I did not. When she asked me why not, I replied, - like all intelligent people do when questions like that are asked (i.e. "why don't you eat broccoli/asparagus/spinach?") - "because I don't like it." Her next question was, "have you ever listened to it?" (you know..."have you ever tried broccoli/asparagus/spinach???") She asked me to give it a try - good Christian woman that she is - and try to balance out my music listening. HA! I thought she was off her rocker, though all I told her was that I would 'try it'. Well, geez...I found a great Christian music station here and started listening to it. You know how it is when you listen to music you are not familiar's just not the same as listening to 'your' music! Right? But, I kept listening. And now, at this point in time, when I turn on the radio, I actually have to stop & listen to the song before I know which station (Christian or rock) I am listening to. Suffice it to say that I am happy that Bren gave me that push.

Okay, so the reason for that story is MY church this morning, I knew 3 of the songs, cuz they're songs that are played on my radio station...YAY! Newsboys, Matt Redman and I don't remember the other. So, I was rockin' out at church!

Taking A Break from My Journey...

My BFF, Janer, sent the link to this...wanted to share cuz it's so dang cute!

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Journey...Part 3

Not so many personal rugs hooked in 2004...and all of these were finished in the latter half of the year. I must have been pretty busy hooking for my business. Anyway, here goes...

This is one of my absolute favorites, "Antique Dog in Window", a kit by The Rughooking Store. Jen reversed the colors for me...was a light dog with dark background, but I HAD to have a brown dog cuz...well, you know. Measures 16 x 28 inches and is hooked in #8 cut wool strips. This hangs in my living room.

This is a stair riser by Wendy Miller...6 x 25 inches, I think. Made if for my BFF, Janer. Took it to work to show it off and sold it, so had to hook another one! Made a good deal, though!

This is also for my BFF, Janer. In fact, the pattern is called "Flowers for Jane". She wanted something to lay on a bench...and loves pink! Measures 12 x 30 inches and is hooked in #8 cut wool strips.

This is a pattern from The Rughooking Store...yes, it was drawn crooked like that. I gave this to my DIL for their new kitchen. No idea what the measurements are...perhaps 12 x 17 or something like that. Again, #8 cut wool strips.

2005...still hooking some for my business, but did get quite a bit of personal hooking accomplished this year. I think that's the year my hooking changed a bit. For one thing, I began hooking with #8.5 cut!
This was hooked for Julie, my sister who loves Golden Retrievers. Hooked in #5 & #8 cut wool strips and I don't know the measurements, but something like 16 X 33 inches, I think. This is one of my faves.

I designed 'Woof & Meow' for my new baby Granddaughter, Kaylynn Marie. I had never hooked with pastels...and I even did a hit n miss border on this one! It measures 16 x 34 inches, and I hooked it in either #8 or #8.5 cut wool strips.

'Wool Gatherer' by Wendy Miller...I had a great time hooking this rug in #8.5 cut wool strips...I LOVE this rug. Measures 23 1/2 x 29 inches.

I had hooked this rug for a challenge, but then realized that I had done something (can't remember what, now) that wasn't part of the challenge, so sold it to a Wool Snippets hooker. It measures 6 x 18 inches and was hooked in #6 cut wool strips. My first attempt at dip-dyeing (is that what it's called?), and I think it turned out really well.

'River Rocks' by Searsport Rugs...their model was done in pastels and when I looked at it, I saw it just as I hooked it...3 values of green with black rocks. This hangs in my bedroom. It took me about 40 hours to was done in a week. I loved working on it!!! #8.5 cut wool strips, of course.

This 12" pear chairpad was hooked for my sister, Jill. This is the first time, I believe, that I was truly captivated by a texture! The background wool is a green, black and cranberry (or something like that) and hooks up just DARK! Love it!

Okay, I need a break.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Journey...Part 2

The journey of my rug hooking continues...

In 2003, I was in 2 a Critter Swap and the other a Flower Swap, both with Padula, which was a rug hooking forum. I did this goofy cow...I think it was 12" square. I took the motifs from Ramona Cann's book of motifs.

And, a Karen Kahle pattern that was in Rug Hooking Magazine. I think this was about 10", but I don't remember. I tried - sort of - to mimic KK's style of hooking, and also used some marbleized woolens. I was thankful that it was a swap and I didn't have to keep it. ha!

I started with the flying collies in the spring of 2003. The collie and the two sets of wings were designed by my BFF, Janer. Here's the one I don't like much...although I do like how the wing and tail dip into the border. This one measures 11 1/2 x 19 inches.

But, this one, I love! It's hooked with #4 and #6 cut wool strips & measures 13 1/2 x 19. I always thought of this one as my Cruiser...I will never part with it.

I hooked this German Shepherd Dog for my son, Paul. His GSD, Breka, absolutely adored him and would wait by the window for him to come home. My friend, Laurie Goessl, drew the bone plant for me. 'WAITING' is hooked in #8 cut & measures about 21 x 34 inches.
Well, then I got into the entire flying dog designs thing...and was planning to open a website. Melinda Watson was a friend of mine on the Wool Snippets rug hooking message board...and she basically handed her designs to me. She had created the hooked lid wooden basket using her fabulously primitive designs. Brown Dog Prims was conceived in the summer of website was opened in the early fall. (In late summer, I wrecked my knee at work one night and ended up being off work for 7 1/2 months. Other than the pain...and the physical therapy and doctor appointments...I loved being off work!) I spent hours upon hours building my business...hooking mats, basket lid toppers and flying animals for my website. I won't be showing those, though.

BUT, here's the Brown Dog...I love this one, too!
I hooked this for my Aunt Bev...about 8" square, I think.

This was for a wooden basket lid for my friends Elaine & own design...9" square.
This design is from Jen Wells...'HERBS'. I gave the rug to my sister, Julie. I don't remember the measurements, but I think it's 23 x 27 or something like that. Interestingly, the rust wool used for the pot is also going into the 'star & fans' rug that I am presently working on. KNEW it would get used for something special again one day!
That's all for 2003...stay tuned!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Journey...

I've been having a bit of a difficult time, lately. Not saying this to gain sympathy...just, well...saying it. My cousin, Sue, died 11 days ago...not quite 49 years old with no apparent health problems. It has shaken me more than I thought...or could possibly put into words. It was (as any death is, but especially that of a loved one) a huge reminder of how short life truly we do need to live each day as if it was our important it is to tell family & friends how much we love them, to not hold grudges, and to share the important parts of our holds barred...with those we love.

The service was the most relevant and personal funeral service I have ever attended. Sue was involved with her community and her church...she had a personal relationship with God...she was well-known, and well-loved.
Remember the 'knock-knock' at my door that was know, the landscape he painted for me one morning? Just look up at my banner photo and you'll remember. Well, I have been feeling a growing and pressing need to find a church and to get be BORN AGAIN in my develop a closer relationship with God. To walk the walk and talk the talk. That 'knock-knock' occurred in May...and here it is July. Procrastinator that I am...well, I did finally make an appointment and actually went to speak with someone at a church that I think might give me what I'm looking for. Two days ago! I was very impressed with all that was said and I will be going to service there starting with this Sunday. I pray that this is the church that I will be able to call home. The church that will help me build my relationship with God...that will answer my questions and show me the path that will make my walk with Jesus what it needs to be. I'm actually very excited about this!!


But, in the meantime, I've not been posting here at all. Don't really feel like I have anything to say, I guess. So, today, I decided to take you on the journey of my rug hooking...I think you will be surprised at the many rugs I've hooked & at how my hooking style has grown and, perhaps, changed. I'll try to give a bit of history of each rug.

Here goes...

This is the very first rug I the fall of 2001. It's 4x6, I think. I didn't have a digital camera at that time. Notice the's braided strips of wool...and the whiskers are painted dental floss, I think. HA! I drew this on monk's cloth out of a book of patterns...was it need'l love or kindred spirits? Not sure. Anyway, I gave this to Janer, my BFF.
This is a Portuguese Water Dog in a lion cut (see his skinny back legs?)...about 6 inches square and hooked with #4 and #8 wool strips. The finishing was done by whipping the edges with black yarn. I gave this to Claire (who else??).
This is the first sheepie I hooked!!! The border is a brown plaid, and the green is very mottled, as is the sheepie wool. The legs are kinda lost there, but for this inexperienced hooker, it was so awesome! {grin} I still have it. Not sure who would want it, and not sure I would/could part with it. It measures and is hooked in #8 cut wool strips. The sheepie was drawn by Lori Bush for me...when I was going to make appliqued wall quilts of sheep/collies.

I started this in's a 'block of the month' kit by The Rughooking Store. Gretchen and Jen were such a huge help to me in my beginning rug hooking days. I am very grateful for all they did! A diagram of each portion of this rug (and the wool to hook it with) was sent on a monthly basis...finished it in the summer of 2002. I gave it to my's the one and only rug that I've hooked that is {gasp} on the floor. (though, I must say that I am relieved that it's where it is, as no one walks on it.) It measures 24 x 36 and is hooked in #8 cut wool strips.
About the same time as I was working on the above rug, I got this kit...Chocolate Lovers. It measures abouty 15 1/2 by 17. The backing is burlap, which I found difficult (and itchy) to work on.

And, I hooked this rug for my son's wedding. It's a kit called 'Split-tail Birds' that I got from Blackberry Primitives. Tonya was another gal who was there for me with my rug hooking needs. Thank you!!!

That's all for now...more later!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Penny Wooden Basket

I managed to finish this yesterday...10 x 6 inch wooden basket. The basket is finished in a (milk) chocolate with a green undertone...matches the border row of the lid perfectly. The hooked mat on the lid is very soft and rich looking...wonderful colors taken from my leftover wool strips.

I'll be gone for a few days.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

All Twisted Up...

hahaha...that reminds me...I know a blue merle collie named Dylan...his registered name is Tangled Up In Blue. Got it? I didn't...never being a fan of Bob Dylan's. Someone had to explain it to they got Dylan from TUIB. hahaha!

ANYWAY, I got some photos of Twist today...not real great, but at least you can see his front half! The ground is a bit uneven where he's standing, so he looks a bit lower in front than in the back.

That's all I've got today!
Gonna get some hookin done...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tag, You're It!

As (I think) you know, Tag will pick up anything I ask him to. Today it was the tv remote that I dropped off the side table. I pointed to it and asked him to bring it to me...he crawled between the chair and the table, gently picked up the remote and brought it out to me. YAY!

When I change clothes after work, he brings my slippers to me. Boy, he'd make someone a good service dog. He's a retrievin' fool!

Anyway, I haven't said anything about this...I'm in the beginning process of teaching Tag to bring his food dish to me when it's time to eat. So far, and with just a little prompting (like, you know, "Go get your dish, Tag."), he happily grabs his dish off the top of his crate and brings it to me.

Like this... and this...

I need to get him to do it on his own...and I have a plan.

I'll keep ya posted!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

I had a great time with Don & Elaine...sat outside and gabbed, ate LOTS of food (hamburgers on the grill, potato salad, chips, pickles, cake)...YUMMY!

The three collie girls (Amber is almost 12, Allegra is 10 and Sierra is just 1) had a good time together...they all got along great.

Unfortunately, Elaine and I were both having issues with our camera batteries, so we only got a few posed photos of the collie girls. Good ones, though, I think.

Their names are on the first photo so you know who is who...

Friday, July 4, 2008

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Today, Allegra and I are going visiting.

Don & Elaine live about an hour from here...

Sierra and Amber are their collies.

The girls should have a fun time playing together.

It's a gorgeous day, so we'll be grilling out.

The milk chocolate cake I baked is cooling as I type this....

I'll frost it with buttercream frosting...YUMMY!

I guess I could have thought of something more patriotic keeping with the day.

How about blueberries, strawberries & angel food cake...{sigh}

Maybe next year.

I'm taking my camera, so should have a

bunch of photos to show you later today.

Have a HAPPY 4th...and a great weekend!