Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEW LIFE Challenge...

YAY!!! I am all done hooking on the sampler rug for to finish the edges.

My next hooking project...I started a NEW LIFE Challenge on Wool Snippets. A design created around the theme of 'new life'...could be anything...birds, people, plants, flowers, animals...anything that comes to mind when one thinks 'NEW LIFE'. There are 16 of us participating, so it should be fun. My design is drawn out on linen, but I need to finish choosing wool for the 12 x 20 inch mat. I am in the process of sending out wool strips to the other 15...we need to use these 4 strips in the mat...somewhere/somehow. The colors are not that bad...shouldn't be too difficult to fit them in. Some have shared their design idea with me...I cannot wait to see all of these inspired mats!

Doodling...on 'Stupid Sayings'.

You know what I mean, those sayings you've heard all of your life...

'dumber than a box of rocks'

'a few bricks short of a full load'

'elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor'


They fascinate me.

I wonder about them.

I wonder about those who say them

...and those who inspired them.

I wonder who says them more often...

men or women?

I looked on the web and found pages upon pages of these stupid sayings.

Here are some of my favorites...

'doesn't have both oars in the water'

'half a bubble off plumb'

'the porch light is on but nobody's home'

'couldn't drive a nail into a snowbank'

'not the sharpest knife in the drawer'

What about you?

Which of these have you heard and/or said?

Do you have a favorite?

DISCLAIMER: I did not make these up...
in fact, I don't use them (much)
...cuz I try really hard to not make
disparaging remarks about others.

I do think they are interesting, though.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As Promised...

Here's what I have done thus far on Kimmer's sampler rug. As you can plainly see...oops, there's Tag, checking out the rug...I think he approves of it!

Here you go...

Anyway, as you can plainly see, I've made a bit of progress!!! Not too much left...I just need to hook the letter 'w', decide if I want those 1/4 circles in the corners and hook them, fill in the little dog on the right (has no middle, poor thing), and hook the rest of the background. THEN, I need to decide what to do for a thinking just a few rows of the dark like the big dog.

It's been another great day off work. {sigh}

Another Day Off!

Yup, it snowed almost 9" yesterday...the roads are glare ice...SNOW DAY!!! That makes my vacation one day longer...not going to complain about that at all.

We've had 53 inches of snow already...I think the normal snowfall for the entire winter is less than that. YIKES!!!

I took advantage of the quiet early morning hours of this unplanned day off and made a tabbed curtain for the bathroom window. Now, I ask you...why do I procrastinate so much???? I bought the fabric last fall, hung it over the rod and there it's been! It took me less than 2 hours to measure, tear the strips for the tab and facing, to sew, iron and place on the rod.

Here's a photo...not very good...the fabric is kind of a moss or seafoam green colored lightweight cotton. I have it covering just the bottom part of the window, as one would have to be on a ladder to see in. With the top of the window uncovered, and the fact that the fabric is lightweight, there will still be some nice light into my bathroom. It's nothing fancy, but I finally have a curtain in the bathroom...WOOHOO!!

Now, what to do??? ohyeah, I could hook on Kimmer's rug! I made some nice progress yesterday...will take a photo later today.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making Changes...

Working on Kimmer's sampler rug...I fixed the 2 front legs so they no longer look like a claw (that's what Bren said) and narrowed the tail so it no longer is so wide. I think the dog looks much better. (that flower is STILL not that pink, either...)

Getting something done...again...and again...and AGAIN!

YAY...I'm done, done, done, done, DONE with the pillows! Here's Jasmine's's 13" diameter and 3" thick. I added a strip of wool between the hooked mat and the wool backing to make it thickerer...I love how it turned out! Now, to hook more on Kim's sampler rug!


These 3 dogs crack me up. Here I sit at my computer, which is just inside the door...I look up and here's what I see.
All three are laying so that they can keep an eye on what I'm doing. For some reason, they apparently feel that they must be close to me...and I'm NOT complaining! Allegra is in the hallway, just outside the office door...Tag & Tango are in my bedroom. You can barely see Tag...he's just by the spot of sun.

I've been grooming on Tango the last two days...2+ hours, so far. This boy has more coat than a dog who lives in the house should have! I'm about 2/3's done with him. All 3 really need baths, but it is much too cold! Perhaps next weekend!

I LOVE pizza...had a sausage & pepperoni one from Papa Murphy's yesterday and will be having leftover pizza for lunch today. Janer gave me a tip on how to best fix it...I'm anxious to try it out. I had heard of this method before, but never tried it...she swears the pizza will taste just as it did yesterday when it was freshly made!

Getting something done...again...and again

YAY...another one done...that makes 3 in 3 days! Here's Kaylynn's sheep dreams's about 11 x 16 inches. I love how this turned out. Just 1 more to go, and I've been working on it, so it's already over 1/2 done.

Only Sunday and Monday left of my vacation {sigh}. It's been very relaxing and although I didn't get everything done that I wanted, I did actually accomplish what I really needed to. My online course is right on track, the pillows will be done, I did a LOT of hooking on Kim's sampler rug, I started a challenge on Wool Snippets and I did a lot of reading. Who could ask for more???

Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting something done...again

I finished Devon's snowman pillow tonight. 2 down, 2 to go! YAY! This is 14" square, and I used a 14" pillow form I had here, so that was easy! This is a design by Kelley Belfast...she loves snowmen!

Really cold this to stay busy inside.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting something done...

YAY!!! I finished Conlan's 'brown dog' pillow. I think it looks good. It's actually a bit darker than it's showing.

Crappy day weather-wise, so I cancelled my orientation. Will chat with everyone via phone in the next few days, so they'll all get a good start on their course.

So Far...

My vacation has been great! But, it's half over and that makes me sad. Sure is going by in a hurry. I'd never go to work again if I could stay in, if I was independently wealthy. I sure have plenty to keep me busy, ya know?!

Yesterday, I worked on my online course assignments for the better part of the day. AND, then I hit a big snafu, but got that fixed today. Orientation is tomorrow...I think I'm ready.

I've been's how far I am on Kim's rug. The flower is still not that pink. And, as you can see, I'm 'tweaking' it as I go along. I think the dog is beagle/beaver mix...get that tail! YIKES!

I finished sewing the backing to one (out of four) of the pillow tops I had hooked for the grandkids. I need to visit Wal-Mart and pick up a box of polyester fiberfil...I'll take photos when they are pillows.

The dogs think my being home all day is great! Not sure why...all they do is lay around, anyway!

I issued a challenge on Wool Snippets tonight...NEW LIFE challenge...hook anything that means 'new life' to you...a specific size rug, but no limit to one's imagination/creativity. Hope it goes over well and a bunch of people sign up for it. Time will tell. I have an idea for my rug...not telling, though. {grin}


Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Monday...

I didn't get much accomplished from my list this weekend, but did get some good hooking time in. Did laundry and dishes and stuff like that. Today, I've worked on my course and bought a new tire. Yup, one of my tires went flat on me...luckily it was while the car was in the garage, rather than when I was on the highway. It was almost bald and needed to be replaced...I had just been putting it off.

Allegra and Tag absolutely crack me up! Tag lays with his toy (usually his ball) and lets Allegra chew on him! All the while she's doing that, she makes noises that sound like bear cubs (well, I don't know...seems like a sound a bear cub would make to me!)...ya know, "awwwwwwrrr" and generally just chewing him out. They get along so well...he has the utmost respect for her and she thinks he's just a doofus! ha!

See ya tomorrow!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I'm on VACATION!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!! 10 days with no work!!!! I have lots & lots of stuff to list is about a mile long, but I don't have to leave the house until Thursday! I am hoping to get LOTS done.

The most important thing on my list is to prepare for the online course that I teach for MATC (tech school). The course begins on Thursday with a mandatory meeting and I've got much to do before then. I taught it last spring and it went well, but I have some changes I need to make.

Here's one thing that I am really wanting to finish before I go back to work...this sampler rug for Kim. I'm making it as a 'thank you' for all that she does for me. This is a design by Kelley Belfast that I "tweaked"...I took out the cats that were on the original pattern and put in dogs (like that would surprise you?) and made a few other changes. So far, I think it's going okay. The big flower is not that pink...more orangey/red.

I got a new chair today! New to me, that is...YAY! A cast-off of Kim's, it goes with the sofa she gave me when I moved last summer.'s so BIG! and COMFY!!! Lovin' it!

Kim is re-doing her living room, dining room and 3rd bedroom...what fun! Hopefully, she'll get a little help from Nate Berkus...well, from his book, anyway!

That's it for now...gotta work on the list. It'll be interesting to see what I actually accomplish this week!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Not much going on...hazy/foggy/rainy/warm outside...must be the January thaw.

I have many things on my 'to do' list...but am ignoring the majority of said list and having a really easy weekend! Been hooking and listening to the Eagles new album (see, I don't always listen to LZ!). I'll get you a sneak peek of this rug soon.

Good news (for me, anyway)...after I work this week, I have 10 days off! YAY! Will have LOTS of photos to share from that week...if all goes as planned, that is.

Here's a photo of Allegra, Tango and Tag* with their new toys from Aunt Julie.

*(Did you see that the wart hog has fallen forward so that his nose is touching the floor? I cracked up when I noticed that!!! Looks like Tag & his toy are laying there in the same position....hahahaha.)

That's all for today!

Friday, January 4, 2008


How is your New Year thus far? Mine's not so bad, except that I am off work today...and NOT by choice! My wussy-butt little car got stuck in my driveway. Didn't even snow...just blew hard all day yesterday, and drifted. In my SUV, I would've had no problem. But, noooooooo...this little car just couldn't make it. I'd take a picture, but I forgot my camera in Eau Claire (it is in the mail, so should get it soon).

I am keeping busy, in spite of being so annoyed with my car. I am HOOKING! YAY! I am working on a sampler pattern designed by Kelley Belfast (except I substituted in a dog for the you couldn't figure that one out, hey?)! I am making it for my BFF Kim, who has done so very much for me!

Here's a special treat for Tammy, who had wanted to make a snow angel in the snow I showed last Friday. No, I didn't make it, but isn't it a gorgeous one?

Big NEWS! Just found out the other day that my oldest son and his family will be moving to Missouri this spring. Saddens me to no end, but they are very excited, so I will try to be excited for them.

That's all for now!