Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Good...The Bad...& The Sad

...not necessarily in that order.
First, the bad, I guess...though it's not 'the end of the world' bad.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before...probably not. Tag has been having seizures...not your typical grand mal seizure, but he does exhibit ataxia, stiffness, & disorientation. He actually had one grand mal seizure back when he was 2 years old, but nothing least, as far as I know. Until December 19. And December 25. And January 23. I finally had blood drawn for a serum chemistry to rule out metabolic causes. Of course, everything was normal. Claire (vet & friend) and I have been keeping track of this together. Diagnosis: Idiopathic Epilepsy (seizure disorder that has no identifiable cause).

I knew I would have to put him on drugs...but was in a bit of denial, methinks. Until the other night when he had another seizure & fell off the bed. If you've never watched an animal seizure, consider yourself's very difficult to watch. Bad enough when I worked in CCU, but watching your own dog is something else. Gives a whole new meaning to the word, 'helpless'. Once he's back to normal, he is completely normal..."Mama, where's my warthog?" Anyway. Started him on phenobarbital last night...he's at the low end of the therapeutic dose.

Side effects are polydipsia (excessive thirst), polyuria (excessive urination) & polyphagia (excessive eating). Claire said that in this first week (especially), it could make him DOPEY.


Image result for sleepy the dwarf

Tag has had 2 doses now and so far, no drastic changes. We shall see how the next several days progress.


On to the good...perhaps amusing is a better word.

I was chatting with Kim the other day and mentioned someone she had never heard me mention before. How can that be???? I guess I had never told her that I was once engaged to Dwayne, from Canada! So, I dug through boxes to find these...for your viewing pleasure! I hope you enjoy them!!! I was almost 21 years old in January of 1973 when these were taken!!! I cannot believe that I was ever that young...{sigh}
I met Dwayne at a local nightclub...he was a roadie for a band. I think it was their last night there. We talked a lot and decided that we wanted to keep in touch. So, we called (remember, back then, long distance was very expensive!) & wrote letters. Sometime after that, Dwayne (with a friend) drove to WI to spend time with me and meet my family. Here's Dwayne...I always thought he looked a bit like Neil Young.

Here we are with my niece, Jody (Toots). Dwayne and Jody were totally enamored with each other!

And, here we are with my Mom & Dad...who, by the way, thought he was pretty special! But, they were concerned, because I would be moving to Calgary, Alberta - Canada.

So, that's all for now on that!

And, now for the sad...
It is one year ago today that I said good-bye to Cruiser.

He is forever in my heart...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


"I've got my warthog and my pillow...
I'm all set for a good nap!!!"

Here's a story to demonstrate how smart this boy is. Last night, when I was almost done on the computer, I realized that I didn't have my slippers. So, I said to Tag (who was laying in the hallway right outside the office), "Tag, go get my slippers." He stood up & looked at me, and I repeated myself. He turned around to go into the bedroom (right across the hall from the office) and I told him that my slippers were in the living room. So, he went down the hall toward the living room but then didn't come back right away. Again, I said, "Tag, bring my slippers."...and he came to stand in the office doorway with one of my slippers in his mouth!

Now, I ask that smart or what??? I am such a proud mama.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tag is GOOFY!!!

Hey Hey Mama...if you sweep, I'll hold the dustpan for you!

A photo of Tag in another comfy position. Again, I got up and that's how he was laying. Last time it was his butt, this time it's his front end. Those front feet are not touching the floor, ya know. What a goof! is Friday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Keepin' Busy...

I am tired of winter...tired of the snow...soooo tired of the cold and the driving on the slippery much so that I could SCREAM!!!

So, my therapy is to keep busy with projects.

This week, I've been doin' some hookin'...

some stitchin'...

and, will be doin' some hand-sewing with these...(not all together...I have a red project & and a blue project).

Here is Tag...all snuggled on the chair next to me. Ya know how difficult it can be to stitch or hook with that lump attached to my hip?!? {grin} Yup, that's my wide hip there in the blue robe.

Hook on!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a Lovely Day my Birthday has been...

I had such a lovely day today...

I talked on the phone quite a bit...thanks to all who called with good wishes. Also, thank you to those of you who sent birthday wishes through the mail (snail and internet)!

I read a bit...

Saw a possum in my driveway...

Matt, Jesika, Conlan & Jasmine stopped by for a
bit and the kids finally got their pillows...

I watched "Out of Time" (again), starring one
of my favorite actors...Denzel Washington!

I watched the last 2/3's of "Miracle", a movie about the hockey team that won the 1980 Olympic I actually saw on tv when they were played. As the announcer said, "...many of the viewers today don't know the difference between the blue line & a clothesline...". I knew a bit more than that, as my (then) husband was a hockey referee. A very exciting time for the USA. I thought that the movie was very well done...and with Kurt Russell playing Herb Brooks, how could it not be a big thrill for me to watch!

WOW...what a day!

I didn't hook at all today, but I did take some good photos of
wool fat quarters to list in my new store on!

My Favorite Birthday Meal...

Next to pizza, my favorite meal is Pork Chops & Scalloped Potatoes. I made it for my birthday lunch today.
Here's the recipe...
~5 or 6 medium to large potatoes
~6 pork chops

White Sauce:
1/4 c flour
1/4 c butter
3 c milk
1 1/2 t salt
1/4 t pepper
1 small onion, chopped finely

Make white sauce as follows...melt butter over low heat, then add in the flour, stirring to smooth consistency. Slowly add milk, stirring as you pour. Add salt, pepper & onion. Heat until it starts to thicken just a bit.

Peel and slice potatoes.

Brown (season with salt & pepper) pork chops in an electric skillet at 375 degrees. Reduce heat to 225-250 degrees. Drain off any grease from the pork chops.

Place a layer of potatoes over pork chops, season with salt & pepper and pour ~1/3 of white sauce over the top. Repeat twice more. Cover & cook for 45-60 minutes...until potatoes are tender.

Here it is, all put together...

Here it is...all done! YUMMY!!!

As yummy as this is, the leftover scalloped potatoes are something I look forward to, also! I slice weiners (Mom used to cut 13 slices out of one weiner!!????) and heat them up in the same pan as the potatoes. Ohboy...too yummy!!!

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!


It's early...I've just gotten up...I plan to have a very quiet and peaceful day. I'll ignore the dusting and the pile of laundry and do only what I want to do. Let's see...HOOK, READ, listen to MUSIC, eat my favorite FOODS, talk on the phone to FRIENDS & FAMILY...yup, sounds like the perfect day to me!

Will post photos later.

Friday, February 15, 2008

She LIKES it!!!!

Yup, she does! I'm so happy! Course, I was more than ready to keep it if she hadn't approved of it. {grin}

So...I took the sampler rug to work with me today to give to Kim. I hung it on the cubicle wall by my office so everyone could see it...received some very nice comments!

Here's Kim with her new rug...sorry, not the best photo of Kim. But, a great one of the rug! haha!

I will be working on my challenge rug and some little side projects that do not involve hooking! Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Once again, eBay has raised their fees. It's really too bad, because they will lose a lot of sellers. I know of a few in this craft who are moving (or have already moved) away from eBay. I am definitely going to move...I am closing my eBay store by the end of this week...eCRATER is where I am moving to!

I'd love to have you visit me there...Brown Dog Prims eCRATER store. I am in the very beginning of the set-up process, so please be patient! I am looking forward to filling my store with woolens and other fun things!

Catching up...

Today, it is -31 degrees with the wind chill! Way too cold for me...and for the dogs. The poor things...their feet get cold so fast that they cannot finish their outside business in one trip!

Need to catch you all up on a few things.

My son, Paul, moved in on Friday and will be here for 3 weeks. He's between apartments and needed a place to stay. I am happy to have him here...he's a nice guy and it'll be great to spend some time with him.

He thinks the dogs are crazy...but he does play with them. {grin}

Here are some photos from the day after the big snowfall...these were taken on Thursday. Very pretty, but just way too much snow for me.

Here's Curt (landlord/neighbor/friend) plowing up their long and steep driveway...see where the garage doors are at the right front of the house? He has a long way to go!

See how high the drift is in front of the kennel door?? That's what my driveway looked like!

Been working on Kimmer's sampler rug...whipping the edges with wool yarn. Here's a sneak peek...

That's all for now!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

SNOW...and MORE snow!

We had the snowstorm of the decade (& more) yesterday...needless to say, I stayed home from work. I didn't mind too Mama didn't raise no fool. Conditions drastically worsened throughout the day, so even if I had gotten to work in the a.m., I would NOT have made it home. Lots of snow and low visibility and blustery winds...I am oh so very tired of winter!!!

Here's what it looked like yesterday afternoon in the front...

in the back...

Here's Tango, just takin' his time...

Here are the stats:

Before this snowfall, we had received 62" of snow.
Normal for this time of year is 32".
The record is 76" in the winter of 78/79.
The unofficial total for this snowfall is 13.3".

That is putting us dang close to the record...YIKES! One meteorologist is predicting 100" before the end of winter. ohman!

There was a 19 mile backup on the interstate...part of that stretch was at the exit close by my house...550+ semis & 300+ cars totalling 1000+ people...all stranded for hours and hours. Started about 11:30 a.m. and it was still ongoing at the time of the 10:00 news last night. Those poor people. The National Guard was enforcement agencies, etc. were using snowmobiles and whatever they could to reach these stranded motorists. I cannot imagine how awful that must have been for them. Does one keep the car running to stay warm...and eventually run out of gas? What does one do for food/water? How about potty time? Winter Whiteout

I did hear that we will have an early spring, and I am so hoping that'll happen!

What did I do on my unscheduled day off? I organized my business paperwork so that I could e-file my taxes! Course, my satellite speed internet was not liking the snow, so I wasn't able to be get that done. So, instead, I watched a video that my friend, Elaine, had taped for me...a multitude of programs...including Led Zeppelin, last season's Dancing With the Stars, etc.

AND, because I am completely snowed in with 3 foot drifts, I am home today, too! Since my computer is happier today, I'll get my taxes done. I usually get a refund, so will need to decide how to spend it...that's always the most difficult part {grin}.

Here's what it looks like outside today...

That first ridge you see runs all the way across my driveway...and that is just the first drift!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


This boy cracks me up! He can lay any place, in any position...totally relaxed...and sleep the day away. I mean, really...look at him! That rear leg is not touching the floor...his butt is holding him up. {grin}

My Weekend...

This weekend, I am splitting my time between here and next door at Claire's. They are away and I am housesitting...all kinds of chores and care needed for the pony, chickens, cats, dogs, guinea pig, dove and fish...whew!

Here are the 3 Portuguese Water Dogs...(l to r) Blue, Vinnie and Nelly. They are wild and crazy dogs...and funny as all get out!