Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gettin' Ready to Get Set...and GO!

Getting close...only FIVE days
until the Newsboys' new album
"In the Hands of God"
is available in stores.
I am so excited!
I'll expound on all the reasons why some other time.
Count with me...onetwothreefourfive...FIVE days!
That's all for tonight!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out of Control!

After work today, I went to a quilt shop that is on the other side of town. If I go from work, it's not too far...but from home, it's a good 45 minute drive. I needed to check out what they had and, ohboy, it was too much fun! And, I will go back! I had been there before, but probably back in 2003...but, hey! My name was still in the computer! ha!

Here's my stash-building for today...

A bundle of 8 fat quarters for $8...they are gorgeous! Will have to go back for more, methinks.

27 piece charm pack of 5" squares...

These are the fabrics in the charm square of each.

Had to have this lovely magazine, which is full of ideas for gift-giving...

Speaking of mags, I bought this book a month or so ago (at Hobby Lobby, my all-time fave store)...the aprons are so dang cute, I may have to make at least one of each!

And, that's what I have for today!

OH! Have to say...only SIX more days til the Newsboys' new album comes out! Not that I'm counting, or anything. onetwothreefourfivesix...SIX DAYS!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DWTS and AI...

Did you watch DWTS last night?
I love the group dances.
Did you see them?

What'd you think of Team Mambo?
Did you just love the end when the guys
were up on the judge's desk?
If you missed it, watch it here...

Did you 'get' it?
What they were doing there at the end?

Do you watch SNL?
I don't, but one night last November, I did...
Justin Timberlake was host...and Beyonce was the music act.

Beyonce and Justin Timberlake did a parody of her video,
"Single Ladies"...I laughed so hard!

So. Last night, when the song, "Single Ladies" started,
I remembered the parody...but certainly did NOT expect
Team Mambo to do a parody of the parody!
Oh. My. Gosh.
I laughed so hard, and thought it was the greatest fun!!!

Those guys...unbelievably gutsy!

See the guy on the far left?
That is Justin Timberlake. ohman. Laugh much??


American Idol.

Danny Gokey.
I absolutely love that guy!
Great vocals...and he just seems so real.
I like Kris and Adam, too.

However, I really hope that Danny wins.

The Countdown Begins...

The Newsboys' new album will be out in 7 days!


Count them.


That's 7 days from now...


YAY! Next Tuesday!

May 5!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I am hereby officially acknowledging the fact that my sewing/quilting has become an addiction/obsession! (But, don't you hookers worry, I'll get back to my rugs.)

Here are the pieces I bought today. All on clearance, so grand total for 4.5 yards was only $14.50...AND, I bought 3 patterns for $2.97 (saved $37.88 on those!) for Kaylynn, one for me and the other pattern is for one of my secret projects.

Paisley (2.5 yards)...

Firefighter fabric (1 yard) that I will use probably for a quilt or pajama bottoms for Conlan (who is all about fire/police/ambulance)...

Cute, fun, bright (1/2 yard each)...
DWTS is on in a bit. Must get pups outside to potty, and a few other things before it starts.

OH! OH! OH!!!! Almost forgot...I ordered something for a top secret project and it came today. Way better than I thought it would be...ohmygosh, I am soooo excited! Can't tell you all about it, but will give hints/peeks here and there once I start.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Sewin'...

I cut the strips last night and sewed it this's actually the March block for my BOM, but I procrastinated, and then did the April block first. ohwell.

In case you missed any of them (and wouldn't make it through the day without seeing this) here's a photo of the 4 blocks done...

It's raining...again. Forecast for tomorrow is...rain. Guess it's still April (showers bringing flowers and all that), so I'll be content with it.

My secret project is finished...the camper one...but I cannot show it, yet. I have one more secret project yet to do...not sure if I will work on it today or not. I have another project I would love to start...and then there's always the challenge rug that is waiting to be hooked on! Or, my mess to finish up...almost done! The wool needs to be sorted and then most of it will go back downstairs.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

So far today...

I got two of my sewing projects done.

Here's the April block of the BOM I'm working on...

I had it done and pressed and ready to put away...then noticed that I had the middle 4-square patch turned the wrong ripped out a lot of stitches and sewed everything back up. whew. But, hey! Those triangles were easy to do, after all! And, I think I did pretty good matching seams, too. YAY! Happy girl, here!

I'm almost finished with the secret project using the happy camper fabric. There's about an hour of hand-sewing to do, yet. Oh, and guess what! As cute as that fabric is...the design is not straight on the grain. Not too happy about I'm not going to call it the happy camper fabric any longer.

Now to do the March block of the BOM. Yeah, I know...should have been done already. ohwell.

Raining all day...ugh. But, that's okay...I could concentrate on inside stuff and not worry about yardwork.

Friday, April 24, 2009

YAY!!! The Weekend Is Here...

And, I am more than ready for it!!!

I love my LQS! Had to pick up a few things
today on the way home from work.

Here's what I got...

This really nifty 'camper' fabric for a secret project...

Gorgeous blue and chocolate brown for a secret project...

Binding, sashing and border for my BOM...
it's much prettier than the photo shows.

This stack of fabrics...most of which I had from a
million years ago when I was going
to do appliqued wallhangings.
I added the top 3 pieces to it today.
It's not a secret, but I haven't yet figured out how
to translate what I have in my head.
You'll know when I know, I guess!

That's it! I have many sewing projects to work on.

I have 2 really good books waiting for me.

I have my free-motion quilting class.

Should be a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here's how my fireplace looks right now. I am loving the things I have there.
(edited to add: moved JOY to the other side of the rusty star and it all looks more balanced now.)

The rusty star from Joanne sits perfectly on the flue knob (whatever it's called), and the JOY wooden sign thing is from Bren (I think she said she gave it to me cuz I bring her so much joy...something like that anyway...~grin~). I'll probably move JOY somewhere else, but for now, I like it where it is.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Full Disclosure

Okay, here ya go! (I really hope that you are able to click on these photos to make them larger. It's kind of a hit and miss thing, though I have no idea why.)

Here's the front of the quilt. I love how it looks after being washed...all soft and crinkly. Size is 42x52 (after washing). (the 'bumps' in the top of the quilt - both front and back photos are just cuz I didn't smooth out the top...just threw the quilt on the floor and took the photo. sorry.)

Here's the back. I am very pleased with how the piecing of it worked out...matched seams and all. There is a lot of quilting on this baby!!!

Here's a closeup of the label. All my quilts will have the brown dog silhouette as a label. Makes me smile. I may invest in some kind of pen to write with...on this one, I very primitively stitched '2009' with floss.
This pattern is a Crazy Nine-Patch pattern that I's the
tutorial. Very easy and fun! I used my walking foot to quilt square spirals in each of the blocks (whew...all that turning was not so much fun), and to quilt straight lines in the sashings and borders. Then, I used my darning foot to do free-motion quilting on the larger outside border. I practiced a LOT before attempting it on the quilt.

I used Coats and Clark machine quilting thread until I got to the free-motion quilting. My tension was way off and when I adjusted it so that it looked correct, the thread kept breaking. So, I switched to Gutermann machine quilting thread and put my tension back to where it started and it worked great! whew.

I am very proud of my corners...they are mitered perfectly! And, it was easy!
All in all, I am very pleased with how this turned out.

This was my 'practice' quilt. If I had known then what I know now (one of the main things is that I learned that I can do this!), I would have done a few things differently. But, I didn't want to be afraid of making mistakes, so deliberately chose colors/fabric that I would not grieve over. ~sigh~

So, what would I do differently?

1. I would choose different colors for the blocks.
2. I would not use the damask print I used for the sashings and border...too large of a design and I had to work with it more than if it had an overall smaller design. (But, if you can tell, everything is right side up and matching! woohoo!!!)
3. I was bored and didn't want to do more quilting in a block (ya know, stitch, turn, stitch, turn, stitch...) so I quilted one of the some puckers when I quilted the sashings...coming into the straight lines in the border. oops. I from the center. Wasn't thinking. Apparently.

That's about it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sneakin' a Peek...

My first quilt! All done!

No time to write anything tonight...

...but will give you all details tomorrow!

Friday, April 17, 2009

This Weekend's TO-DO list...

In no particular order:

1. vacuum
2. dishes
3. laundry
4. handsew binding on quilt
5. label quilt
6. wash 'tag' quilt (that's what I'm calling my very first quilt)
7. wash quilt from Brenis
8. machine and hand sew binding on secret project
9. wash secret project
10. church
11. rake fenced area - raining the rest of the weekend, so probably not gonna get this done
12. poop patrol
13. plan layout of vintage fabric table runner
14. cut white fabric for vintage fabric table runner
15. popcorn time...finish watching movie "nights in rodanthe" - great movie!
16. catch up on my blog-reading and group participation
17. sew 3 pincushions & stuff them
18. finish reading 'don't look twice'
19. straighten, straighten, straighten!
20. talk on the phone for several hours

oh my goodness...what a long list. Each thing actually won't take all that long. I'll cross them off as I get them done.

Hope you get lots done, too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


"So I say to you:
Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks receives;
he who seeks finds;
and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
Luke 11:9-10

I used to have a serger. Bought it secondhand and used it aLOT...wore it right out! Now that my interest in sewing has made a resurgence, I so wanted to have a serger again. (I thought that was kinda funny...resurgence/serger...haha!)

Bren and I were talking one day and I told her that I really really wanted to have a serger. I decided to save money from my income tax refund and started to look around for a used serger. One day, Bren called...her honey, Dan, had found a serger...did I want it? A free serger? Let me think...LOL. YES!!! Thank you, and praise God!!

It got here the other day...I cleaned it up (mostly just dusty) and tried it out. It works! It looks as if it's not been used very much. But, I will take it into the shop and have them look it over, oil it, and adjust the tension. Isn't it gorgeous???

I LOVE it!!!

I thank God and give Him all my praise and glory.
Do you see how His hand was all over this?
I do...and I know that I am very blessed indeed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm done with the quilting of my quilt!!! Here's a sneak peek...

I need to sew on the binding, cut off the excess fabric/batting, then handsew the binding. I should be completely done by the end of this coming weekend. I made one or two several mistakes in the making of this quilt. I will tell you all about them (might even show them to you!) when I finish this.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Moving ON...

I'm almost done with my 'practice' quilt. YAY!! Had a bit of a snag...will explain it all when I show you. Should have it done by the end of this weekend...will post photos as soon as it's ready.

In the meantime, here is the fabric for my next project. Something small(er) and simple(r).

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My Sweet Little Honey-Do Princess Allegra is 11 years old today.
She came to me when she was just 3 months old.

She is my joy.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday...and Sunday's Sundries

It's snowing...we're supposed to get a bunch, I guess.

Perfect day for straightening and quilting. Yup, I said quilting. Finally! I'm hoping to get the quilting done today. We shall see.

In the meantime, here are 3 items up for your consideration this week...I'm not out to make a huge profit, just trying to weed out what I don't use. (and, I would love to add to my quilting fabric stash!)

Just click on the photos to email me.

'Here Kitty, Kitty' on Monk's Cloth, measuring about 12 1/2 x 16 inches. $14.00 ppd.
Pris Buttler. $6.00 ppd.

Pris Buttler. $6.00 ppd.

Have a good Sunday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Boy and His Dog Warthog...

A Special Gift...

To: me.

From: me.

Do you remember that my word for 2009 is 'truth'?
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, tune in for 'Tuesday's Truth' next week.

So, word is truth. This year, I am seeking the truth in all that I do and
see and say and hear. Well, I saw these necklaces and just had to have one!

Do you know who Lisa Leonard is? Oh. My. Gosh.
You MUST go take a look at her handmade jewelry...
it is too awesome! Seriously. Necklaces, bracelets, key rings...
you'll want at least one!

I chose the word truth to be put on this necklace.
I chose the extra long chain, and the hammered metal star.
Sizing..the tab is just over 1 inch long
...and the star is ~1/2 inch at its widest point.

Isn't this just too awesome for words? I absolutely LOVE it!!!