Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So. As I had nothing better to do with my time, I joined the Doll Quilt Swap 7. (Yeah, that means they've done 6 swaps before this one. Cool, hey?) The quilts can be anywhere from 12x12 to 24x24 inches...or some variant in between. It's a secret swap, so I know who I am sending to. BUT, I have no idea who is sending to me. It's interesting...and fun. Looking at what everyone is doing and wondering if 'that one' could be for me???? I've finished one possible quilt top. I know from what my swap partner said/wrote, that this will be well received. However, I have another idea that is busting to get out of my head and onto fabric! Will be totally different from anything I have done to date. Not difficult...least I don't think it will be. We shall see. Here is the first possibility. I think it measures about 22x24 inches. Churn dashes, zigzags and friendship stars...none of which I've made before. I think I did an okay job. Now to decide on how to quilt it...and with what color thread! Any thoughts?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Red and White Mini.

This is the mini quilt I made for Brenis...
(it was a 2 person swap ~grin~).
I had fun making these wonky log cabin blocks.

Here's the back.
I did straight (well, sorta) line quilting...
using red thread. Love the look.

Gotta love those crinkles!

When I saw these labels at Wish Upon A Quilt,
I had to get some.
Aren't they just the cutest?

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Princess Kaylynn went home.
We all had a great time.
Tag and Allegra are beat.

We baked cookies...oops, did you drop something?

Kaylynn~ready to throw.
Tag~ready to run.

Kaylynn is modeling her new jewelry...
a braided fabric necklace and bracelet.
Made by me cuz Rachel showed how here...

Love you more!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Won Two...

patterns, that is.
Here's the first one. "Figgy Pudding"...
from Mary's Cottage Quilts.

I think I'm up for the challenge of this one.
And, the second. "Pomegranates and Pineapples"...Prairie Moon Quilts.


yeah, I know...lots of applique work, but I really like it!

It'll be great fun to do both of these patterns.


Got my swap partner for the Doll Quilt Swap 7 tonight!
I've been doing some research and I have an idea or two brewing.
This is going to be so much fun!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Iced Mocha...

All done!
Guess I should clarify...the quilt top is done.
Still have to put the backing together.
It measures about 52 x 58 inches. Am I a doofus, or what?
(No need to answer that.)
Thought I was hanging it the other way...
wasn't until I was trying to get the hangers to
balance that I noticed it was hanging by its side.
Just turn your head sideways...hahaha.
Anyone want to quilt this for me? huh?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Now I do, anyway.

Remember this guy?
On the 'Friends' show, he was Rachel's assistant...
& soon became her boyfriend.
His name was Tag Jones.
I adored him...and loved his name.
That was back in 2000-2001.

As you well know, my brown boy's name is Tag.
Bet you didn't know that I named him Tag cuz of this cutie, though...did you.
Seriously. I did.

Tag Jones was played by Eddie Cahill.
Eddie also played Jim Craig (the goalie) in the movie, "Miracle"...
you know...the movie about the 1980 Olympic hockey team
(I actually saw the 'miracle on ice' as it happened).
I didn't know Eddie played Jim until a few minutes ago.

Interesting, hey?

But...the most interesting part of this story is this next photo.
Recognize him?
It's Det. Don Flack from CSI:NY.
aka Eddie Cahill/Tag Jones.
I only occasionally watch that show.
When I see him, I always think he looks familiar,
but I never remember to look him up.
I remembered tonight!
I'm glad I did. Aren't you?

Now I can rest.
I've looked him up.
I know who he is.
I'll definitely watch CSI:NY more often!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life In The Country...

ahhhhhh, how sweet it is. I (mostly) love it. I rent a 3 bedroom ranch house from my friend, Claire. For those of you who haven't seen it, here you go...

Claire was my dogs' vet for a long time...and I used to work with her. She and her husband, along with their daughter, built a new house up the hill from this house (off to the right of the garage). We watch out for each other, so it works out nicely. AND, we barter care of animals. Though, I must say, they are getting a sweet deal! ~grin~ Right now, I only have 2 dogs. Sometimes when I am away, my dogs stay in my house and Cayley (their daughter) comes in and spends time with them, feeds them, and lets them run in the fenced area. Other times, I put them in the kennel building (Claire occasionally boards dogs out here so has a nice setup for that). They, on the other hand, have 2 horses, several laying hens and 2 roosters, some meat chicks (they don't always have them...only once a year, I think), 3 dogs, 4 outside cats, a guinea pig, fish, and a dove. It doesn't take long to do chores, it's just hard on my knees. There are benefits, though...like the 2 dozen fresh eggs I gathered today!

Thought you all might like to see photos of stuff other than quilts...my blog has been animal-less for quite some time.

This is the side of Claire's house...front is to the right. This is the side that faces the barn/kennel building, which is between our houses.

They have 3 Portuguese Water Dogs. This is Blue...


Vinny (my fave)...

Claire's horse, Twist...

The noisy handsome rooster dude...

His women...
Here are the meat chicks...

This may gross you out, but this is the 'before I mucked Twist's stall' photo...

here is the 'after' photo...all nice & clean.
There are more animals...Bubba, the pony, the dove, the guinea pig, the fish, and the cats. I'll try to get photos tomorrow. I know you all are disappointed I didn't have them here for you now. ~grin~

Lest you think I'd forget him, here's the TagEButt...with his warthog, of course.

And...one more. This is the rosebush I got for Mom's Day from my oldest son.

I did get some sewing done today...5 sets of 2 strips (wof) to make blocks for the border of the Iced Mocha quilt. Otherwise, have just spent time here on the computer. OH, I started watching "Assassins", a movie with Antonio Banderas and Sylvester Stallone. I think it's an older movie...both men are so hot (Antonio is my hero!)

Gotta go...the pups are waiting to go out and run around a bit.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Bigger Picture...

Okay...I need your advice.
The quilt top now measures about 42 x 48.
I would like it to be about 10 inches bigger...
in both length and width.
(cuz it'll shrink when I wash it, ya know)
See the X? As in 'X marks the spot'?
(this photo actually enlarges when you click on it!)
Well, that is the backing fabric.
Perhaps the binding, too.

I'm thinking I need to add another border.
Should I just add a 5 inch border of the blue floral?
That seems kinda boring.
How about a row of 2 1/2 inch blocks all the way around...
OR, half square triangles...
with a 2 1/2 inch strip of the blue floral for the outside border.

Any thoughts?

edited Saturday a.m. to add:

By jove, I think I've got it!
I'll make 2 1/2 inch strips
alternating squares of brown
with squares of cream and blue.
Then, I'll add another 2 1/2 inch brown border.
The squares will look like they're floating!
Genius, I tell you. Pure. Genius.
(do you not agree?)

Sneak Peek...

Not done, yet...need to add a border (or two).
I like it...I think.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How did this happen?

I went for solids.

These 6 pieces ended up in my bag.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Far, So Good...

Working with the Iced Mocha collection...
making blocks.

Gonna quit for the night.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Home, Sweet Home.

As happy as I was to be in Eau Claire with me Mum during Ray's surgery...I am really happy to be home. The pups are happy, too! Course, Allegra had to tell me all about her ordeal of being kenneled for 3 days...poor thing. Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark...the entire time from when she saw me until we got into the house. whew...she had a lot to say!

First things first. Ray is doing very well. Was in CCU after surgery...they had him up and sitting in a chair 2 times already on Saturday. Respiratory Therapist comes in every 2 hours for 15 minutes. He was moved out of CCU to a regular room late yesterday. All are pleased with how well he is doing. Praise God. And, thank you all so very much for your thoughts and prayers.

I left early this morning...my sister, Jill, will be over there tomorrow into Wednesday. Not sure when Ray will come home, but sometime late this week. No lifting of any kind, but small chores are okay. For 4 weeks. We'll see how he does with that. Rest, rest, and more rest.

I was able to spend a lot of time with my BFF Janer, too, which is always good. Did not take any photos (except of the Janome) while there, though.

ohyeah. The Janome. Oh. My. Gosh. It is simply amazing...the difference between my Janome and my old Babylock. Now, the Babylock was not the cheapest one available at the time I bought it about 10 years ago (I think), but I was becoming increasingly annoyed with it. Next to the Janome? It is nothing...absolutely does not even compare. Not. Even. Ya know?

I am so very fortunate to have the friends I have. I think I complained long enough and loud enough to everyone how unhappy I was with my Babylock...couldn't do all that I wanted to do with it...skipped stitches, tension problems, couldn't do stippling...etc., etc.. One of my good friends offered a short-term loan...so I started looking for a new machine. Online, shops in the area...no one had what I wanted for a price I could afford. So, next best thing...a used machine in really good shape. Well, Brenis found this Janome 6260 QC on craigslist (read all about it HERE)...and it was up by Eau Claire. And, I was going to Eau Claire! Carol is her name...she upgraded to a Janome 6500P, so was looking for a good home for her first Janome. We ironed out all the details...she came to me Mum's house on Saturday and spent over an hour with me. Demonstrating, talking...you know. I very happily handed over some money and the Janome became mine!!

Here's Carol...
I played with my new Janome a bit, but then had other things to do. But, yesterday, I had a few hours to try everything out. It comes with a gazillion feet, has many wonderful features and the stitch quality is awesome! Sews through several layers of fabric and doesn't skip a beat. The fancy stitches are exciting...cannot wait to use them! Walking foot, darning foot for free-motion quilting, 1/4 inch foot (now all my quilting seams will be perfect!), etc., etc.. Simply put, I adore it.

Janer and I went to The Calico Shoppe and I walked out with this 'just dreamy' collection of fat quarters. Am thinking to join in on the zigzag quiltalong...the one that is following the Old Red Barn Co. Quiltalong.Also, I picked up another Kansas Winter charm pack. That's the fabric I used on the quilt I screwed up with the quilting. I love that fabric.

For the rest of today, I'm just gonna hang with the pups, get unpacked, do a bit of laundry...just get everything in order. AND, play with my Janome!

Again, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you all updated on Ray's progress.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's This???

No time now,
but when I get home tomorrow,
I will tell you all about it.
I promise.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Update on Ray

Real quick, here. Ray's valve replacement surgery went very smoothly yesterday. Before me Mum and I left about 8:00 p.m., he was doing 'as expected'. His blood pressure was low, so the plan was to give him 2 more units of blood. Well, about 10:00, Mum's phone rang...there was a blood clot or pool of blood pressing against Ray's heart, so they were taking him to surgery. Back we went. Everything is fine, now. He was oozing blood around one of the pacemaker wires (they placed a pacemaker yesterday that may or may not be temporary), so they took care of all of that and that was done. Ray's breathing tube is still in, so me Mum was encouraged to stay at home this a.m....they're going to awaken him slowly during the morning. Please keep Ray (& me Mum) lifted up in prayer...God is surely listening. Thank you all so much.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here's How It Is...

I called work (yesterday) as soon as I found out that Ray's surgery was rescheduled. Instead of today and tomorrow, could I have off Monday and Tuesday? Well, since someone was already scheduled to take my place these 2 days, the answer was no. Bummer. I actually could have gone in and worked on other things that I am seriously behind on. ohwell. So. I'm not excited about having 2 days off that I don't need to take off...BUT! I decided that I had best be productive. I cut strips out of the Iced Mocha...was thinking of doing another strip quilt, but then decided that these fabrics would be better showcased with another pattern. So, that's what I'll be working on.

I made my June BOM block...not really liking those fabrics. No doubt, this will NOT be one of the 9 I use of the 12 we're making. May not even end up in a pillow. And, I see that I didn't do such a great job matching seams on one row. I'll probably redo it.

Just so you all know I'm NOT perfect, I'm gonna show you a big mistake. big. HUGE! (remember Julia Roberts in 'pretty woman'???) I knew better...but...hmmmm...still went ahead doing what I was going to do.

Remember the swap goodies I showed you from Erin? Well, I had made my mini quilt to swap with her...Kansas Winter charm pack...gorgeous fabrics. As I may have mentioned before, my machine is giving me fits, so I am not able to do free-motion quilting...I'm stuck doing wavy lines or straight lines with my walking foot. I decided that a rectangular spiral would be really cool. Okay. Stick with me here...don't fall off your chair laughing...or hit yourself upside the head with a 'duh' so hard that you hurt yourself. Obviously, starting on the inside is the best way, so that any excess fabric would move to the outside. Right? Well. I wasn't sure I could do it and come out with all sides of the rectangle spiral on the edges of the mini. Ya know...figured I'd end up with 2 inches of empty space on the end of the mini. So. I started on the outside. It was going very well, mind you, until the last 4 times around. Well, here...take a look. See how the center is skewed? I didn't notice until I was done...thought about taking alllll the quilting out, but just couldn't make myself. So. I finished it. I love it. Skewed center and all! But, I don't feel that I can send it to my swap partner, so I am in the process of making a different mini for her.

I love this charm pack, kinda prim/rustic looking. (yoohoo...kelley!)
Look at this back...are you able to see that the quilting is done in a rectangle? I love how it looks. Best get moving on that Iced Mocha fabric. I'm hoping to get the quilt top done today.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Special Request...

I'm wondering if you all would say a prayer or two for me Mum's husband.
His name is Ray and he's having cardiac surgery tomorrow (Wednesday).
He has a very bad aortic valve that needs to be replaced.
The success rate is approximately 80 percent, but he's more at risk
because of his battle with stomach cancer...and the resulting surgery last year.
No more stomach. Chemo. Radiation.
The fact that he isn't where he should be at this time.
He is well below normal weight for a man his height, and
just not where the doctors wanted him to be
before they went ahead with this surgery.
And, to top it all off, one of his carotid arteries is 80% blocked.
That, of course, only increases his risks.

Could you add a little p.s. for me Mum, too?
She has Parkinson's Disease,
so all of the stress in the last 18 months
has definitely taken its toll on her, as well.
I need to be with her...
to make this as easy for her as I can...
to be there for her.

I'll be driving up to Eau Claire tomorrow morning
and should arrive while Ray is still in surgery.
If all goes as planned, I'll be home on Saturday.

edited to add: I just found out that the surgery is rescheduled to be done on Friday.
Kinda messes up my plans, but I'll still be there.
Just different days.
Prayers ahead of time can't hurt, though.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July to you all!

I am catching up on some projects and am invited to a cookout later.

What are you doing today?

Friday, July 3, 2009


is great fun! I think it could get addicting very fast!!! Especially when one has the most awesome swap partner!!!

Erin participated in the quiltalong I've been talking about. She admired my work and I admired her work...mutual admiration society thing going on here. We're two awesome gals, let me tell you! She made 2 mini quilts about the same time as I made my two minis and I LOVE her work! We decided to do a mini quilt swap...just the two of us. Well. I am in the process of working on her mini...but she is much faster than I am...got a package from her yesterday.

Here's the awesome mini she made for me...very prim. This mini quilt measures 18 inches square...from top to bottom/left to right, the squares are: crow, jacob's ladder block, bee skep, spools block, log cabin block, churn dash block, star, star block and willow tree. How fun is that! PERFECT!!!

AND, as if that wasn't enough, she sent 4 pieces of fabric (check out those dog faces...aren't they fun???....and how about that bones fabric??), a 'friend's plate, 'laugh' tag, tin star, candy (all gone now...and delicious!), and the little wooden sheepie with star (naughty boy tag wanted that star, for some reason...bad puppy!). WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything...perfect gifts!!! Totally awesome and I am in love with my mini from Erin!!!

Thank you so very much, Erin! Hope you feel the same about your mini that I am still working on!