Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEW LIFE Challenge...

YAY!!! I am all done hooking on the sampler rug for to finish the edges.

My next hooking project...I started a NEW LIFE Challenge on Wool Snippets. A design created around the theme of 'new life'...could be anything...birds, people, plants, flowers, animals...anything that comes to mind when one thinks 'NEW LIFE'. There are 16 of us participating, so it should be fun. My design is drawn out on linen, but I need to finish choosing wool for the 12 x 20 inch mat. I am in the process of sending out wool strips to the other 15...we need to use these 4 strips in the mat...somewhere/somehow. The colors are not that bad...shouldn't be too difficult to fit them in. Some have shared their design idea with me...I cannot wait to see all of these inspired mats!

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Mary said...

Hi Jacque-

When do we get to see your finished sampler? I loved that pattern when I first saw it on Kelley's blog. Can't wait to see yours with the puppies!!!

Have a great day!