Sunday, January 6, 2008


Not much going on...hazy/foggy/rainy/warm outside...must be the January thaw.

I have many things on my 'to do' list...but am ignoring the majority of said list and having a really easy weekend! Been hooking and listening to the Eagles new album (see, I don't always listen to LZ!). I'll get you a sneak peek of this rug soon.

Good news (for me, anyway)...after I work this week, I have 10 days off! YAY! Will have LOTS of photos to share from that week...if all goes as planned, that is.

Here's a photo of Allegra, Tango and Tag* with their new toys from Aunt Julie.

*(Did you see that the wart hog has fallen forward so that his nose is touching the floor? I cracked up when I noticed that!!! Looks like Tag & his toy are laying there in the same position....hahahaha.)

That's all for today!


Anonymous said...

What are your plans for your vacation?
The dogs are so cute laying there.

Anonymous said...
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kks said...

LOVE the pic!

Sunnie said...

Hi Jacque! I love those doggies! What a great picture...they are so cute!!! : )
Sounds like you are doing some neat hooking and I'll be back to see the picture of your work in progress! I'm cleaning out the studio and doing some filing and bookwork (I'd rather be hooking!!!) LOL I am finishing up a funny chairpad and I'll post it on my Blog pretty soon.
Hugs to you (and to all the pets too!) Sunnie : )