Thursday, February 19, 2009

On...and on...and on...

Apparently, my birthday is going to be a stretched out celebration! Fine with me! ~grin~

In today's mail, I received 2 sweet strawberries and a bar of soap...smells yummy!! These are from Betty, a friend on my eBay group. What a sweet & thoughtful person she is! (I had to say that...she reads my blog! Just kidding, Betty!) Here they are...notice the antique buttons atop the berries...and the handstitched crosses down the seams of the berries. Too awesome!

AND, I finally got photos (albeit not very good ones) of the two suncatcher thingies my sister, Julie, sent me. Well, she didn't actually send them...she brought them with when she came from Durango last fall. I've been eyeing up the 2 wrapped boxes since September! Can you believe that? True! I finally got to open them on my birthday, whilest on the phone with Julie. Thank you!!! I love them both!!! (She couldn't decide which she liked better...the rooster or the angel...or which she thought I would like better, so she got them both! Love that thinking, sister!)
On Tuesday, I received this sweet Guardian Angel pin from my niece, Jody. She is my goddaughter...and the oldest of the grandkids. Not mine, my Mom's! Thank you so much, Toots!

I did receive other gifts...will get to showing them another day. More to come, too! YAY!


WoolenSails said...

Lots of fun gifts. It is fun to get presents after too, that way it spreads out the celebration:)


Anonymous said...

You are a spoiled brat!!! I LOVE what Julie gave you and I would not know which one to get either although I do really like the angel.
Lucky girl!!!!!
Isn't your goddaughter a sweet girl????
Of course, she is my oldest - daughter that is.
Love, Joyce

primitivebettys said...

You are very welcome Jacque! Your sun catchers & pin are very sweet. It is great that your birthday celebration is going on and on... but I did want to get your gift to you on time ~ I'm just slow. Happy you enjoy your strawberries. They are filled with sawdust ~ don't think I told you that. :)