Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Gifts...and Doodles.

Yup, I have received more birthday gifts! And, let us not forget the beautiful afghan me Mum made and gave me last fall.

Slippers from BFF Janer. I told her that God must have been whispering in her ear the day she picked those up for me. I had just been telling myself that I needed to get me some new slippers! Thanks, Janer! (Though I photographed only one, I actually did get 2 slippers!)

Beautiful wool, box with punch needle sheepie, morning glory seeds and 3 spicey yummy smelly candle tarts. From Ginger, a new member on my eBay group. So awesome of her!


Though the winter has been better than last regarding snow accumulation, it's been a cold few months. I am more than ready for spring...hence the new header/colors. Really tired of having cold fingers while trying to work on projects.'ll come.

I worked on a project yesterday...covering fabric boxes! My eBay group, An American Primitive Gathering, does a retreat weekend once a month. We are to concentrate each on our own projects...or have a specific project (like the fabric-covered boxes) to do. WOW...had I known it was this easy to cover boxes, I surely would have done some much sooner! Here's a photo of the 3 boxes I covered. I am very happy with them.

The two small ones are 5 and 6 inches across and go together. The large one measures 10 inches across and is for me. Probably going to put my embroidery floss in it.

I have more projects to work on...and my income taxes need to be completed!

Have a great day!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your birthday goes on and on ~ Lucky Girl!!
So glad there are two slippers in your life!! And your covered boxes are very nice ~ very vintage looking!! Alice

WoolenSails said...

And the surprises keep coming;)
Lots of wonderful goodies and you did a beautiful job on your boxes.
I may do some of mine, too lazy to paint them.


primitivebettys said...

Great gifts, Great boxes & Great Friends! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, almost a week of birthday fun!!!!
You have wonderful people in your life, you are very lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the slipper matches the socks I gave, love, love the little lamb or goat on your header, too cute! Love the boxes too...that bottom fabric looks like me, well you know, very vintage, and of course floral.
Life is just one big continuous birthday, isn't it?

JoJo said...

Jacque, your little lamb is adorable!!! Oh, I'm so ready for spring. I answered this post on your Snippet's blog but had to comment on the little guy/girl in wool at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

I think we need a new name for you---like Ms. Project of 2009. Nice boxes. Nice slipper too. Loved all of the pictures of Tango. Julie