Monday, February 16, 2009

A Great Day Was Had By...


I am having a great birthday. Except for one thing. There seems to be a shortage of gifts...but I know why. I have certain friends & family members who wanted me to get my card/gift ON my birthday...not BEFORE, so they planned accordingly. Boy, they sure were surprised to find out that in honor of my birthday, the Federal Government closed the banks and the Postal Service! So, now I have to wait past my birthday for all the rest of my gifts.

BUT, I did receive a very special package on's gotta be one of my favorite gifts of all time! Remember this photo of Kaylynn with Tango? I took it in November and posted it here on my blog back then.

Debbie from Rhode Island, an online friend of mine...did a punch needle piece using that photo as her pattern. Oh. My. Gosh. First of all, you have no idea how exciting it is to get something that Debbie made!!! Though we've exchanged gifts in the past, I wasn't really expecting anything from her, so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I saw the box was from her! This piece is exquisite! I am totally in awe of the excellent & exceptional job she did on this. Measuring about 5 x 6 inches, it is backed with a piece of wool and stuffed...has a piece of jute or something to hang it by. And, it smells great...some orange spicey fragrance. I love it so very much and I know you are all extremely envious!!! (If I'd tried harder, I suppose I could have used more 'ex' words.)

We had a potluck at work today. In honor of the February birthdays. Course, mine is the only one, so it was a very special potluck. All centered around foods that I like! What could be better than that? I took Spanish Hamburger & buns...others brought veggie pizza, pasta salad, greek salad, cheese/sausage, chocolates, angel food cake (my special birthday cake), beans, danish apple cake (I'm gonna have to get the recipe for this one!), dill pickle potato chips (another fave of mine), homemade fried peanuts, dill pickles, and candy. HOLY SCHMOLY, can you say LOTSO GOOD FOOD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

From my coworkers (we normally don't exchange gifts, so I was pleasantly surprised), I received a Happy Birthday helium balloon with candies, shampoo and a pair of slacks, an early Michael W. Smith cd, some hair things (I am in such desperate need of a haircut and I think everyone is tired of hearing about it, and tired of seeing my hair hang in my eyes) like bobby pins and headbands and faux hair pieces. It was a 'gag' gift, but I put the long extensions on. It looked pretty goofy, but I didn't care. I had a great time at work today. And, I even managed to get all my work done!

So. Now I need to potty the dogs and work on my taxes. Julie will be calling later so that I can open the gifts from her that have been sitting here (wrapped) since last fall.

I'll have more birthday things to write about tomorrow!


kks said...

wow, sounds like you had a wonderful day! love the gift! sorry i couldn't make it...happy day my friend and enjoy>>>

lorrie said...

Happy Birthday - love your blog - I enjoy seeing what you are up to next. When life gets stressful your blog is my cup of tea to peace, I come hear read, listen to some of your music and go away feeling relaxed and ready to meet the world again.

By the way today the 16th is my son's birthday also =he is my youngest and turned 24 today.

Anonymous said...

What a great gift from Debbie and she did a wonderful job!!!
Sounds like you had a very fun day!!!

Tammy Burks said...

Happy belated birthday...what an awesome gift!!!