Sunday, February 15, 2009



- Monday, the 16th -

is my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!
Here I am on my birthday a few years ago...


kks said...

happy birthday!!! you are such a QT!

jane augenstein said...

Happy Birthday to you! What a cute cake and you, too cute in your little dress with, is that pom-poms on the hem of your dress???

JoJo said...

Although I'm a day late, my wishes are no less sincere. Happy Birthday, Jacque!

And how I loved the pictures of Kaylynn. Such a beautiful child, she is! It's wonderful that you had such a good time with her.

WoolenSails said...

LOL, too cute.
Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jacq!!! Wish my present had been on time!! :(
Love you gobs and gobs!!!

Jody said...

happy birthday should get your gift tomorrow in the mail. Love ya, Jody

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! 29 again? That picture is just adorable! I hope you have a great day full of crafting time and relaxation.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Yes that picture was taken just a 'few' years ago. Your friend that commented above did not miss your birthday as it is today!!!!
Have a good one!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS JACQUE!! And I love it that you wished it to yourself first ~ otherwise, how would we know??!!! Hope you're doing something fun!!
Your online friend ~ Alice

moosecraft said...

Happy Birthday Jacque! Such a great pic of you! Hope you enjoyed the day!