Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now showing...& D is for...

Here's the lap quilt & pillow I made for Kim. This is her birthday/Christmas gift (b'day is 12/24)...better late than never, I say. Anyway. She has it, so now, I can show you!


A week or so ago, I was bloggin' know, going from one blog to another to another...I was totally lost at the end...had no idea how I got to where I was.

I ran into Linda's blog Behind My Red Door and so enjoyed reading her post...naming 10 things she loves which start with the letter R. Course, I wanted to play, so I asked her to assign a letter to me.

I got the letter "D". She seemed to think that was appropriate. Don't know why. haha...more on that later.

So. Here are 10 things that I love that start with the letter D. No particular order...this is how I thought of them...

1. Dill Pickle Potato Chips...Lay's are the best. ohhhhhh yummy!

2. Dogs, of course. Not all dogs, mind you. But, definitely my own! Past and present.

3. Dancing With The Stars. This season begins in about a month. Did you hear? Celebrities will be announced on February 8...that's this Sunday! YAY! As you know, Brooke & Derek won last season.

4. Dermot Mulroney. Well, gosh, who doesn't love him? In my eyes, the perfect man!

5. Dawn. Especially this photo of May 20, 2008. I call it 'the day God was knocking on my door' in, "hey you! pay Me some attention!"

6. Dyeing wool. One of the things I truly love about hooking dyeing my own wool. When I started hooking rugs, I never thought I would dye wool...too many wonderful sellers out there with gorgeous wool. But, well, you know how that goes.

One thing leads to another and all of a sudden, one owns all the dyes and supplies and wool and is ready to dye! Here are 4 colors that are my recipes...

7. Daily Bible reading. I enjoy this much more than I thought I would. And, I'm learning things I never knew were there to learn. Here is my beautiful Bible from Brenis...large text New King James Version.

8. Dictionary. Yes, I know...kind of a strange thing to love. But, I do. Cuz I love words. Not quite a word nerd, though. Well, maybe. Sorta. My two favorite words are 'perspicacity' and 'disparage'.

9. David Cook. Now, HE is a self-proclaimed word nerd. I think he did an excellent job and am so happy that he was last season's American Idol.

Okay, here's a funny story. When Linda assigned the letter D to me, I immediately presumed that it was because of the dogs. And, I smiled. Okay, I can do D. After making my list of 9, I let it sit...trying to think of the perfect #10, the last word. Ya know? Well. I Thought. And pondered. And thought some more...but just couldn't come up with the right word. Then, for some reason, all of a sudden tonight...'Oh, I know!'
Doodleheads! Duh. hahahaha...How could that have NOT been the first word I put on my list? Funny how the mind works, hey?

10. Yup. Doodleheads (& doodles).
I love all of you who read my blog. Makes it more fun for me to post here. To share bits and pieces of my life with you all. Thank you for being my doodleheads. I don't have to post photos of this know who you are!

If you thought that was fun...and you want to play this on your blog...make a comment indicating such and I will assign a letter to you.

Have fun and thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jacque, that quilt is absolutelybeautiful!!! Be sure mine is that pretty!
Well, I would have been disappointed if you hadn't included David Cook in your "D" list...was surprised you didn't have Denzel Washington on there...I would have had "dirt" as one, but that's for love of gardening...
Love, Janer

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and "D" would have been my grades in high school too...

Anonymous said...

Janer is so funny! My D word for today is Dugan as it is my son's birthday. I absolutely LOVE that quilt and pillow!!!! It is just awesome!!! Great job there kiddo!!!
I check it at least 4 times a day to see if you have posted anything here!!!
Love, Joyce

dexmangoldens said...

I love the quilt!! Those are great colors for golden owners!! Janer is so funny. Yes, Denzel should be on your list, or least of all Dexter. :) What weekend is the dog show in Madison??
Love, Jua

Anonymous said...

Very nice Auntie!!! You are quite talented!! I still will take pics of me in my apron and send them to you!! I also use my bag holder!! Love it and it's so easy to use!! :)