Sunday, January 20, 2008


These 3 dogs crack me up. Here I sit at my computer, which is just inside the door...I look up and here's what I see.
All three are laying so that they can keep an eye on what I'm doing. For some reason, they apparently feel that they must be close to me...and I'm NOT complaining! Allegra is in the hallway, just outside the office door...Tag & Tango are in my bedroom. You can barely see Tag...he's just by the spot of sun.

I've been grooming on Tango the last two days...2+ hours, so far. This boy has more coat than a dog who lives in the house should have! I'm about 2/3's done with him. All 3 really need baths, but it is much too cold! Perhaps next weekend!

I LOVE pizza...had a sausage & pepperoni one from Papa Murphy's yesterday and will be having leftover pizza for lunch today. Janer gave me a tip on how to best fix it...I'm anxious to try it out. I had heard of this method before, but never tried it...she swears the pizza will taste just as it did yesterday when it was freshly made!


Anonymous said...

Pizza looks great...let me know if my re-heating method was to your satisfaction.
And a lovely view you have of all your "kids" relaxing! How could anyone not enjoy that!

Brenis said...

OK... so are you going to SHARE the reheating tip with US??? Or just tease us?? LOL