Saturday, September 8, 2007


I did a bit of dyeing and hooking this a.m., but now it's time to put everything's lunchtime! I haven't had pizza for a that is what I shall have! It's no wonder I've been feeling deprived for the last few days. {grin}

For your viewing pleasure, here is another sneak peek at what I'm working on.

I see at least three things that I need to fix on this section. ohwell...that's the great thing about rug hooking! One can always go back and re-do!

I finished listening to the 'Blood Covenant' bible study series. Whew! I tell you what, if I wasn't a believer before, I surely would be now! What a powerful series this is. And, what a powerful speaker Pastor Jerry is! He's so easy to listen to...and humorous, as well!

Just a note...sometimes when you click on my photos, they enlarge. Other times, they don't. Not sure what's up with that. Is it me or is it the software? hmmmm...

Have a great day!

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Sunnie said...

Hi Jacque! Love your "work in progress" rug... lovely colours!!! : ) Is that a little sheep hiding there in the leaves? Is he/she rather "sheepish"? : )

I'm working on my middle name tag...putting my thinking cap on! LOL
Happy Tuesday!!! Sunnie : )