Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend...and Mom's visit.

Yesterday, I drove over to my sister's house in Wausau (about 2+ hours from here). Her son, Tony, is home on leave from the Air Force. After breakfast today, I headed back home, bringing Mom with me to visit for a few days.

Here's what our day was like...

This is at the breakfast table in Wausau...Tony is not quite awake, though he did manage to wolf down several pieces of yummy french toast.

Ater Mom and I got here, grocery shopped, ate lunch and got unpacked, we tried to work on Sudoku puzzles. I tell you, I have a mental block where they are concerned. Cannot for the life of me do one...not even a 'very easy' puzzle! YIKES! What is the matter with me?

Then, we each had a dove bar...YUMMY!!!!

After that, we worked on some crafts. She crocheted and I hooked on my 2sheep rug.

"...You got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em..." After supper, Mom and I played cribbage and a card game called 'dimes'. I beat Mom and then she beat me. Here she is...I think she should work in Las Vegas...CardShark Shirley...and one of my winning hands.

Then, we had popcorn...kettle corn, to be exact...another YUMMY!

We gabbed a lot while doing all of this...all in all, a very pleasant day!!!


Brenis said...

Oohh what a fun time with your mom Jacq!! LOL I loved the photos documenting your day! And had no idea you played cribbage! :0) I have no one to play with, and think i have forgotten how!! We'll have to bring it along when we go to camp!! :D
Enjoy every minute with your mom!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you two are having fun. Too bad I can't see Tony's face! Glad you had a nice time at Jill's and enjoy mom's visit. Joyce

Tammy Burks said...

Looks like a fun day! So happy to meet someone else who just can't get the hang of soduko or however you even spell it...let alone all that number stuff. Was introduced to it on a business trip and they gave it to us to do if we got bored in our spare time....yeah, like I'd ever get THAT bored!!!

Tammy Burks said...
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