Saturday, September 1, 2007

Forever In My Heart...Cruiser's Photoshow

I tried so hard to get this loaded onto my blog last week, on the date that would have been Cruiser's 11th birthday. I kept getting an error message and it wasn't loading properly, so had to wait and try again (and again and again). I was so very disappointed that I wasn't able to share this photoshow at that time. However, when I tried loading it tonight, it worked, so here it is.

I put this photoshow together while in my deepest time of mourning Cruiser...and I do think that it helped with that process. I must have gone through an entire case of kleenex though, while putting everything together. Each photo brought back so many memories of my Cruiser.

The music is from Paul McCartney's "Ecce cor Meum" (translates to "Behold My Heart") album, which came out last fall. It took Paul several years to complete...I think the entire album is excellent! This particular section of his classical piece is called 'Interlude' (Lament)...written during the time that Paul was mourning the death of his wife, Linda. I must warn you, the music is very sad.

Thank you for watching/listening.


kks said...

Just beautiful, Cruiser was such a handsome man and goofy boy, he made me laugh with his mellow approach to life.....

Anonymous said...

You're Cruiser was just beautiful and I'm sure he loved you very much. Thank you for sharing those pictures. And hugs to you.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful and heart-felt...and always remember the table I painted was for him, thus titled "Cruisin" blessed you both were to have each other...he will remain in all of our hearts Jacque!

Anonymous said...

I watched this first without sound, (will listen to it at home). What a great video and it brought tears to my eyes!
Jessica wants to know how to make videos like that, she made one in school but that was a long time ago and different technology as well.