Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mom's Visit continued...

Well, the visit with Mom is over. We didn't do much today...but I did win some money beating her at cards!!!! YAY!!
Ray got here about 11:00 a.m....he carried a few things down to the basement for me...put Mom's stuff in the car and then we were off to Culver's for our favoite sundae...YUMMY!!!

Bye Mom! I love you...

It is so hot and the mosquitoes are HORRIBLE! The dogs are very happy to be back in the house with their mama (that'd be me)!


Anonymous said...

How dare you show that picture of the caramel cashew sundae!!!!!! LOLOL

Sunnie said...

Hi Jacque! Thanks for the good wishes...I do feel better now!!! And I'll work on the TAG too!

Please send your great Mom a hug from me!!! : )
My Mom would be 96 this year if she was still with me...but she's been gone for 10 years. I still miss her and her wonderful sense of humor. After all, she loved me and I'm pretty wacky!!!! Hugs to you!!! Watch out for those mosquitoes!!!