Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Been a Long Time Since I Rock & Rolled...

Led Zeppelin is re-forming! No, that’s not REFORMING, as in they are changing to become better (how could that be possible?????). Perhaps I should say...the reformation of Led Zeppelin! Well, no...reformation is what happened to the Catholic Church back in the 16th century...remember Martin Luther King? Oops...not him, just plain ole Martin Luther.

Okay...what I mean is that they’re getting together to perform! YES! That IS what I mean! As in re-form...isn’t that what I said way back in the beginning? I do believe it is! take form again. Now that we’re clear on that.... now, most of the world knows that Led Zeppelin’s 3 band members, plus the son of their dearly departed drummer are re-forming for one night only at London’s 02 arena on November 26. This year. In 2 months. That’s over in know, across the big pond. A heck of a long way from Stoughton, Wisconsin, for sure! Fans have been waiting for this to happen for years!!!! Official news of this gig was announced on September 12 and the world has not been the same since. The fans on the Led Zeppelin email list that I belong to are sending hundreds of emails back and forth with all of their thoughts and plans and so on. It’s very exciting!

I did actually submit my name to the ballot...there’s a lottery drawing. Over 20 million submissions thus far...for just 18,000 available seats. That’s like...1 chance in 1,111. But, good news...they extended the deadline to next Wednesday - so everyone in the entire world (let’s population is currently over 6 billion) has a chance to submit their name, I guess! I have...well, like a snowball’s chance in hell, really! I’m thinking there will be at least another 10 million name 1 chance in 1,666 will probably be more accurate.

Hmmmm...I’m thinking I really need to make a know, just in case. Though I’ve never won anything big, you just never know! (Actually, I did win a contest that Westminster Kennel Club was having online at the time of their big dog show at Madison Square Garden in February of 1997. I correctly identified a Papillon. Haha! No, really, I did! And, I won several dog books! One was ‘Dogs for Dummies’ I love those yellow books! YAY!)

At any rate...I do digress. I feel it’s very likely that they’ll draw my name and offer me the opportunity to purchase one or two tickets at £125 (that's approximately $250.00). I’ll have 72 hours to come up with the money and THEN, I’ll have 6 weeks to book hotel and flight reservations, get a passport, get time off work (no vacation time coming...will have to call in sick, I’m thinking). By the way...if any of you out there reading this want to go with me, just let me know.

Or, if anyone would like to finance my trip, that would be really terrific of you! Otherwise, I’m trying to come up with a good way to earn money, as it’s likely that no one will make that offer. In my current life, I sell wool. Let’s see...if I sell a fat quarter of wool at $8.50 and make approximately 40% profit, that’s $3.40 per fat quarter sold (I actually have no clue what the profit margin is, so this is just a number I pulled out of my ... hat.) I should have a minimum of $3,000 to cover everything just for myself, don’t you think?

Let’s do the math together. $3,000.00 divided by $3.40 is 882...882 fat quarters is 220 yards of wool that I need to sell within the next 2 months. I guess that is a possibility, isn’t it? Yeah, right. Well, I guess I best get the dye pots going, hey?
By the way, donations would be most appreciated! {grin}

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Here's the reason for the gig... Why now?

This guy’s blog entry cracked me up! Here's an excerpt...

by Frank Cerabino...
"...So here are some suggestions how Led Zeppelin can update its songs for the upcoming reunion concert.

Old song title: Stairway to Heaven
New song title: Elevator to Heaven
Reason for change: Take the stairs? Are you kidding? With this sciatica? Feh! Where’s the elevator?

Old song title: Immigrant Song
New song title: Immigrant Mows My Lawn Song
Reason for change: It’s the kind of grass we’re interested in these days.

Old song title: I Can’t Quit You, Baby
New song title: I Can’t Hear You, Baby
Reason for change: If only we knew it wasn’t such a good idea to stand right in front of those amplifiers for all those years.

Old song title: The Song Remains the Same
New song title: The Song Is Not the Same
Reason for change: Somebody needs to write down the chords and lyrics because, jeez, it’s hard enough remembering phone numbers these days.

Old song title: Dazed and Confused
New song title: Dazed and Confused at the Walgreens
Reason for change: This time, it’s prescription drugs that are spacing us out.

Old song title: Heartbreaker
New song title: Heart Smart
Reason for change: Because we want to be able to perform concerts 30 years from now at the assistant living facility."

Read the entire entry here...Bino's blog
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It's too bad ole Percy doesn't still look this way...

I'll keep you posted on this upcoming event, the funding of my trip, the winning (or not) of the tickets, etc.

Any questions? Just call me at...867-5309. Ohyeah, that’s Jenny’s number (remember Jenny? from Tommy Tutone’s song?) {grin}

Have a great weekend!

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