Friday, February 12, 2010


I am not writing this post to elicit sympathy.
I am writing it...
because to not would be almost like 
saying it didn't matter to me.
And, it does.
A lot.

This is important to share.
It has shaken me to my core.
It has, once again, 
demonstrated how fragile life really is.
How we should really not take 
for granted that tomorrow will come.

I was once Alex's Grandma...
my son was married to his mother.
That was several years ago, 
and I hadn't seen Alex or his mom since.
When the phone rang late Tuesday evening, 
I didn't recognize the number.
I almost didn't answer.
But, I did.

It was Jenny, Alex's Mom...
calling to let me know that Alex is dead.
Just 13 years old.
Dead of a drug overdose.
ohhhhhh, how can this happen?
I am sad beyond belief.
I have been praying nonstop.
That God has wrapped Alex in His arms.

The funeral is Monday.
I am sure it will be very difficult.
But I will go.
To pay my respects...
to say goodbye.


Lindy said...


I am so very very sorry!

JoJo said...

Oh, my, Jacque! I'm so sorry to read this. How horrible. And can someone please explain to me why a 13 year old boy dies of a drug overdose? Kids today deal with stuff that I wasn't faced with until I was practically an adult! My sympathy and condolences to you, Jenny and the entire family.

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness, Jacque! What a tragedy! I am so sorry... strength and peace to you in the days that lie ahead... hugs. ~Sharon

WoolenSails said...

I am so sorry to hear bout Alex. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and may his peace fill you with love in knowing he is taking care of Alex now.


Kim said...

Deepest sympathy to your family. Such a terrible tragedy that unfortunately happens much much too often.
Thoughts are with you.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, my word, Jacque! What a sad ending to a very young life ~ his mother must be beside herself with grief, as I know you are. You have my sincere sympathy and I'm sending up prayers for strength and peace for you in the days to come. Fondly, Alice

Ina in Alaska said...

What a shame! I am so sorry to hear your sad news of a young life cut too short. Our prayers are with you, dear. xoxo

Tammy Burks said...

Oh Jacque,
Just because someone leaves our lives doesn't mean they leave our hearts....I guess I mean that both ways....just because you hadn't seen Alex in so long certainly didn't mean you hadn't thought of him.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Jacque ~
Oh, I am so sorry. My heart aches for you and his mother. Her life will never be the same again. How very tragic.

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

Oh Jacque-
I am so sorry. My heart breaks for you and his family. I'll pray for you all. I know that he is wrapped in the good Lord's arms. He's just a child and we know that the Lord love's all his children. I'm so so sorry.

kelley said...

Dear Jacque,

yuo have my deepest sympathy...

jane augenstein said...

Jacque, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Such a tragedy!
You have my deepest sympathy.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

How very sad. Praying that you and his mother will comfort from God in the days to come.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to give Jenny my love and sympathy and I pray also that God gives you strenth during this sad time.
Another life, gone too soon.
Love you, Joyce

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Jacque, so very sorry to hear of the tragic news. Know that you are all in my prayers.

kks said...

horrible, senseless sorry for this tough time...

Joanne said...

Jacque - my deepest sympathies to you and Alex and his family. So young...Whatever pain caused him to go down the path of drugs - know he is at peace now

Linda and Piwacket said...

Jacque, I am so very sorry for this devastating loss. I'm praying that you and Alex's family finds some peace, comfort and strength.

Pokey said...

Any child gone from our lives is tragedy. I'm so sorry, prayers for you and the family.

ohiostar5 said...

My heart aches for you, I will keep you and Alex in my prayers. BettyLou

Cathy said...

This is just heartbreaking and my deepest sympathies go out to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs, Cathy

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am truly very sorry to read this and my prayers and sympathy to all of you. I can not begin to imagine the grief you are feeling. Please know we are all there for you

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry for this tragic loss. God Bless you through this most difficult time in your life.