Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FEED me!!!

"If you follow me, mama, I'll show you where the food is."
(Apparently, the brown dog is hungry.
He brought me his food bowl and wanted me to follow him.
He is actually carrying the food bowl...it looks as if it might be on the floor, but it's not. 
hahahaha...this is why the next statement is what it is.)

So, I've not gotten a lot accomplished on my sew...snow day.
Too busy playing with Tag.
And hangin' out and thinking about stuff.
Actually did get 2 things done, but they need hand sewing.
Will show them when they're done...probably tomorrow.  

Newsflash on the giveaway!
I know...been talking about it for 2 months.
Well, it is almost here.
For sure.

I was cleaning up my blog and found some posts 
that had been started and never posted.
I deleted them.
Which changed the number of blogs I had posted to that day.

This, then, is blog post #497.

I will be having a giveaway on post #500.
I Promise.

As for the snow part of the day...
I am completely snowed in.
Drifts across the driveway too deep for my car.
Will have to wait until I get plowed out.
Wouldn't break my heart if it didn't get done.
At all.


Melissa C said...

With my husband's dog, he wouldn't carry the bowl, he would ding it. He would put his paw in it and ding his nails against it and drag it around. He would do this if he ran out of food in his bow;, it had to always have at least a little in it, or to get a treat. Been almost 2 years and I still miss him.

Kim said...

Millie just lays on the floor in front of it and growls. Almost like she is mad at the dish because it is empty.

dexmangoldens said...

How funny is Tag!! Hope you enjoyed the day.

WoolenSails said...

Mine has gotten his cue from the cats, My son's cat has a dinner timer and comes in the kitchen when she wants her canned food and the dog knows it is dinner time.


Cathy said...

Tag is just the cutest!!! And very smart!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Glad you got some things done. Playing with the dog and doing things other than sewing is okay too.
I have not had my driveway be like that where I can't get out for at least 10 years!