Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pillowcase, Dilemma & Masseuse Needed...

This is all I've done thus far today.
Too busy gabbing on the phone.
And looking through fabric.
And just plain hangin' out with Tag.

But, hey!  This is pretty cool!  
I think I might have to go into
the pillowcase making business.
These are super simple to make and 
one is only limited by one's imagination!

This pillowcase is for Julie, 
the sister who is still waiting
for her beautiful quilt!  
(And, ohman, it is one beautiful quilt!)

I am not allowed to show photos of her quilt 
in she wants to be surprised.
But, I will tell you this...
I am about half done handsewing the binding.
Then, I'll wash/dry it to get the crinkly softness,
& take it a few places to show it off.
Then off to Colorado it will go...
and I will post photos as soon as she gets it!

This pillowcase is the first of two.  
Both made with this fabric, which is the same
as the border and backing of her quilt.
I made a little trim with plain black.
I think it's gorgeous.
If I do say so myself.
And, I do.
(I may break my arm patting myself on my back.)

I found the tutorial here...
by Ashley of Film In The Fridge. 
Have you visited her blog?
I love seeing what she's up to
and am so inspired by her creativity! 


I have a dilemma.
Last fall, a friend asked me to make a quilt
and donate it to her son's school fundraiser.
It will be auctioned...great exposure for me!
(gosh, I hope it goes for a good price!)

So, I agreed.

Well, it's time to start working on it.
Cuz it's due March 1.
YIKES!  Can you say panic time?
Actually, she extended the deadline...
to March 15.

I have no clue what fabric to use.
Or, what pattern to make.
One kind of dictates the other, I think.

My head has been full of ideas that are all rapidly being discounted.
I think I know what I want to do, though...
make a modern quilt using new/modern fabrics.

Okay.  But, what fabric?
I have lots of fabric...
yet, I don't have enough.
That's my dilemma.


 I need a masseuse.
I can only sew for about an hour at a time.
More than that, and my neck & left shoulder start to hurt.
I usually put a cd on, and sew for however long the music plays.
Then, I take a break.
Used to be that would be that.

Lately, I seem to be building up a lot of tension
between my shoulder blades and extending up into my neck.
Or, perhaps it starts in my neck and extends down my back.
Does not feel good.

I think I need to revise my sewing table/chair arrangement.
Perhaps a higher chair.
Or, a lower table.

I am aware that I sit with my shoulders up.
A lot of the time.
Not just when I sew.
So, I am really conscious of it when I am sewing.
I try to relax my shoulders
and move them around to loosen them up.
To no avail.

What to do?
Any suggestions?

That's all for now...
hope you're having a great weekend!


moosecraft said...

A day talking with friends and fondling fabric is a day well spent! I do like that pillowcase... have to check out that tutorial! :-) A suggestion for the neck tension is Pilates. Don't have to spend a lot of money on classes or a big machine. They have videos that you can do with a mat. Anyways, when I was working I would have intense pain in my right shoulder that would all but disable my right arm. Hurt to breathe. It was from holding everything tight while using the computer/keyboard 10 hours a day... after doing Pilates for 3 times a week I was much, much better! I think the main thing is stretching the muscles so they don't squeeze the heck out of the nerves. Soooooo, that's my big wordy advice for the day! LOL! Can't WAIT to see Julie's quilt!!! Reaching across the states to pat you on the back! LOL!

dexmangoldens said...

I LOVE THE PILLOWCASE!!!!!!!!!!That black strip is awesome.
I think you should use some of the material from Jane A. and make the whirly......... pattern. And use lots of different colors so it will be put to good use for whomever buys it!!
Pilates sounds good. Or just plain old stretching every 1/2 hour when quilting. Manley can't wait for his other blankie either :)

Anonymous said...

I would think you would have enough fabric, just close your eyes and pick something! LOL
I get tensed up like that sometimes and just take motrin and that does the trick for me. You might try a massage, jody tells me they are awesome!! But they cost too much money! Tell your boys you want one for your birthday!!!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Awesome pillowcase! Hope your neck and shoulder are feeling better soon.

WoolenSails said...

I should make pillowcases too. Between the cost and ugly fabrics that don't match my bed, would be fun to make some to match.


Tammy Burks said...

I think you should do the whirl-a-gig pattern for the next that design and do bright modern fabrics....most kids like bright colors....look at Pottery Barn Teen for some color ideas maybe?