Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gifts for Mother's Day

Me Mum received her gift for Mother's Day today, so I can show you all! Two table mats ~13" square. One for her and one for her husband, Ray.

Front of Mom's...the disappearing nine-patch pattern...just doodles for quilting...

Front of Ray's...the quilting is better on Mom's mat...

Back of Mom's - she LOVES potatoes! When I saw this fabric, I just had to get some!

Back of Ray's - those are campers.

My Aunt Bev is also my Godmother...she calls me Jon...get it? Jackie, Jack, John. This is a weighted pincushion about 3x9 inches, has a flap w/pockets for her scissors, etc. Lovin' this the pattern HERE (thank you, Elizabeth!). I chose not to make the little bag for snippets of thread.

They're all quite pleased with their gifts. whew. That makes me very happy.


Anonymous said...

Wow those turned out very nice!!! Very appropriate material for all of them!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Great work! I like the colors of mom and Rays. It will go well with their place. I'm thinking I need a hobby some day. Can't afford much and allergic to wool and knitting bothers my carpal. Any ideas? Jua