Tuesday, January 6, 2009


If you read my blog post on January 1...you know that I accepted the challenge, ‘one little word 2009'...to give me focus & to help guide me through this year. (If you didn’t read about it, click HERE.)

I thought it might be interesting...and it will certainly help me to keep my focus...if I wrote specifically about THE TRUTH on a regular basis. This is - first - for myself. If you garner anything from it, YAY! Just wanting to make sure that you know these 'tuesday's truth' posts will truly be ‘doodles of my mind’.

For this year, 2009, the first Tuesday of every month will have a post entitled ‘Tuesday’s Truth’. Some of the titles of these future blog posts immediately came to mind...now I just need to put my thoughts into words.

This first ‘Tuesday’s Truth’ is one that most of you are familiar with.

Please watch this video...(the first 18 seconds is the relevant part)

"You can’t handle the truth"...the most famous and oft-quoted line from "A Few Good Men". Clearly, Jack Nicholson, as Colonel Jessup, did not think everyone could. Handle the truth. At least on the subject at hand. But, he spoke it, anyway.

The Truth. What is The Truth? Specifically, what is The Truth of me? Can you handle it? Can I? Am I being truthful in all that I do...with everyone I know...whether or not I am understood...whether or not they ‘can handle it’? Especially, though...whether or not I can handle it. I'm not talking about saying whatever comes to mind...what I mean is to be living in truth, with my eyes wide open. To see everything around me, not just what I choose to see.

Do I think too much of what others might think of me? Sometimes, yes. I do. Does that stop me from being and/or doing what I need to be and/or do? Yes, sometimes. Is that the way it should be? No. Am I seeing what’s in front of me as truth? Do I look for it?

To look at The Truth...to live The Truth...I also need to put meaning into my life. Into all that I do. What you see is not always what you get. The me some of you know hides the me that is inside.

The Truth of me...is that I am a Fraud! Oh, not intentionally. But, there are too many parts of me...The Truth of me...that need to be changed. I want to change many aspects of my life, yet I do nothing. Everything I dream of is, in fact, achievable. Yet, it would take effort. If I faced The Truth of me head-on, I could do it.

These are 'doodles' that run around in my mind every day. Something to reflect on...to ponder...The Truth of my life.

This year, it is time for me to take more steps forward than steps taken back. To continue on & live my life with...The Truth.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Well, Jacque ~ that was pretty profound!! When you start dissecting a word, it brings on even more meaning, doesn't it? You have mentioned my word, CHANGE ~ does change for me mean looking at the truth? Holy crow ~ this is something to ponder ~

Anonymous said...

Knowing you longer than most of these people, except your sisters (well I got Jill beat by a few years), I am sitting here going "hmmmm,", with chin in hand...but I think I totally get what you are saying about yourself, more than most would...excellent presentation, I look forward to Tuesdays...please include a new video clip each week...lol...seriously, you certainly gave it much thought...good job Jacque!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Wow, very inspirational and thought provoking post, I must say. Just to reassure you on one level though, we all have several sides to our being, and there are only some that we present to others, so don't totally take on that FRAUD aspect! Loved the video clip and as Janer wrote, you obviously gave this post MUCH thought. Love you, Joyce

Anonymous said...

I had another thought about you wanting to change some aspects of your life, "if you are willing to commit to it, then you can accomplish your goal". Not sure who said or wrote that but I found it in a book somewhere and have it posted on my door at work!
Love, JOyce

Brenis said...

Loving Tuesday's Truth! Loving your word choice, and your commitment to letting it benefit your life! Good for you!!!
I think we all do "worry" about what others may think of us. That's pretty much just bein human! LOL But being willing to step up and say... well.. this IS ME... taking off the masks and tearing down the protective walls, and sharing yourself in such an honest way - i truly believe people respect that and honor that sooo much more than those that don't!!
I do know you pretty darn well... me thinks.. lol... and no.. you're not a fraud!! I can see where you're coming from though, and why you would say that. The whole "if i just did this, the change would happen.." but then not doing it... doesn't make you a fraud my friend! It just means your brain recognizes what you need to do - and now it's just a matter of DECIDING to DO it - garnering motivation to get started! We ALL do it. haha.. and MY word selection was "choice". This is a perfect example of that. AT this point in time- right now- what is my choice? And is it the right one? :D
Love you JacqAttack!! xoxo

ShabbySheep said...

Jacque, what a beautiful post. It
really made me think. You know how we tend to feel sorry for ourselves when we are in pain? Well, I have decided my word will be "happy". I don't know how many times my DH has come home for lunch and found me lying in a little ball under a quilt on the couch and frowning. It seems to go together, pain and frowning. But what a downer that must be to him! The least I could do is grit my teeth and put a smile on my face for him. Thank you so much for the inspiration.
Love, Sheri
p.s. Can't wait for Tuesdays now.

dexmangoldens said...

Good for you!! Truth shall also set you free, or so I have heard! Very deep thinking there!
Love , Julie