Monday, January 19, 2009

So Tired Today...

Noooo, not me. Tag.

After spending half the morning in the
kitchen watching me bake cookies and
bread, Tag was very tired.

After all, standing in my way and being on watch -
just in case I might drop something - is exhausting!
So, of course, he had to find a good place
to lay down...and, apparently,
felt a bit of entitlement.

He did deserve some sort of prize for his patience,
as he saved me from sweeping the floor
by not missing a single crumb I dropped.
He even got a small piece of banana...
great reward for his diligence!

But, how comfortable does this look to you?
I mean, really!
His butt isn't even all the way on the sofa!

To explain...the child-sized chair lays on my
sofa so that the dogs don't.
Not much of a deterrent for Tag E. Butt.

After he knocked off one of the pillows,
he climbed on top of the other one
and crammed himself into that space.

When I walked into the living room and saw this,
I grabbed my camera and took these photos.
He didn't even raise his head...
he's just so worn out, poor thing.

I didn't laugh until I was done taking the photos...
but even then, he just looked at me out of the
corners of his eyes and stayed right where he was!


jane augenstein said... do know that it IS very hard work watching for crumbs and other such food tidbits hitting the floor. And then cleaning them up, will it's just too much for the big boy and he did need that soft place to lay down, chair or not. I'm surprised that he didn't just lay his front end on the couch and stand up.......LOL.....I have seen Gonzo do that before! Strange dogs! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That looks really uncomfortable!!!

WoolenSails said...

I know that routine, Casey is the same way. If I am cooking, he is there helping, best floor cleaner you could ask for;)
It is funny how animals seem to like that spots that are not meant for them and are usually too small an area.


JoJo said...

Jacque, I think I'm in love with Tag. What a hoot he is!! Last night, Gerry was stretched out in his recliner and had one cat sleeping on either side of his legs. Poor Biscuit's whole body was hanging off the side and we were just waiting for him to hit the floor. But Dad reached out and moved him in a little closer so he'd be safe.

I've always thought it's cute how our beloved pets find the strangest places to wedge themselves into. It can't be comfortable so I don't know why they do it. But they sure make cute pictures.

ShabbySheep said...

Jacque, how can you have the heart to make him move when he looks at you with those beautiful eyes. Little Jimmie Dean thinks his place is on my neck (in the front) like a fur collar when I'm watching TV. Dogs.....we love 'em.

Brenis said...

LOL whatta lovable goof!!! yep.. can't help but be sucked into those baby browns!! :D
Gee... wonder if Allegra did the same thing if you'd let her get away with it??? lolol am i sensing "favorites" going on here???? :D

Thistlebrooms said...

Love it...Love it...LOVE IT!!!
Just like a Dog whose Always Loved...

Anonymous said...

Jacque-What a sweetie. I had to laugh when I saw the chair. I do the same thing in my spare bedroom so our lab will not jump up on the bedspread. So far so good. Yours is alot smarter. Stop by my blog and check out our Buddy. He is a doll. I have been sick for almost a week and he is the perfect sleep mate. Always willing to nap.

Joanne said...

Oh jacque - he is a character isn't it - maybe he's part cat- my cats do the same thing - find the smallest thing (in proportion to their size) to sleep in or on! Riley tried to get in to an accordian file folder i had the other day - well his big butt didn't fit and he couldn't understand why! Love your puppers!