Monday, January 5, 2009

Conlan's Visit

I had my grandson, Conlan, for the weekend. He is quite the character...way too much like his Dad, methinks. {grin} Conlan's birthday is the 8th...hard to believe that he is going to be 6 years old already!
Tag was sooo excited to see Conlan.
He has always thought that
Conlan was put on earth for the
sole purpose of being his playmate.

We had a great time. I had stopped at the library and picked up a bunch of books for him. Conlan's main interests are anything to do with fire trucks & being a fireman...and dogs. So, I made sure to get a few books relating to those things. He is a beginning reader, so it was fun to help him sound out the words. Other than reading, we watched "Polar Express" & "The Incredibles", colored/drew/cut pictures, and he played with the dogs. AND, we baked oatmeal cookies.

Conlan asks very interesting questions...

"Why is Tag's nose shorter than Tucker's???" (Tucker is their chocolate lab...she actually does have a longer muzzle than Tag)

"Why does the toilet, when I flush it, sound like diarrhea?" (gosh, I don't know...the flushing sounds normal to me!)

"Why does Allegra bark so much?" (truthfully, everyone asks that question)

And, many more questions and comments. He cracks me up! Absolutely...and he always has.

Here are some more photos...

opening a gift...holy schmoly,
he opens gifts like my Gram Kelley used to
...without tearing the paper...haha!

groovin' to whatever song was playing on his iPod...

(I had the other earbud in my ear...also groovin'!)

putting cookie dough on the baking sheet...

eating his good cookies...All tucked in...see who is sleeping with him?

It was great fun. I'll have Jasmine in a few weeks. That will be great, as she is older and a we'll be able to do some different things.


Anonymous said...

You must have really had a fun time!
I love the picture of Conlan and Tag sleeping!
Also love the vest for Jasmine!!! Very cute!!
Thanks for sharing those pictures.
Love, Joyce

kks said...

so cute! he sure looks like his dad! are you off today?? :)

Tammy Burks said...

Jacque, Your pictures are precious beyond words. I am so envious that you have a little one in your life who loves niece is 10 and has always been petrified of dogs....I mean PETRIFIED....even my slow and low bassets.
Animals were SUCH a love of mine growing up and all I can think of is how much fun and companionship she is missing out on.
Looks like you had a fun time!