Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Was He Thinking????

I mean, really! What do you suppose was going through his head??? Yup, I'm talking about good ole Tag. Last night when I was outside talking with Claire, Tag got into trouble. Yes, Tag. Tag E. Butt. Mr. Trouble. Brown Boy. Naughty-boy Tag. Hard to believe, I know.

When I came inside, he so obviously had something in his mouth...sticking out about 2 inches. I called him to 'bring it here' and being the good boy (??) that he is ('lookit what I got, Mama!'), he brought it over - wagging his tail the entire time. Well, I about lost it when I pulled this out of his mouth...

From the highest point, there's about 1/2" to the top of the glass that is missing...from the very lowest part, there's about 2" missing...YIKES! This is a glass that is made of hard hard plastic...actually, it's Tupperware and I've had the set for over 20 years. It must have shattered when he crunched down on it. Now, tell me, what on earth was he thinking??? I mean, there was a bit of milk in the bottom, but surely he could have figured out that all he needed to do was tip the glass...not eat his way down to it! Ohman.

So. I gave him a bunch of bread (straight out of the freezer, mind you, but I'm sure it didn't matter to him whether it was frozen or thawed...it was a TREAT!). Giving bread will help the glass move through his system more safely...give it some cushioning/padding. I have no idea how large the pieces were that he swallowed, but here's a few that I found. That big one measures about 1.5 inches. YIKES!

He actually tried to gobble up a piece when I was checking around for more...the doofus. (I said, 'SPIT!' and he did...he's actually very good with that command).

I took today off. Need to make sure that he's okay. Don't want a dog with internal bleeding here all alone. (don't get too excited...I am relatively sure that it'll all come out okay...in more ways than one, hey?)

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jane augenstein said...

Poor Tag, hope he didn't really eat the plastic........maybe he just hid it somewhere??? Hard crunchy plastic must taste good? However, I don't think I want to try it!
Hope everything comes "out" alright!