Thursday, July 31, 2008

Star & Fans Rug...& Tag

Here's the big a** star rug that I'm working on! I have it laying across the back of my sofa...see how big that hummer is???? I hadn't worked on it for a few weeks, cuz I had been waiting for more rust woolens from Bren. But, I got my woolens the other day! Here's a photo of how great that oxblood red (a brown red) looks in the very center of the star! I actually did some hooking tonight after I took that photo. Since it's getting dark outside, I'll wait until I have more done before I post another photo.


For those of you who have been wondering...

Tag is fine. The pieces are coming out. YAY!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is already looking awesome! That ox-blood center is perfect-o!
Great job as usual...and glad to hear Tag the trash man is ok...passing glass...hmmm, passing gas would be less painful one would think...anyhow just glad things are "moving along".

jane augenstein said...

WOW.........Jacque, huge rug you are working on!!! Looks marvelous, that's a lot of hooking.
Glad to hear that Tag E. Butt is passing the chewed up glass, hope he doesn't do that again!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the big star rug, look great. The colors with your sofa are perfect.
Love the dogs also. What joy and comfort they are.

katie paxton

Anonymous said...

OH MY Gosh! That is huge!! How long will it take you to get it done? Very pretty!!
Glad Tag is okie dokie!!!

Jacque. said... far, I've hooked 8 days on it...not 8 total days (24 hours) but for an hour or two or whatever I had time to do. So...probably be 2 more days to finish the star. Then, who knows?