Friday, July 25, 2008

A Journey...Part 2

The journey of my rug hooking continues...

In 2003, I was in 2 a Critter Swap and the other a Flower Swap, both with Padula, which was a rug hooking forum. I did this goofy cow...I think it was 12" square. I took the motifs from Ramona Cann's book of motifs.

And, a Karen Kahle pattern that was in Rug Hooking Magazine. I think this was about 10", but I don't remember. I tried - sort of - to mimic KK's style of hooking, and also used some marbleized woolens. I was thankful that it was a swap and I didn't have to keep it. ha!

I started with the flying collies in the spring of 2003. The collie and the two sets of wings were designed by my BFF, Janer. Here's the one I don't like much...although I do like how the wing and tail dip into the border. This one measures 11 1/2 x 19 inches.

But, this one, I love! It's hooked with #4 and #6 cut wool strips & measures 13 1/2 x 19. I always thought of this one as my Cruiser...I will never part with it.

I hooked this German Shepherd Dog for my son, Paul. His GSD, Breka, absolutely adored him and would wait by the window for him to come home. My friend, Laurie Goessl, drew the bone plant for me. 'WAITING' is hooked in #8 cut & measures about 21 x 34 inches.
Well, then I got into the entire flying dog designs thing...and was planning to open a website. Melinda Watson was a friend of mine on the Wool Snippets rug hooking message board...and she basically handed her designs to me. She had created the hooked lid wooden basket using her fabulously primitive designs. Brown Dog Prims was conceived in the summer of website was opened in the early fall. (In late summer, I wrecked my knee at work one night and ended up being off work for 7 1/2 months. Other than the pain...and the physical therapy and doctor appointments...I loved being off work!) I spent hours upon hours building my business...hooking mats, basket lid toppers and flying animals for my website. I won't be showing those, though.

BUT, here's the Brown Dog...I love this one, too!
I hooked this for my Aunt Bev...about 8" square, I think.

This was for a wooden basket lid for my friends Elaine & own design...9" square.
This design is from Jen Wells...'HERBS'. I gave the rug to my sister, Julie. I don't remember the measurements, but I think it's 23 x 27 or something like that. Interestingly, the rust wool used for the pot is also going into the 'star & fans' rug that I am presently working on. KNEW it would get used for something special again one day!
That's all for 2003...stay tuned!

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