Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tag, You're It!

As (I think) you know, Tag will pick up anything I ask him to. Today it was the tv remote that I dropped off the side table. I pointed to it and asked him to bring it to me...he crawled between the chair and the table, gently picked up the remote and brought it out to me. YAY!

When I change clothes after work, he brings my slippers to me. Boy, he'd make someone a good service dog. He's a retrievin' fool!

Anyway, I haven't said anything about this...I'm in the beginning process of teaching Tag to bring his food dish to me when it's time to eat. So far, and with just a little prompting (like, you know, "Go get your dish, Tag."), he happily grabs his dish off the top of his crate and brings it to me.

Like this... and this...

I need to get him to do it on his own...and I have a plan.

I'll keep ya posted!


kks said...

very cute! tag is so smart!!

JoJo said...

That Tag is one smart dog. I'm watching to see where you go with this since you say that you have a plan. Give this big boy an ear rumple for me.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that is so cute!
Pretty soon he could maybe serve you lunch!

jane augenstein said...

Tag E. Butt is one smart dog! I am sure you can teach him to fetch a lot of things. "Hey, Tag, go get me a Pepsi out of the frig!" LOL
Yes, keep us posted on what tricks he is up to. :-)