Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Journey...

I've been having a bit of a difficult time, lately. Not saying this to gain sympathy...just, well...saying it. My cousin, Sue, died 11 days ago...not quite 49 years old with no apparent health problems. It has shaken me more than I thought...or could possibly put into words. It was (as any death is, but especially that of a loved one) a huge reminder of how short life truly we do need to live each day as if it was our important it is to tell family & friends how much we love them, to not hold grudges, and to share the important parts of our holds barred...with those we love.

The service was the most relevant and personal funeral service I have ever attended. Sue was involved with her community and her church...she had a personal relationship with God...she was well-known, and well-loved.
Remember the 'knock-knock' at my door that was know, the landscape he painted for me one morning? Just look up at my banner photo and you'll remember. Well, I have been feeling a growing and pressing need to find a church and to get be BORN AGAIN in my develop a closer relationship with God. To walk the walk and talk the talk. That 'knock-knock' occurred in May...and here it is July. Procrastinator that I am...well, I did finally make an appointment and actually went to speak with someone at a church that I think might give me what I'm looking for. Two days ago! I was very impressed with all that was said and I will be going to service there starting with this Sunday. I pray that this is the church that I will be able to call home. The church that will help me build my relationship with God...that will answer my questions and show me the path that will make my walk with Jesus what it needs to be. I'm actually very excited about this!!


But, in the meantime, I've not been posting here at all. Don't really feel like I have anything to say, I guess. So, today, I decided to take you on the journey of my rug hooking...I think you will be surprised at the many rugs I've hooked & at how my hooking style has grown and, perhaps, changed. I'll try to give a bit of history of each rug.

Here goes...

This is the very first rug I the fall of 2001. It's 4x6, I think. I didn't have a digital camera at that time. Notice the's braided strips of wool...and the whiskers are painted dental floss, I think. HA! I drew this on monk's cloth out of a book of patterns...was it need'l love or kindred spirits? Not sure. Anyway, I gave this to Janer, my BFF.
This is a Portuguese Water Dog in a lion cut (see his skinny back legs?)...about 6 inches square and hooked with #4 and #8 wool strips. The finishing was done by whipping the edges with black yarn. I gave this to Claire (who else??).
This is the first sheepie I hooked!!! The border is a brown plaid, and the green is very mottled, as is the sheepie wool. The legs are kinda lost there, but for this inexperienced hooker, it was so awesome! {grin} I still have it. Not sure who would want it, and not sure I would/could part with it. It measures and is hooked in #8 cut wool strips. The sheepie was drawn by Lori Bush for me...when I was going to make appliqued wall quilts of sheep/collies.

I started this in's a 'block of the month' kit by The Rughooking Store. Gretchen and Jen were such a huge help to me in my beginning rug hooking days. I am very grateful for all they did! A diagram of each portion of this rug (and the wool to hook it with) was sent on a monthly basis...finished it in the summer of 2002. I gave it to my's the one and only rug that I've hooked that is {gasp} on the floor. (though, I must say that I am relieved that it's where it is, as no one walks on it.) It measures 24 x 36 and is hooked in #8 cut wool strips.
About the same time as I was working on the above rug, I got this kit...Chocolate Lovers. It measures abouty 15 1/2 by 17. The backing is burlap, which I found difficult (and itchy) to work on.

And, I hooked this rug for my son's wedding. It's a kit called 'Split-tail Birds' that I got from Blackberry Primitives. Tonya was another gal who was there for me with my rug hooking needs. Thank you!!!

That's all for now...more later!


JoJo said...

Jacque, I wondered where you were. First of all, my condolences and sympathy on the death of your cousin. Any death is difficult but it's even more so when it's someone so young with so much of life to live.

I hope this new church is the one you've been looking for. For me, breaking my leg was an eye-opener. But then when my back went out, the pain was so severe that the only One I could turn to was God. It brought me back to church and has given me a peace that I haven't had....ever!!

I wish the same for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there sister, good to see you back online! I feel so bad that I was not at the funeral for Sue, therefore being so far away I felt a bit disconnected from the entire happenings there. I am sorry that you are feeling so down. I loved reading through your history of your hooking! Very fun!
Your big sister Joyce