Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doodling...and a basket!

Here are a few doodlings...

1. Did you know...instead of placing your hands at 10:00 and 2:00 on the steering wheel of your car, the NEW advice is to place your hands down farther...more like between 7 & 9:00 and 3 & 5:00. Apparently that old rule of thumb was changed with the advent of airbags. Less injurious to your arms/hands, I gather.

2. Screeched is the longest one syllable word (thanks, Jill & Snapple!).

3. Some people don't know what color their dog is. Drives me nuts, I tell you! All I can say is that if people educated themselves before purchasing a dog, I'd be happy. I know...I'm kind of a snob about the whole thing...but geez. One day while making up a medical record, I saw that the color of the dog was designated as 'peach'. It was a Golden Retriever, whose official colors are blonde, gold & red. But, can't you just hear the owner saying, "well, she's kind of a peach color". The really sad part about this, though, is that the receptionist (ya know, the young gal who works at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital) didn't know the difference, and just put down what the owner said. {sigh}

4. The last letter to be added to our alphabet was "j"...thank goodness for that, hey? (If not for that letter, my sisters and I would be Oyce, Acque, Ulie, Ill....hahahahahaha!!!!)

That's all the doodlings I have for today.

Now, for the basket...here's a mat I hooked
& attached to a basket lid form. Took 2 days - start to finish.
It's my design...just got the inspiration and went with it.
I am very pleased with how it turned out! YAY for me!
(For sure my Mom would say,
"Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back!",
but gee whiz...I think it turned out reallllly well!!!)

Have a great evening!


kks said...

ok Aque! nice basket!

Anonymous said...

LOL you are too funny, yes thank goodness for the J or my kids would be name, ody, ennifer and onathan.

That basket did turn out very nice.
You do such excellent work!

Anonymous said...

Great basket design

Anonymous said...

LOVE the basket design!!! That pattern and colors would make an awesome rug...you should think about it...oh, and yes, thank God for "J", as I would be "ane"...or "aner"...ooh, not good, sorta sounds like weiner...lol...