Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who Does He Think He Is??

Apparently, Tag wanted to sleep on the sofa.
He could pick a place...
any place in this 1400 square feet of living space...
on the floor or on the other sofa...
even on my bed...but nooooooo.
This section of the sofa must have looked too irresistible to him.
See the pillows on the floor?
He knocked them off to make his space.
He must think he rules this house!
(oh, but look how comfy he looks!)
Mind you, I've had the same setup with this sofa for a year now...
pillows stacked on one end and always something else
on the other the dogs stay off this sofa.
Ohyeah, don't worry...once I snapped this photo,
I made him get off and I put the pillows back on
(where they still are this a.m.).


Anonymous said...

How cute!!! And so funny!

kks said...

the brown dog loves the brown couch, what a cutie...what a funny boy!

Anonymous said...

Jacque, you have one very smart dog there. When my kids were little, we were lucky enough to be owned by a black lab for almost 13 wonderful years. Best dog ever! So it doesn't surprise me in the least that Tag will rearrange your pillows to snatch a quick 20 winks where he's not allowed.

Tammy Burks said...

What a sweet picture! Is he really as laid back as he looks?

Jacque. said...

No way, Tammy...good at making you think so, though, hey? He's not really what I would call hyper, though, either. He's 6 years old and most people think he's much younger by the way he acts, if that tells you anything. He keeps me on my toes, for sure. {grin}