Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pretty Smart for a Brown Dog!!!

So. Those of you who know me well, know that I think Tag is one smart boy. Here's a fun example for you all...especially those of you who have no clue of what I'm talking about...

I was sitting in my big easy chair...eating (or something). The book that I am currently reading was laying on the ottoman. ~Let me just interject this...if Allegra wanted to get up and lay on the ottoman, she would look at the book and think, "oh well, I guess I cannot lay on the ottoman, cuz Mama has her book there".~But, that Tag...he looked at the book & looked up at me...Then, he stood on the ottoman with one front foot and tried pawing the book off with the other foot(missed that picture). When that didn't work, he nudged the book with his nose and flipped the book open.
The cover flipped back...he went to the side of the ottoman and laid his muzzle on the ottoman..."oops, I guess I cannot reach it from here."
He then went back around to the front of the ottoman, jumped up on it...and nudged the book OFF with his nose!!!
Satisfied that he had accomplished his goal, he turned around and laid down. This boy has the ability to figure things out that I've not seen in any dog I've had before. Gotta love that Tag E. Butt!!!


jane augenstein said...

He's no dummy he wanted a soft place to lay down. Besides he'd read that one when you were sleeping!!! LOL
Good pictures of all the dogs, very nice.

kks said...

oh tag-e-butt you are sooo smart, that's what momma says!

Anonymous said...

hi there, what a funny story!! Great pictures of the dogs.

JoJo said...

Tag is one smart dog. He knows what he wants and exactly how to get it. Jacque, I've got to say that all of your dogs are beautiful. Your collies are always so perfectly groomed....I don't know how you do it? I have 6 kitties and am constantly chasing fur balls wafting across the floor.

Jacque. said...

Hey JoJo...thanks so much for the compliment about my dogs' grooming. Really, I don't do a good job...they just look good. haha! If you look closely, you'll see untrimmed feet, nails that are a tad too long and coats that really need a good combing out. But, hey...I'll take the compliment, anyway! Thanks for reading my blog and making comments.

Brenis said...

Too funny! Whatta smart goof he is! And hey - i recognize that book! LOL! :D Ya gotta read the other two - they are wayy better than that one! haha!

Unknown said...

What a smart dog you have! You must be kept so busy between the dogs, work, your crafts and your family!
I love your blog by the way, and do so appreciate when you comment on mine:)
Wooly hugs,