Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just Hangin' Out...

Such a gorgeous day!!!! I mowed the fenced area of my yard (and around the outside of it...the rest is mowed with the big tractor that has a 64" cutting width!)...holy schmoly...must have been 80 million dandelions!

Tango will be 13 in 10 more days...lookin' good, my boy!!

See the warthog on the left side of the photo...that thing goes EVERYWHERE with Tag!!!

That white thing laying in front of Tag is my sock. He LOVES my socks...clean or dirty...doesn't chew on them, just carries them around. Funny boy!


kks said...

great pics of the hounds!!! so happy for the fence!

Brenis said...

Oh these are wonderful pics of your pups! But i just LOVE Tag's snapshot!!! What a perfect picture of him! LOL That big smile of his can melt a girl's heart sooo fast! :)