Wednesday, April 16, 2008

...& AFTER!

WE DID IT!!! The fencing is on the posts (didn't have enough of the zip ties or whatever they're called - those plastic thingies - so will need to add more tomorrow)!!! YAY!!!! I cannot quit smiling...

The dogs had their first romp in their fenced yard and had a great time! Here are the first photos of the 3 enjoying their freedom, such as it is...

Again, many thanks to Kim...I love ya!

~~the wise eyes of an old boy~~


kks said...

love love love the pic of tango....we are soo happy...luv ya too girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Jacque, although I'm a cat person now, I used to have a wonderful black lab. Tippy was the best dog and gave me 12 great years with him. But my life now revolves around 6 purring fuzzybutts. In reading your blog this morning, I just needed to say that your dogs are so beautiful....that, and you and Kim did a great job on that fence. And I'm sure your dogs love you for it.


Anonymous said...

Now I'll have a place to run when I come
Super cool pic of Tango..."the windows of the soul"...can't wait to see him in person...only a few days now!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I bet they like getting out there and being able to run a little. Make sure Janer gets her running in while she is there visiting too!!! LOL
Good job and what a great picture of Tango!!!

Tammy Burks said...

The kidos look so happy romping around!!! totally have to hook a rug of those eyes!!!!