Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fruit of the Spirit

I hooked on my rug today...YAY!!! I actually started it 2 years ago (which is when I bought it), but then put it aside. It was fun to go through all the wool again - mostly textures, except what I have chosen for the different fruits. I think I hooked at least as much today as was done from before. I would have gotten more hooking done tonight, but I couldn't cut more wool strips...I couldn't loosen the nut on my cutter!!!! I tried and tried!!! Geez...must not have had my Wheaties this morning! I needed to change the #8.5 cutter wheel to a #6. (Yup...gonna do everything but the background in #6 cut wool strips!) I'll try to remember to take my cutter with me to work tomorrow...perhaps someone there can loosen the nut for me.

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Tammy Burks said...

Wow....#6...I haven't used a 6 in a while. Can't wait to see this come along for you.
I saw that you had asked about the pattern on Dulcy's blog...the rug that Patti is working on. It's a pattern from Searsport that they drew up for her...just ask for the "Patti Bean Pocket Runner"'s sure to make the girls up there laugh!!!
Hoping to blog what I've been working on later today