Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Kim & I have an outside project going on here at my house in the country...a fence for the dogs!!! YAY! Nothing fancy AT ALL, and not real large...probably about 1800 square feet...but still! I am very excited!!!

For the first 5 years of Tag's life, he had a huge fenced yard...but since we moved out here, he's been stuck on a long line. No running around for him. And, with his hip dysplasia (he is totally asymptomatic), I like to keep him in good shape.

Here's what the yard looked like yesterday...

Yes, I know. I need to rake. I'll get that done...the snow hasn't been gone that long & then it rained! All in good time.

See the big hunk of concrete on the patio in the photo below? I have no idea how much it weighs, but I can barely move it. I have the cable attached to it and when the Collies are on the line and get to the end, they stop ("ohhhh, it's pulling!"). However, Tag has dragged it all the way across the driveway ("OH! Is there something at the end of my line?" guffaw "is that rock supposed to keep me in one place?")! {grin}

Here's what Kim & I got done today. Well, truth be told, I just stood there and told Kim where to put the posts!!! Kim used the post driver like a pro and drove the t-posts nicely into the ground.

Tomorrow is the big day...we'll be attaching welded wire to the posts and then that will be that!!! As I said, nothing fancy, but certainly doable. After living here for 10 months, the dogs will have a place to run.

Thank you, Kim! You're the absolute best!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like quite the project for Kim to take on! AT least your snow is gone now! We had about 3" dumped on us last night. Then this weekend it will be in the 40's again.