Saturday, February 23, 2008


"I've got my warthog and my pillow...
I'm all set for a good nap!!!"

Here's a story to demonstrate how smart this boy is. Last night, when I was almost done on the computer, I realized that I didn't have my slippers. So, I said to Tag (who was laying in the hallway right outside the office), "Tag, go get my slippers." He stood up & looked at me, and I repeated myself. He turned around to go into the bedroom (right across the hall from the office) and I told him that my slippers were in the living room. So, he went down the hall toward the living room but then didn't come back right away. Again, I said, "Tag, bring my slippers."...and he came to stand in the office doorway with one of my slippers in his mouth!

Now, I ask that smart or what??? I am such a proud mama.


Anonymous said...

Oh Tag, he is so smart and oh so cute too!!!

Anonymous said...

What a good boy!!!!! LOL