Thursday, February 7, 2008

SNOW...and MORE snow!

We had the snowstorm of the decade (& more) yesterday...needless to say, I stayed home from work. I didn't mind too Mama didn't raise no fool. Conditions drastically worsened throughout the day, so even if I had gotten to work in the a.m., I would NOT have made it home. Lots of snow and low visibility and blustery winds...I am oh so very tired of winter!!!

Here's what it looked like yesterday afternoon in the front...

in the back...

Here's Tango, just takin' his time...

Here are the stats:

Before this snowfall, we had received 62" of snow.
Normal for this time of year is 32".
The record is 76" in the winter of 78/79.
The unofficial total for this snowfall is 13.3".

That is putting us dang close to the record...YIKES! One meteorologist is predicting 100" before the end of winter. ohman!

There was a 19 mile backup on the interstate...part of that stretch was at the exit close by my house...550+ semis & 300+ cars totalling 1000+ people...all stranded for hours and hours. Started about 11:30 a.m. and it was still ongoing at the time of the 10:00 news last night. Those poor people. The National Guard was enforcement agencies, etc. were using snowmobiles and whatever they could to reach these stranded motorists. I cannot imagine how awful that must have been for them. Does one keep the car running to stay warm...and eventually run out of gas? What does one do for food/water? How about potty time? Winter Whiteout

I did hear that we will have an early spring, and I am so hoping that'll happen!

What did I do on my unscheduled day off? I organized my business paperwork so that I could e-file my taxes! Course, my satellite speed internet was not liking the snow, so I wasn't able to be get that done. So, instead, I watched a video that my friend, Elaine, had taped for me...a multitude of programs...including Led Zeppelin, last season's Dancing With the Stars, etc.

AND, because I am completely snowed in with 3 foot drifts, I am home today, too! Since my computer is happier today, I'll get my taxes done. I usually get a refund, so will need to decide how to spend it...that's always the most difficult part {grin}.

Here's what it looks like outside today...

That first ridge you see runs all the way across my driveway...and that is just the first drift!

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Anonymous said...

I also saw on the internet this morning that those poor commuters were still stuck in traffic at 7:30 am your time!!! No food or water was handed out, people running around pounding on windows to wake people up so they could move in a single file. I can't even imagine!! You can only run your car so long and then they must turn them off to conserve on gas! Joyce