Monday, October 22, 2007


Yup, the name of a song (need I say whose song it is?)...but also, the name of my favorite background dye recipe. My 2sheep background is hooked with this!

With this recipe, one makes a solution, and then takes whatever amount one desires per 1/2 yard wool. I threw a bunch of woolens into the pot last night with varying amounts of the dye is what I ended up with...

The two pieces on the far left were previously overdyed with something like dirty snow, only not grays but tans, and seemed to have a bit of pink undertone (still do, I think). The next one, 3rd from the left, is a dirty white texture from Rebecca Erb. Cannot for the life of me think of what she called it, but I am going to see if she has more! The 4th and 5th pieces were Fraser natural wool. I used more solution on these 3 middle pieces than I usually do and I am very happy with how they look. The end two on the right were pieces I already had they sat on the cupboard and waited for their mates. The piece across the bottom had been overdyed with Kashmir at some other time and, for some reason, which I find hard to believe, had almost no mottling. I threw that piece into one of the pots after the vinegar had been added and almost all of the color was taken has mottling now!

Did some hooking Saturday night and yesterday, but am not happy with all of it, so am in the process of reverse hooking.

Dancing With the Stars is on soon...YAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, very pretty colors. I never did get to see how you hook this stuff! Joyce

Tammy Burks said...

So who are you rooting for on dancing with the stars?