Saturday, October 20, 2007

...gettin' carried away

Still working on my number one project. ~saltbox, sheep, pumpkin, crow, acorns~
7 more days...I'm excited...are you?
My number two project is going on at the same time. WOOL all over the living room...
covering one sofa and several totes full. Dyeing/marrying...planning to put together some woolen bundles. Awesome colors...especially reds and darks. Some pretty great-looking browns, too!

My number three project - which is the hugest and most exciting of all - is on hold at the moment. Take my word for will be well worth the wait.

AND, even though I have not finished 2sheep, I AM GOING TO START on my next rug!!! I am just too excited to be able to put it off any longer. ~abc's, dogs, pumpkins~ rich fall colors ~ Something totally different for me!Took a page out of Brenis' book today...with a million things going on and to do, I visited a quilt shop this a.m....bought a bit of fabric to make a curtain for my bathroom window. Currently, it is shade or anything. Just gonna be a simple little tabbed curtain on a spring tension rod.The leaves are finally showing some beautiful colors, so will try to get photos one day soon! It's sunny outside...too bad I have so much to do indoors!


Anonymous said...

Aren't you the busy lady? You inspired me to get going on some projects myself so last night I knit a scarf for Alyssa using a neon pink sayelle yarn with a little darker shade of pink in the fun fur (I use 1 strand of each to make them thicker and warmer) and the fun fur is not the real fuzzy kind so it turned out very nice and matches her new coat and snow pants. Joyce

Tammy Burks said...

Can't wait to see all of the things you are working on .....the teasing is really getting to me!