Sunday, October 7, 2007


I worked on my 2sheep rug this's getting pretty close to being done! The border is finally up around the corner and the background on the left side of the ewe is done! YAY!

BUT, I am almost out of the border wool! OHNO! I dyed some today but it's not quite the same, so I guess I'll have to start hooking it here and there into the already done border so I can use what I pull out. Geez.
I probably won't be hooking for the rest of the week. Two of my sisters are coming at the end of the week for our annual get together - SISTERS Weekend. YAY! I'll write more about that later. At any rate, here's how far I got...

Eyes are still undone and I see a few more things I need to correct. One being the upper left corner leaf. The original pattern used that leaf as the outside corner, but I added 2 rows...may have to rethink that. I have another photo with all of my 'to be tweaked/fixed' areas circled! There are a lot of circles, that's for sure! Do you have that going on when you hook? Photos are great, cuz they allow you to see what you're doing from a distance and all kinds of things show up!
I just want to be done with this so that I can start my next project! I started pulling woolens out of my most anxious to start it!
Tomorrow is Monday...and no mail. I only work 3 days this week. YAY!

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