Friday, October 26, 2007

Grief Is The Price We Pay For Love...

Yes, I truly believe that grief is the price we pay for love.

After reading that sentence, you may think me cynical. Not so. That sentence pertains directly to my beloved dogs. I love them completely. I know that someday I will face life without them. It is inevitable that I will mourn their loss. The time will come sooner for some...sooner than it should. Sooner than I am...or will be...ready for.

Grief...part of the healing so very difficult.

When Cruiser died...when I made the decision to end his time with me, I knew it was the right decision...for him. I could not ask him to stay with me any longer when he was so sick and losing more & more of himself. I feel no guilt. Only a deep-down and abiding sadness. After 8 months, I still cannot say more than a few words of Cruiser without my eyes overflowing with tears. I miss him so. I feel an emptiness that is with me always...still.

Grief...the act of grieving is a very complicated process...and a very individual one. I surprise myself with the amount of pain I feel with his loss...the length of time it is taking me to get ‘over’ losing Cruiser. Surprise...because of my profession as a vet practical nature...because I knew the day was coming.

It takes hesitating to say this because I do not wish to sound trite...but it is oh, so true. Time does heal all wounds. At least to the extent that we allow them to be healed. The day does finally arrive when it becomes easier to tuck the memories away. A day when every breath taken is not filled with sadness.

Tammy, an online friend of mine, had to make the difficult decision to end her beloved Truvy’s life this week. She is in my thoughts and prayers...I know what she is going through.

Empathy inspired this doodle of my mind.


Anonymous said...

We never "get over" a loss of a beloved pet, person...we eventually "get through" without that heavy lump in our throats and chest. Time spans are all individual, as is the way we grieve.
I have had to make the decision to put several beloved pets to their eternal rest, and as my heart ached and the tears flowed endlessly, I knew I did what was humane for my pets. No regrets, but always missed in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Youf comments are making me sad today. I agree with Janer about the 'get over' busines, we just go on and deal with things the best way we can. There are different grieving times for each person as well. My ex mother in law could not talk about her son that died when he was 18 months old - even 40 years later without shedding tears. God gives us each what we need to deal with the loss of loved ones, whether human or pets.
Love you, Joyce

Anonymous said...

The first word in my first comment should be 'your', not youf!!! Joyce

Tammy Burks said...

Thanks so much for being there for me through my heartache and being so understanding.