Friday, July 3, 2015

All Finished!

I am getting stuff done. Besides kleenex cozies.  Seriously.

Up first to show you is the chocolate brown linen bolster pillow cover that I made this morning...

This was very easy to make...I cut a piece of linen to fit around the bolster pillow insert with seam allowance of 1/4".  I used the full width of the linen (about 55") and did not hem the sides because the selvages made for a nice finish.  I sewed the seam, finished the seam edges, and stuffed the insert into the tube.  I tied big knots (which I need to tidy up a bit) at each end of the pillow.  ta-da!  Finished!

Next up is my son's wedding quilt.  I won't even go into the background of how/when, etc.,...just suffice it to say that it's long overdue.  Remember au.then.tic by Sweetwater?  I LOVE that fabric collection!  I quilted this at The Electric Needle last week, finished sewing the binding last weekend, laundered it yesterday...and today I made and sewed the label on.  Here it is...all finished!

Only that quarter of the backing has the black prints...the rest of the backing is the numbers that you see at the top of the backing. I absolutely LOVE those numbers.  This quilt measures about 60 x 66 inches.  I think that Paul & Rachel will be pleased with it.   

On Wednesday, I made a 26 inch dog bed cover for Kim's Richard. It is made with the same fabric as this dog bed cover I made for Kim's Tahoe last summer.  Finished!

And, then I put together this 14 x 28 inch throw pillow cover for Kim.  Finished!

And, lest you think the kleenex cozies were forgotten...never fear! Finished 3 of them!

I also finished the other quilt that I quilted last week.  It is on its way to Cathy...will show you once she receives it.  Finished, but no peeks until then!

I played with scraps this week, too.  I put them into two larger containers (rather than 3 small ones).  I would show you a photo, but then you would know how OCD I can be about some things.  Let's just say that they are organized...and leave it at that.  But, hey...whilst doing that, I cut fabric for 22 more kleenex cozies!  I know you're excited to hear that.  

It was a good week for getting things done.  I 
have a few more things on my list...dresses, antique quilt repair, ring bearer pillow, t-shirt quilt, and another pillow cover for Kim.

What's on your list?

Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.". Jeremiah 29:11


She Seeketh Wool said...

Dear Aunt Jacque,
WOW Tag and I can play tug of war with that bolster pillow you made us. Then we can have a picnic on one of your pretty quilts. And I can take a nap on that doggie bed cuz Tag has his own. I am saving up money for a cab to bring me there for our slumber party. Sheepie is all packed. Say hello to Tag for me.

Love, your nephew

ps If my nose runs can I please have a kleenex cozy?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have been a busy girl!! Joyce

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great finishes!
Happy 4th.
Hugs :)

moosecraft said...

Hey! You sure have been busy! The wedding quilt turned out beautifully! They are going to love it! The fabric for the dog bed is so cue! All great things happening by you! :-)

Farm Girl said...

My goodness Jacque!! That is so much you got accomplished! Everything looks great! I need to get a fire under me like that. :) I hope you enjoyed reading your book.